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Pusha T Sets Aside Rivalry And Invites Lil Wayne To Record Label

5th December 2014

Rapper Pusha T has invited his rival Lil Wayne to join his G.O.O.D. Music label after the Lollipop hitmaker lashed out at his Cash Money bosses and declared he wanted out of his contract.On Thursday...

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Pusha T Sued Over Nightclub Deal

22nd September 2014

Rapper Pusha T is facing legal action from bosses at a Florida nightclub over claims he broke a contract by making an appearance at a rival venue.Executives behind Cameo nightclub Miami have filed suit against...

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Ultra Music Festival 2014: Here's Why You Should Head To Miami

By Stephanie Chase | 24th February 2014

Ultra Music Festival 2014 will once again be bringing together the biggest names in EDM in Miami. Alongside big-name DJ's there's also a fantastically diverse range of live acts that are ready to set the...

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Pusha T Backtracks Over Clipse Reunion Album Comments

15th January 2014

Rapper Pusha T has backtracked over comments he made suggesting a new Clipse album is in the works, insisting he is focusing on his solo work.Earlier this month (Jan14), the star posted a photo...

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Pusha T Hands Out New Shoes For The Holidays

23rd December 2013

Rapper Pusha T played Santa for families in his native Virginia last week (ends20Dec13) after donating 1,000 pairs of shoes to those in need.The Clipse star teamed up with bosses at sports giant Adidas to...

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Fascinating Fact: 3991380

10th December 2013

Rappers 2 Chainz and Pusha T are teaming up for the 2 Good to be T.R.U. tour, which will visit 21 cities across America. The artists, who have performed on each other's albums this...

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Fascinapusha Ting Facpusha T:

30th September 2013

Rapper Pusha T's new album features a song produced by actor Joaquin Phoenix. The Walk The Line Oscar nominee contributed the beat for King Push for the hip-hop star's upcoming release, My Name Is My...

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Kanye West Rants About Fashion In Radio 1

26th September 2013

Kanye West believes he created leather jogging pants.The 'Black Skinhead' rapper thinks he's the master mind behind the popular tracksuit bottoms because he shared the design with luxury fashion house Fendi years before it became...

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Kanye West's Drunken Rant On Today's Culture

By Nick Hill | 12th September 2013

Kanye West disrupted Pusha T's listening party this week to go on a drunken rant about hating today's culture and how he only wants to make good music. Classic Kanye.Pusha T was honoured at his...

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Kendrick Lamar 'Control' Rap: The Best Responses From The Hip-hop World

By Lauren James | 15th August 2013

Big Sean's new track 'Control' was only released on Tuesday but already the rap world is up in arms over guest rapper Kendrick Lamar's 3 minute verse in which he boasts, disses and namechecks other...

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Hip-hop's Sleeping Giant Awoken By Kendrick Lamar. What Took You So Long?

By Michael West | 15th August 2013

Kendrick Lamar turned heads in the hip-hop world this week following the premiere of a new track by Big Sean - Control - featuring the Compton rapper.It was the instant classic verse from Lamar that...

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Kendrick Lamar Calls Out...Everyone...On 'Control'

15th August 2013

Kendrick Lamar blasts a host of A-list rappers on his new song.The American rapper has used his collaboration with Big Sean, 'Control (HOF)', to send out a strongly-worded message to his peers including A$AP Rocky...

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Kendrick Lamar Bigs Himself Up, By Calling Out Other Rappers

By Lauren James | 14th August 2013

No one has ever called out as many people in one verse as Kendrick Lamar did in his contribution to Big Sean's new track, 'Control.' The song isn't even destined for an album but that...

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Kelly Rowland Unveils Talk A Good Game Track Listing

22nd May 2013

Kelly Rowland has unveiled the track listing for her new album 'Talk A Good Game'.The 32-year-old singer is preparing to release her highly anticipated fourth studio album following 2011's 'Here I Am' - which peaked...

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Kanye West Skirt Jokes Drive Rapper To Order Picture Removal

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th February 2013

Kanye West is sick of the skirt jabs; he's decided to make his move and formally request that pictures of him wearing the skimpy leather number be removed from a picture agency's website. Lord Jamar...

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Rick Ross Back In The Studio After Drive-by Shooting

1st February 2013

Rapper Rick Ross is back in the studio after surviving a drive-by shooting on Monday (28Jan13), according to his hip-hop star pal Pusha T.The Hustlin' hitmaker crashed his Rolls-Royce into a building in Fort Lauderdale,...

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Wrath Of Caine: Pusha T Mixtape Lands Online Ahead Of Album Release, Feat. Rick Ross, Kanye West

By Hayley Avron | 30th January 2013

Big news in the land of hip-hop today, as Pusha T drops his mixtape, Wrath of Caine. And no, we don’t think he’s talking about Michael. Wrath of Caine is a seriously star-studded affair, boasting...

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Kanye West's Supergroup Picks Up First Major Song Of The Year Title

11th December 2012

Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music collaboration with Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz has spawned the Song of the Year in a new Spin magazine online poll.The rap supergroup's Mercy has beaten Japandroids' The House...

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