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The Things They Say: 3951966

14th November 2013

"We went to the Philippines in 1984. I turned down Hamlet with Kevin Kline at the Public Theatre (in New York), and as soon as I turned it down, the film was postponed because of...

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Francesco Quinn Laid To Rest

12th August 2011

Platoon star Francesco Quinn has been laid to rest in California following his sudden death last week (05Aug11).The actor son of movie icon Anthony Quinn collapsed and died of a suspected heart attack outside his...

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Charlie Sheen Remembers 'Compadre' Quinn

9th August 2011

Charlie Sheen has paid tribute to his Platoon co-star Francesco Quinn following his sudden death on Friday (05Aug11).The actor son of movie icon Anthony Quinn collapsed and died outside his Malibu, California home after suffering...

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Reynolds Hangs Up His Running Shoes

8th July 2009

RYAN REYNOLDS has turned his back on running after his stint in the New York Marathon reminded him of gory Vietnam War movie PLATOON.The X-Men Origins: Wolverine star took part in the sporting spectacular last...

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Mortensen Still Hurt Over Platoon Omission

6th February 2008

Actor VIGGO MORTENSEN was devastated when he was axed from the PLATOON cast at the last minute - because he'd spent a year preparing for the 1986 war film. Mortensen - who last month (22Jan08)...

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Estevez To Play Cia Mastermind In Stone's Post-9/11 Movie

6th February 2007

EMILIO ESTEVEZ has signed on to star in director OLIVER STONE's follow-up to 9/11 drama WORLD TRADE CENTER, according to Internet reports. claims the actor/director has become the first name attached to JAWBREAKER. The...

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Stone: 'Critics Unfairly Rubbish Me'

29th December 2006

Hollywood director OLIVER STONE finds it difficult to deal with the frosty critical reception his films often receive - and insists no matter what movie he directs, it will still be rubbished by the press....

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Stone Finds War Films Therapeutic

27th December 2006

Director OLIVER STONE found the making of his "Vietnam Trio" of movies therapeutic - after part of him was "ruined" by the Vietnam war. The Hollywood filmmaker, who directed PLATOON, BORN ON THE FOURTH OF...

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Stone Stuns Comedy Audience With Serial Killer Joke

14th December 2006

Hollywood director OLIVER STONE shocked the audience at last night's (13DEC06) British Comedy Awards in London by joking about the recent murders of five prostitutes. The Suffolk killings, thought to be the work of a...

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Stone To Re-visit 9/11 Tragedy

16th October 2006

OLIVER STONE is set to direct another movie based on the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America following his recent film WORLD TRADE CENTER. The director's next film, JAWBREAKER, will focus on America's response to the...

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Amin Film Inspires Whitaker To Trace Ancestry

22nd September 2006

PLATOON star FOREST WHITAKER was inspired to trace his family tree after learning he would be making a movie about IDI AMIN in Africa. The actor plays the brutal Ugandan dictator in the film THE...

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Stone To Release Third Alexander Cut

10th September 2006

Director OLIVER STONE will release a third version of his ALEXANDER epic in a bid to win over critics who originally mauled the movie. The PLATOON film-maker insists the cinematic version of Alexander was hampered...

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Stone Defends World Trade Center To Bafta Members

7th September 2006

OLIVER STONE has again defended his decision to make WORLD TRADE CENTER so soon after the 9/11 tragedy - before members of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London. The director has...

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Stone Accuses Hollywood Of Promoting War

1st September 2006

Filmmaker OLIVER STONE has hit out at the US movie industry, accusing Hollywood of promoting war. Stone claims movies PEARL HARBOR and BLACK HAWK DOWN "worshipped the machinery of war" and glamourised conflicts involving America....

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Hollywood Film Festival Fetes Stone

24th August 2006

The Hollywood Film Festival has selected OLIVER STONE to receive its Director Of The Year award. The honour will be presented at an awards ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on 23 October (06). The...

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Cage Delighted To Finally Land Stone Collaboration

15th August 2006

NICOLAS CAGE is delighted with his performance in new 9/11 drama WORLD TRADE CENTER, because he feared he would never realise his ambition of working with director OLIVER STONE. The Oscar-winner feared PLATOON film-maker Stone...

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Rourke: 'I've Been In Therapy For Nine Years'

8th July 2006

Hollywood star MICKEY ROURKE has been in therapy for nine years to help him cope with losing his career, his second wife CARRE OTIS, and his home. The 49-year-old suffered a career slump in the...

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Richards' Sister Slams Sheen Grandparents

10th May 2006

DENISE RICHARDS' sister MICHELLE MCLAUGHLIN claims CHARLIE SHEEN's parents are far from doting grandparents to the estranged couple's children. The PLATOON actor and his wife are currently embroiled in acrimonious divorce proceedings, with Richards claiming...

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Jackman Dominates Cannes Festival

5th April 2006

Actor HUGH JACKMAN will have a strong presence at the 59th annual Cannes Film Festival, with two of his films debuting during the event. X-MEN: THE LAST STAND and THE FOUNTAIN, both starring Jackman, have...

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Missing Depp Footage Found

18th March 2006

JOHNNY DEPP's minor roll in 1986 movie PLATOON has been extended for the upcoming DVD release, using 10 minutes of newly discovered footage. The actor played a private in the Oscar-winning film, but most of...

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The Heat's On Oliver Stone

31st January 2006

Hollywood director OLIVER STONE is relieved his 9/11 film is going to be released after PAUL GREENGRASS' rival film about the infamous day - because it will take the pressure off him. Stone's film,...

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No Politics For Stone

31st January 2006

OLIVER STONE has hit out at reports his new film will have a political agenda, insisting it will focus on two or three American civilians' fight for survival. Stone's film, which has been given...

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Oliver Stone Made Dafoe Soldier Material

9th November 2005

Movie-maker OLIVER STONE went to such great lengths to prepare his PLATOON cast for military service, WILLEM DAFOE began to believe he was a soldier. Dafoe is sure the Oscar-winning Vietnam war film was...

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Stone Promises Sensitivty In 9/11 Film

4th November 2005

Director OLIVER STONE promises his forthcoming film about the September 11 (01) terrorist attacks will be respectful to victims of the atrocities. The PLATOON movie-maker is confident the NICOLAS CAGE starring movie will not...

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Stone Pleads Guilty To Drug Charge

11th August 2005

Controversial director OLIVER STONE has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour possession of marijuana while driving charge - just six years after pleading no contest to exactly the same crime. The Oscar-winning film-maker's lawyer entered...

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Richards Still Shocked By Sheen Split

22nd June 2005

DENISE RICHARDS is still struggling to come to terms with the end of her marriage to PLATOON actor CHARLIE SHEEN. In March (05), Richards shocked fans when she filed for divorce from Sheen after...

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Stone Arrested On Drink-driving And Drugs Charges

29th May 2005

Controversial filmmaker OLIVER STONE has been arrested for drink-driving and possession of drugs in Beverly Hills, California. The OSCAR-winning director was stopped at a police checkpoint on Sunset Boulevard on Friday night (27MAY05), where...

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Hollywood Directors Written Off As Talentless

30th January 2005

The debut movies made by Hollywood directors OLIVER STONE and BRIAN DE PALMA were rejected by unimpressed judges at the EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL in 1972 - accordingly to old documents discovered last week (ends28JAN05)....

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Stone Faces Up To Alexander's Reception

10th December 2004

Film-maker OLIVER STONE refuses to allow himself to get depressed if his most recent movie ALEXANDER is a critical and commercial failure worldwide - because he gave it his best shot. Stone, best known...

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Kubrick Film Named Best War Film Ever

5th April 2004

FULL METAL JACKET has been named the Best War Film ever in a new magazine poll. American magazine DRILLS ranked STANLEY KUBRICK's harrowing drama above classics APOCALYPSE NOW, DAS BOOT, THE DEER HUNTER, BLACK...

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