A New York Congressman has laid in to the hit Bravo show Princesses: Long Island, calling the show “objectionable” and claiming that it promotes “anti-Semitic stereotypes. The suburban New York congressman isn’t happy, calling it "the most objectionable thing I've ever seen on television.

"I initially thought it was all in good fun," Israel said. "But 20 minutes into the show, I realized that promoting anti-Semitic stereotypes isn't that fun. It's one of the most objectionable things I've ever seen on television, and there are a lot of objectionable things on television."

Jodi Davis, a Bravo spokeswoman, said the show is "about six women who are young, educated, single and Jewish living in Long Island, and is not meant to represent all Jewish women or other residents of Long Island." Israel, who is the former president of the Institute on the Holocaust, said the show "leads viewers to believe that this is what being Jewish is all about, that if you're Jewish and live on Long Island, you're narcissistic, you are all about money and that a Shabbat dinner is all about drinking and fighting."

For many, publically bashing the show might be a bad idea – how does that old saying go? There is no such thing as bad publicity? Not for Isreal, who says "Silence never works." This isn’t the first time the show has been shrouded in controversy; Ashlee White described the Long Island community of Freeport a “ghetto”. She later said sorry, saying she had been “stressed, overwhelmed and not thinking” when she said that.