New Jersey Governor Chris Christie - a likely candidate for the 2016 presidential elections - appeared on David Letterman's show Monday night, to speak about...well...his weight really. Mr Christie has previously called his, err, plumpness, fair game for comedians and spoke about the issue with everybody's favourite late night TV host.

Christie won over the audience by suggesting a few of Letterman's past jokes about his weight were actually some of his favorites. "And this one I thought, I don't know if it's one of your best ones, but I think it's very topical given what went on yesterday," Christie said, "A billion dollars will be spent on potato chips for Super Bowl Sunday, and that's just at Gov. Christie's house." After rather specifically suggesting that 40 per cent of Letterman's jokes about his weight were funny, the governor drew loud laughs when he was asked whether he was bothered about the digs about his weight. Christie pulled out a doughnut from nowhere and began chomping down on it - telling Letterman that no, he wasn't really that bothered. 

Christie was initially seen as a possible candidate in the 2012 Presidential Election, though Mitt Romney eventually got the nod. Many Republicans view him as a leading contender for 2016.

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