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Naughty Dog Give Us More 'The Last Of Us' With 'Left Behind' Dlc - Critical Roundup

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th February 2014

Naughty Dog put time, care and attention into their work. The Last of Us was a forensically crafted, deep title with time spent on characterization never before seen in videogames. It was, by all accounts...

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Ps4 Release Date Revealed, So When Are You Getting Yours?

By Jack de Aguilar | 21st August 2013

As expected, Sony revealed the release date for their hotly anticipated next generation console, the Playstation 4 at Gamescom this week. And, as predict by most commentators, it falls in November 2013. North America will...

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What Can We Expect From Sony's Playstation 4?

By Holly Williams | 8th February 2013

In the ever advancing entertainment market of recent history, three huge gaming giants are fighting to be top dog in terms of both sales and gameplay; they are Sony with the PlayStation, Nintendo Co., and...

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