THE PRETENDERS star CHRISSIE HYNDE struggled with the early stages of motherhood - because she hated wearing a nursing bra onstage. The BRASS IN POCKET singer admits the early thrill of finding she was pregnant was replaced by horror when she realised what that meant for her punky image. She explains, "It was a blow to me when I got pregnant the first time because I had to be on stage with a nursing bra, because I'd always been such a bloke. "I went, 'F**k it, if I'm wearing it, it's rock!'" Hynde admits she's a very un-rock mother when it comes to her kids, NATALIE and Yasmin. She adds, "My kids were never at a show until they were about 14 because it was always past their bedtime. They were, like, totally not rock. They were ordinary kids, they went to ordinary schools."