Tami Erin has been charged with assaulting her room mate but insists that it’s because she discovered he had been secretly filming her. Erin, 38, the former Pippi Longstocking actress, was arrested for assaulting the man on Thursday (April 11, 2013). According to TMZ’s report, neighbours heard him screaming for help and called the police.

Erin was reportedly booked for assault and later released. According to Walnut Creek Police Department in Northern California, Erin had been placed under citizen’s arrest by a neighbour. The victim had no visible signs of injury and the case has been passed on to the DA to be reviewed. An update from TMZ however, reveals the reason why the assault was sparked. She claims that the male room mate had been filming her unawares. Though she was not thought to have been naked whilst the filming took place, it was this discovery that angered her and led her to assault her 6ft male roomie.

Tami told TMZ she “caught the man filming me without my knowledge in my private environment and I was defending myself." She added that the male room mate is a lot taller than her – she’s only 5ft 5. A rep for the actress suggested that the filming may have been going on for some time and Erin added “"How much has he been filming me without my knowledge? The truth will come out." Attempts to reach the room mate have not been successful, according to TMZ.