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Pnau And Elton John's Collaborative Record Was Definitely Worth The Wait!

23rd July 2012

Since its release, Elton John and Pnau's new album has impressed critics. One half of Pnau, Peter Mayes, revealed to the extensive and meticulous work that went into creating their collaborative record with music...

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Elton John 'Apprehensive' About Ibiza Performance

19th July 2012

Sir Elton John was ''apprehensive'' about performing in Ibiza. The 'Rocket Man' singer recently reworked some of his classic hits with Australian dance duo Pnau and took to the stage on the party island to...

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Elton John: Pnau Have Best Remixes

13th July 2012

Sir Elton John thinks Pnau are the first people to ever successfully remix his tracks. The 'Candle in the Wind' singer is a huge fan of the Australian dance duo and asked them to come...

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Pnau: We Have A Great Relationship With Elton

10th July 2012

Australian dance duo Pnau were honoured to be asked by music legend Elton John to remix his sound in a new compilation of some of his best loved tracks entitled 'Good Morning to the Night'.In...

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Elton John Listens To Dance Music

5th July 2012

Elton John listens to Dance music in the shower.The 'Rocket Man' singer recently enjoyed a successful debut at Ibiza's 123 Rocktonic Festival and admits the genre inspires him in the morning.He said: ''I've got dance...

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