Victoria Siegel was found unresponsive at her family's Windermere, Florida home in June (15) and was rushed to the Health Central Hospital, where medics pronounced her dead.

On Wednesday (29Jul15), the autopsy report conducted by the Orlando, Florida medical examiner showed a significant concentration of methadone, used for pain treatment, and stertraline, also known as depression drug Zoloft, in Victoria's body.

According the the report obtained by People magazine, scars were also found on the inside of Victoria's left wrist, but her death has been ruled as an accident.

Victoria had struggled with her addiction to prescription drugs in the past, and voluntarily went to a rehab centre to address her problem, according to family spokesperson Michael Marder.

David Siegel, the founder of timeshare company Westgate Resorts, and his wife featured in 2012 documentary film Queen of Versailles, which followed the family's financial difficulties during the global economic crisis of 2008 as they struggled to construct their dream estate, dubbed Versailles House.

In a new interview with Inside Edition, David admits he, his wife and seven children are still coming to grips with Victoria's death, with the businessman saying, "I haven't been back to the house. One of the bedrooms was going to be hers."

His wife Jackie adds, "As a mother, I can say it's the most horrible thing I have ever experienced, and I personally have not stepped foot inside the house since Victoria died."