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Bush Red-faced Over Royal Meeting

1st November 2005

Singer/songwriter KATE BUSH is still embarrassed about her 2002 meeting with QUEEN ELIZABETH II, because she "made a complete a**ehole of herself" in front of the British monarch. The WUTHERING HEIGHTS hitmaker met Queen...

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Hoskins Had Imaginary Wife

31st October 2005

Actor BOB HOSKINS used to conjure up the image of his perfect partner, until she suddenly appeared in a pub on the day British royal PRINCE CHARLES married DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. The charismatic...

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Jolie's Hairstylist Offers Camilla Fashion Tips

31st October 2005

ANGELINA JOLIE's New York hairstylist is urging Britain's CAMILLA, DUCHESS OF CORNWALL to start wearing jeans and cowboy boots if she wants to win over the American public. Camilla, who became PRINCE CHARLES' wife...

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Prince Charles Sits Down For Rare Tv Interview

26th October 2005

Americans are preparing to get to know British royal PRINCE CHARLES a little better, after he sat down to give a rare interview to US television. The heir to the throne was interviewed by...

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Islam Praises Prince Charles

13th October 2005

Singer YUSUF ISLAM has praised PRINCE CHARLES after the British royal expressed his desire to help the relief effort in Pakistan in the wake of Saturday's (08OCT05) earthquake. The musician, who recorded under the...

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Richards Destroys His Knighthood Chances

27th September 2005

Hellraiser KEITH RICHARDS has ended his chances of receiving a knighthood like bandmate SIR MICK JAGGER, after declaring he "could kill" British royal PRINCE PHILIP. The ROLLING STONES guitarist was unimpressed when frontman Jagger...

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Prince Charles To Promote Camilla On Us Tv

25th September 2005

British royal PRINCE CHARLES is the subject of an upcoming edition of heavyweight US TV show 60 MINUTES, which he hopes will boost the popularity of his new wife CAMILLA, DUCHESS OF CORNWALL in America....

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Andre 3000'S Royal Inspiration

23rd September 2005

Flamboyant rap star ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN has confessed his style icon - British heir PRINCE CHARLES. The outlandish OUTKAST star is a huge fan of the traditional Prince, particularly his choice of tweed and...

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Hewitt: 'I Started Dating Diana Only A Year After Wedding'

19th September 2005

DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' ex-lover JAMES HEWITT has claimed under hypnosis that he started sleeping with the tragic royal in 1982, just a year after her marriage to PRINCE CHARLES. The former army...

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Prince William Named Fa President

16th September 2005

British royal PRINCE WILLIAM was named as the new president of the English Football Association (FA) this afternoon (16SEP05). The 23-year-old will replace his uncle PRINCE ANDREW after the FA Cup Final on 13...

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Harry And William Love Camilla 'To Bits'

15th September 2005

PRINCE HARRY has blasted reports he and brother PRINCE WILLIAM dislike their stepmother CAMILLA, DUCHESS OF CORNWALL - insisting they both "love her to bits". The British media have suggested the pair disapproved of...

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Diana's Lover Was 'Desperate To Hide Relationship'

12th September 2005

Late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' lover JAMES HEWITT was so desperate to cover-up their illicit affair he sought advice from a public relations guru, according to a new book. Diana met Hewitt...

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Prince Charles' Stepson Weds

11th September 2005

British royal PRINCE CHARLES' new stepson TOM PARKER BOWLES married his long term girlfriend SARA BUYS in England yesterday (10SEP05). Prince Charles and sons PRINCES WILLIAM and HARRY joined CAMILLA, DUCHESS OF CORNWALL to...

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Diana 'Convinced Charles Would Love Her'

5th September 2005

Late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES was convinced she could make her husband PRINCE CHARLES fall in love with her, even though she knew he was still in love with old flame CAMILLA PARKER...

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Princess Michael Slams Prince Charles

5th September 2005

British royal PRINCESS MICHAEL OF KENT has slammed PRINCE CHARLES for using his late wife DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES as a "convenient womb" to produce his heir. The princess, whose husband PRINCE MICHAEL is...

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Prince Harry Banned From Celebrating Birthday

4th September 2005

British royal PRINCE HARRY will only be allowed a modest celebration when he turns 21 on 15 September (05), because his father PRINCE CHARLES is desperate for his son to rebuild his tarnished reputation....

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Wingfield Blames Al Fayed For Diana's Death

28th August 2005

DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' bodyguard KEZ WINGFIELD has sensationally blamed MOHAMED AL FAYED for her untimely demise - because he masterminded the paparazzi escape plan which resulted in the fatal car crash. Wingfield was...

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New Investigation Sure Diana's Death Was 'An Accident'

25th August 2005

The British investigation into the tragic deaths of DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' and her lover DODI FAYED has uncovered no new evidence to suggest the 1997 Paris car crash was caused by foul play....

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Charles To Quit Polo

18th August 2005

British royal PRINCE CHARLES is ready to retire from playing polo - as he is convinced he is too old to take the strain of the gruelling game. The 56-year-old Prince, who has been...

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Charles And Camilla To Visit The Us

16th August 2005

Britain's PRINCE CHARLES and his wife CAMILLA, DUCHESS OF CORNWALL are set to make their first trip to America as husband and wife later this month (AUG05). During their tour, the couple - who...

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Branagh Was Banned From Olivier Service

14th August 2005

Irish actor KENNETH BRANAGH was sensationally banned from SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER's memorial service at London's Westminster Abbey (89), as the late actor's family were terrified the young star would steal the limelight. Branagh,...

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Prince William Faces Religious Criticism For Moving Girlfriend In

8th August 2005

British royal PRINCE CHARLES has allowed his son PRINCE WILLIAM to live with his girlfriend KATE MIDDLETON - despite outrage from religious leaders who oppose couples living together out of wedlock. The prince and...

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Prince Charles Pressured To Quit Money-making Duchy

28th July 2005

British royal PRINCE CHARLES faces losing his role running the lucrative Duchy Of Cornwall estate after a parliamentary review of his income exposed shocking financial "obscurities". The Duchy has been slammed for being run...

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'Unwell' Prince Harry Causes Uproar By Playing Polo

25th July 2005

British royal PRINCE HARRY has angered his peers at Sandhurst Military College in England by playing a vigorous game of polo just two days after requesting time off sick to fight a chest infection....

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Hilton's 'Royal Wedding' Is Off

15th July 2005

LATEST: PARIS HILTON's dreams of a "royal wedding" in London's St Paul's Cathedral have been dashed by historic venue. The hotel heiress was desperate to marry her fiance PARIS LATSIS at a fairy tale...

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Gervais Has Class Complex

11th July 2005

THE OFFICE star RICKY GERVAIS was shocked when he discovered he was 'working class' - when he went to university. The British funnyman studied at a London University where he met his TV producer...

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Prince Charles Kisses Chelsy

4th July 2005

British royal PRINCE CHARLES has publicly accepted his son PRINCE HARRY's girlfriend CHELSY DAVY into the Royal Family - by kissing her on the cheek. The friendly peck was a sure-fire sign Harry's father...

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Geldof's Live 8 Ure Snub

3rd July 2005

SIR BOB GELDOF infuriated fellow Live Aid founder MIDGE URE at yesterday's (02JUL05) Live 8 gig by performing without him. The Irish organiser of the charity show had promised to sing his classic...

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Diana 'Urged Charles To Marry Camilla'

1st July 2005

Late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES was keen for her estranged husband PRINCE CHARLES to marry CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES, despite the fact she was still in love with him - according to a new...

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Hilton Wants A Royal Wedding

30th June 2005

PARIS HILTON wants to marry her fiance PARIS LATISIS in England, and has asked PRINCE CHARLES for permission to wed in St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey or Windsor Castle. Only members of the British...

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