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Harry Styles Pulls Down Piers Morgan's Pants At Soccer Game

27th May 2014

One Direction star Harry Styles embarrassed British newsman Piers Morgan by pulling down his shorts during a charity soccer game.The What Makes You Beautiful hitmaker was joined by his bandmates Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and...

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Piers Morgan Hits Back At Larry King

9th May 2014

Piers Morgan has lashed out at Larry King after the former talk show host branded it a "mistake" to hire the British journalist as his replacement.Morgan took over King's nightly interview programme on U.S. network...

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Ricky Gervais Glad Piers Morgan's Gun Row Overshadowed Golden Globes Gags

30th April 2014

Ricky Gervais was delighted when British journalist Piers Morgan caused a storm over gun control laws in the U.S. because it took attention away from his Golden Globes controversy.The Office creator risked outraging American Tv...

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Is Katherine Heigl's Lawsuit The Most Bizarrely Written Thing In History?

By Michael West | 10th April 2014

Katherine Heigl has been criticised by the British journalist turned chat show host Piers Morgan for suing pharmacy Duane Reade for $6 million after it tweeted out a picture of the actress leaving the store.Katherine...

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Piers Morgan Criticises Us Gun Laws On Last Cnn Show

By Elinor Cosgrave | 30th March 2014

Piers Morgan ended his three year run on his CNN talk show Piers Morgan Live on Friday (28th March) with a plea to the US government to change "the absurd gun laws".Morgan's show was cancelled...

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Piers Morgan Finishes Cnn Run With Anti-gun Statement "I Want More Of You To Stay Alive"

By Nick Hill | 29th March 2014

It was announced last month that CNN and Piers Morgan will be ending their partnership in the near future.That time has now come. On Friday (March 28th) the 48 year-old said goodbye to his show...

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Fascinating Fact: 4109656

14th March 2014

British newsman Piers Morgan has landed a new job after Cnn bosses axed his nightly talk show - he will make a cameo in the big screen adaptation of hit Tv series Entourage. The former...

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Piers Morgan And Chelsea Handler Face Off On Tv

12th March 2014

Piers Morgan and Chelsea Handler became embroiled in a bitter spat on live Tv this week (beg10Mar14) after the comedienne labelled the British newsman a "terrible interviewer".The Chelsea Lately star was a guest on Piers...

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Chelsea Handler 'Understood' By Brits

11th March 2014

Chelsea Handler thinks British men ''understand'' her.The 39-year-old talk show host is currently single and finds it hard to meet guys her own age in the US because she can be intimidating and her sarcastic...

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Piers Morgan Blasts Report For Claiming He Was Rude To Cnn Co-workers

By Nick Hill | 26th February 2014

Piers Morgan hasn't had the farewell response he would have hoped for after CNN decided to pull 'Piers Morgan Live!'The television network hasn't garnered the rating figures it would have hoped, and therefore decided to...

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The Things They Tweet: 4083615

24th February 2014

"I want to say to @piersmorgan, I hope you are back on the air very soon, wherever that may be..." Alec Baldwin voices his support for British newsman Piers Morgan, who will step down from...

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Where Did It All Go Wrong For Piers Morgan In America?

By Sophie Miskiw | 24th February 2014

Piers Morgan is no stranger to bad press. Possibly, this is because he has always received his fair share of it (particularly in recent months), although throughout his seemingly eternal career he has also doled...

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Piers Morgan's Show Axed: What Went Wrong For The Big-mouthed Brit?

By Lauren James | 24th February 2014

Piers Morgan's CNN prime-time talkshow Piers Morgan Live will soon be axed due to unsatisfactory ratings, according to a recent announcement, via the NY Times. The British former editor of Daily Mirror will present his...

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Piers Morgan To End Cnn Show

24th February 2014

Tv newsman Piers Morgan is walking away from his Cnn talk show after three years on air.The British anchor took over from veteran reporter Larry King in 2011, but due to declining ratings, Morgan and...

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Cnn Cancels 'Piers Morgan Live' With Final Show Airing Next Month

By Nick Hill | 24th February 2014

CNN and Piers Morgan are bringing an end to their partnership after three years, which began when the 48 year-old took over from Larry King in the valuable 9 p.m. primetime slot.But the network isn't...

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Simon Cowell Names Son Eric

15th February 2014

Simon Cowell has named his son Eric after his father. The reality TV mogul and his partner Lauren Silverman have decided to name their firstborn - who was delivered two weeks early yesterday (14.02.14) weighing...

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Piers Morgan Questioned By Police Over Hacking Scandal

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th February 2014

Piers Morgan, the former editor of The Daily Mirror, has been questioned in the hacking scandal. The Metropolitan Police confirmed a 48-year-old journalist was interviewed under caution on 6 December.Piers Morgan was questioned by investigators...

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Boy George Has Never Been In Love

11th February 2014

Boy George has never ''truly'' been in love.The 'Karma Chameleon' singer still has feelings for his ex-partners and cares about what happens to them, but doesn't think he has ever fallen properly in love with...

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Leonard Nimoy: Diagnosis Felt Unfair

11th February 2014

Leonard Nimoy felt it was ''unfair'' when he was diagnosed with chronic lung disease.The 82-year-old actor recently revealed he has developed obstructive pulmonary disease, despite quitting smoking 30 years ago, and he admits he has...

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Barry Gibb Had Sibling Rivalry

30th January 2014

Barry Gibb admits he and his brothers were ''rivals''.The 67-year-old singer regularly clashed with his late siblings Maurice and Robin - who he performed with in the Bee Gees - and Andy, both in...

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Sean Penn Gets Rid Of Guns For Charlize Theron

12th January 2014

Charlize Theron has convinced Sean Penn to get rid of his guns.The Oscar-winning actor, 53, credited the 'Prometheus' actress, whose mother shot and killed her father after he drunkenly fired his own gun into the...

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Chris Martin Buys $650,000 Banksy Painting

12th January 2014

Chris Martin splashed out $650,000 for a painting at a charity auction.The Coldplay rocker, 36, and his 'Iron Man 3' star wife Gwyneth Paltrow, 41, were among the guests at Sean Penn's star-studded Help Haiti...

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Piers Morgan Suffering From Fractured Rib After Brett Lee Challenge

2nd January 2014

Tv newsman Piers Morgan is recovering from a fractured rib after former Australian cricketer Brett Lee struck him repeatedly with cricket balls.Lee challenged Morgan to face him in the nets after the Cnn host criticised...

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British Stars Pay Tribute To Comedy King Addison Cresswell

24th December 2013

British stars including James Corden, Jack Whitehall and Piers Morgan have paid tribute to comedy agent/producer Addison Cresswell, who has died at the age of 53.Cresswell passed away in his sleep at his home in...

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Piers Morgan's Daughter Breaks His Wife's Nose

17th December 2013

Piers Morgan's wife is set to undergo cosmetic surgery after the couple's young daughter accidentally broke her nose.The Tv newsman's journalist partner Celia Walden was left with a cracked nasal bone after she was headbutted...

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Piers Morgan's Madonna Feud Began With A Bread Roll

3rd December 2013

British newsman Piers Morgan has finally revealed the real reason for his long-running feud with Madonna - he once hurled a bread roll at her during a celebrity dinner party.The Cnn anchor and former U.K....

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Kendall Jenner Denies Dating Harry Styles

26th November 2013

Kendall Jenner insists she and Harry Styles are just ''friends''.The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has denied she is seeing the One Direction hunk after the pair were spotted on a dinner date at...

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Harry Styles Isn't Dating Kendall Jenner

23rd November 2013

Harry Styles insists he isn't dating Kendall Jenner.The One Direction hunk was seen having dinner with the reality TV star earlier this week, but he claims there is nothing romantic about their relationship.Asked by Piers...

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Piers Morgan And Jeremy Clarkson To Fight In Ring After Twitter Spat?

By Michael West | 28th October 2013

Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson - probably two of Britain's most polarising television personalities - have engaged in yet another Twitter spat. Of course by polarising we mean hated and by Twitter spat we mean...

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Piers Morgan Was Woken Up By Sharon Osbourne's 'Naked Breast'

12th October 2013

Piers Morgan says Sharon Osbourne flashed her right breast at him on a private jet.The CNN chat show host was sharing a flight with the 60-year-old star and revealed he was woken up repeatedly, eventually...

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