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Good Way To Go - Pink Floyd's "Endless River" Tops UK Chart

By Victoria Pavlova | 16th November 2014

And they’re back! By them, I obviously mean Pink Floyd and by back, I mean their new album , The Endless River, has topped the UK chart, making this the first Pink Floyd album in...

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There's Hope For Us Yet! Pink Floyd Likely To Beat One Direction

By Holly Williams | 22nd October 2014

It's frustrating for any musical connoisseur that carefully manipulated pop reigns highest on most music charts, but it looks like psychedelic legends Pink Floyd could beat One Direction on Amazon's most pre-ordered albums list with...

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Stephen Hawking To Feature On New Pink Floyd Album ‘The Endless River’

By Stephanie Chase | 8th October 2014

The voice of physicist Stephen Hawking will appear on Pink Floyd’s new album The Endless River, on a tracked titled, ‘Talkin' Hawkin.’Pink Floyd's Dave GilmourIt’s not the first time the band have used the physicist's...

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Pink Floyd Reveal Artwork For New Album ‘The Endless River’

By Stephanie Chase | 26th September 2014

The artwork for Pink Floyd’s long awaited new album, The Endless River was revealed this week at London’s South Bank with an eight metre lit installation. The artwork, which also appeared on buildings in various...

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Pink Floyd. "The Endless River." This November. It's Happening

By Victoria Pavlova | 24th September 2014

Stop everything that you’re doing right now. Pink Floyd have a new album coming out in November. No, seriously. The rock icons are releasing their first album in two decades in less than two months.Pink...

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Roger Waters Concedes 'The Wall' Is "Anti-war, Protest Movie"

By Michael West | 8th September 2014

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters says his new movie Roger Waters: The Wall should be viewed as a protest against the growing spread of armed conflict, rather than a concert documentary. The movie - which premiered...

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Everything You Need To Know About Pink Floyd's New Album, 'The Endless River'

By Scott Baumgartner | 16th July 2014

Fans of the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd are in for a promising fall. Apparently the iconic rockers have a new album on the way title The Endless River. Most interesting though, is how the...

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Call It A Comeback? Pink Floyd To Release A New Album In November

By Victoria Pavlova | 7th July 2014

Well, it took too decades, but Pink Floyd are definitely, for sure coming out with a new studio album. The announcement has been made, so fans can officially be excited. The new record, coming too...

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David Gilmour’S Wife Lets Slip Details Of Pink Floyd’S New Album ‘The Endless River’

By Stephanie Chase | 6th July 2014

Pink Floyd will release a new album in October entitled The Endless River, according to David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson who revealed the news on twitter.David and Polly have been married for 20 years Samson...

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Leaked Audio, Kanye West Rants About Taylor Swift In Ny Bistro

By Michael West | 19th July 2013

Remember Kanye West's famous rant at the 2009 Video Music Awards? Of course you do, he hopped up on-stage and told Taylor Swift she was rubbish and that Beyonce was really good. Of course you...

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How To Disappear Completely: Thom Yorke Yanks Songs From Spotify

By Michael West | 15th July 2013

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has pulled both his solo songs and those made with group Atoms For Peace from music streaming service Spotify over the company's current royalties model. Yorke and his long-time producer Nigel...

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Beloved Stage Designer For The Rolling Stones, Mark Fisher, Dies At 66

By Victoria Pavlova | 27th June 2013

Mark Fisher OBE – the talented stage designer for bands like The Rolling Stones, U2 and Pink Floyd, passed away yesterday (Wednesday, June 26). He was 66. Fisher, who also worked with celebrities like Robbie...

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Pink Floyd Lead Tributes To Late Artist Storm Thorgerson

By Contributor | 19th April 2013

Legendary band Pink Floyd have been leading the tributes to the late Storm Thorgerson, who passed away yesterday (April 18, 2013,) aged 69.Thorgerson designed many of Pink Floyd’s iconic album covers, including – most famously...

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'Pink Floyd' Artist Storm Thorgerson Dies Aged 69: His Greatest Album Covers

By Michael West | 19th April 2013

Storm Thorgerson, the artist who famously designed the cover art for Pink Floyd's classic album 'The Dark Side of the Moon,' has died aged 69, the band's management confirmed to the BBC. A childhood friend...

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Tom Stoppard Pens Radio Play To Commemorate Pink Floyd’S Dark Side Of The Moon

By Hayley Avron | 28th March 2013

The playwright Tom Stoppard was first asked to concoct a play based on Pink Floyd’s hit album Dark Side of the Moon but the 75 year-old claims he had no idea how to approach it,...

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David Bowie's Where Are We Now: Is The Old Master Bowing Out?

By Michael West | 8th January 2013

A Rare Shot Of David Bowie Wandering Alone In New YorkThat clattering sound you thought you heard this week? Yeah, that was a thousand music journalists collectively dropping their pens when David Bowie suddenly released...

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Madonna The Highest Grossing Touring Artist Of 2012

By Contributor | 19th December 2012

When it comes to the live tour, it’s the veteran artists of the music scene that are still leading the way on ticket sales. Billboard revealed the highest grossing tours of 2012 recently and it...

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10 Million Milestone For Adele's 21

By Hayley Avron | 28th November 2012

Just in case you were in any doubt over just how successful, talented, adored and, indeed, rich Adele was, the news broke today that the British singer has now sold 10 million copies of her...

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Roger Waters To Take Pink Floyd's The Wall On Stadium Tour

By Contributor | 16th November 2012

Roger Waters has announced that he’ll be bringing a revised version of seminal Pink Floyd album The Wall to stadiums across Europe in the new year, admitting that his attitude towards playing such large venues...

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