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Colin Farrell: Total Recall Was Physically Demanding

2nd August 2012

Colin Farrell says physical preparation for 'Total Recall' was extremely challenging.The 'Phone Booth' actor has divulged that the most difficult part of shooting Les Wiseman's action movie remake was the intense physical training he undertook...

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Wilson: 'Accident Has Taught Me A Lesson'

5th June 2006

KAISER CHIEFS frontman RICKY WILSON insists his recent car accident taught him a vital lesson - never leave a gig early. The rocker had sneaked out of a HARD-FI concert in Leeds, England, to catch...

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Murphy Refutes Comparisons To Farrell

17th January 2006

BATMAN BEGINS actor CILLIAN MURPHY has lashed out against comparisons to PHONE BOOTH actor COLIN FARRELL. Unlike his bad-boy fellow countryman Farrell, Murphy - who is happily married to YVONNE and has a baby...

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Macpherson Rubbishes Farrell Romance Reports

5th May 2005

Australian supermodel ELLE MACPHERSON has rubbished reports she enjoyed a holiday romance with Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL. The catwalk beauty sparked the rumours after telling a British newspaper she had met a "beautiful young...

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Farrell Accuser Fails Lie Detector Test

7th April 2005

The woman who accused COLIN FARRELL of stalking her is convinced the Irish lothario persuaded TV bosses to belittle her claim in a new show about her allegations - in which she fails a lie...

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Farrell's Hotel Romance

16th December 2004

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL allegedly shared a lavish hotel suite with SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE photographer MARY ELLEN MATTHEWS last week (9-10DEC04). The PHONE BOOTH hunk has been romantically linked with a succession of beauties...

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Farrell And Hilton's Intimate Encounter

29th November 2004

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL reportedly enjoyed a romantic liaison with American socialite PARIS HILTON last week (ends26NOV04). The PHONE BOOTH hunk was promoting his new film ALEXANDER when he bumped into the blonde heiress,...

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Farrell's Swear Ban For Son

26th November 2004

Wildman actor COLIN FARRELL vows to keep his language clean in the company of baby son JAMES - because he dreads the prospect of being called a "f**king b**tard" by his impressionable offspring. The...

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Farrell To Take Movie Hiatus

23rd November 2004

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL will take a hiatus from his hectic movie career to spend more time with his baby boy JAMES. The PHONE BOOTH hunk fears he is spending too much time shooting...

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Farrell's Drug Remarks Spark Outrage

22nd October 2004

Actor COLIN FARRELL has enraged anti-drug campaigners by "bragging" about his past heroin use. The Irish PHONE BOOTH hunk admits he's dabbled with hard drugs - a penchant he funded by accepting low-paid modelling...

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Farrell Eyes Beckham's Alleged Mistress

4th October 2004

Irish movie lothario COLIN FARRELL has offered soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM's alleged mistress REBECCA LOOS a role in his next movie. The PHONE BOOTH hunk has spotted the REAL MADRID player's former personal assistant...

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Colin Farrell Labelled A "Tramp"

26th September 2004

Irish hunk COLIN FARRELL has been branded a "tramp" by British R+B beauty JAMELIA. The PHONE BOOTH actor offered to show the sexy singer around Los Angeles when she makes her bid...

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Schumacher 'Refuses To Speak About Butler'

23rd September 2004

Director JOEL SCHUMACHER had so many arguments with actor GERARD BUTLER on the set of their new movie THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA that he reportedly refuses to mention his name. Schumacher - best...

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Farrell Vows To Tone Down

3rd August 2004

Hollywood bad boy COLIN FARRELL has vowed to tone down his wild behaviour, because he fears his reputation could jeopardise his movie career. The Irish actor's success in movies like PHONE BOOTH, MINORITY REPORT...

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Farrell Begs For Joint Custody

12th July 2004

Movie wildman COLIN FARRELL is a changed man following the birth of his son JAMES - and is begging ex-love KIM BORDENAVE to give him joint custody of the adorable lad. The PHONE BOOTH...

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Farrell's 'Huge' Manhood Cut From Film

23rd June 2004

Irish heart-throb COLIN FARRELL's first full frontal movie scene has been cut by worried film bosses - after test audiences were transfixed by the size of his manhood. The PHONE BOOTH hunk disrobed for...

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Farrell Waits In Line For Table

18th June 2004

COLIN FARRELL shocked restaurant-goers by queuing up for a table outside an eaterie while filming in South Africa. The PHONE BOOTH actor, 28, waited patiently with five friends for a vacant table at...

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Farrell Sets Spears Rumours Straight

3rd May 2004

Irish heart-throb COLIN FARRELL has lashed out at reports he is dating pop babe BRITNEY SPEARS - but has labelled the singer "a great kisser". The PHONE BOOTH actor, 27, was photographed smooching the...

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Farrell Almost Joined Boyzone

29th March 2004

Movie wildman COLIN FARRELL nearly became a member of boyband BOYZONE - but was cast aside when frontman RONAN KEATING voiced concern about his unhealthy lifestyle. The PHONE BOOTH actor, 27, auditioned to join...

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Spears Back With Farrell

22nd March 2004

Pop babe BRITNEY SPEARS has renewed her close friendship with Hollywood badboy COLIN FARRELL - he's been attending her concerts with her sister. The PHONE BOOTH heart-throb sat beside ALL THAT star JAMIE LYNN...

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Reed, Harris And Burton Put New Drinking Stars To Shame

20th January 2004

COLIN FARRELL's reputation as a big drinker has been ripped to shreds by the legendary alcohol consumption of past movie stars OLIVER REED, RICHARD HARRIS and RICHARD BURTON. The PHONE BOOTH hunk has been...

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Katie + Chris To Marry

5th January 2004

Movie stars KATIE HOLMES and CHRIS KLEIN are starting 2004 in style after getting engaged over the Christmas break. The PHONE BOOTH actress and AMERICAN PIE funnyman have been dating for four years, but...

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Colin Farrell Shocks Britney With Rude Gifts

9th November 2003

PHONE BOOTH hunk COLIN FARRELL has offended former belle BRITNEY SPEARS by sending her a lewd t-shirt - and now the pair are no longer on speaking terms. The Irish actor, who once famously...

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Colin Farrell's Hooligan Cameo

15th October 2003

COLIN FARRELL made a surprise cameo in CATE BLANCHETT's movie VERONICA GUERIN as a beer-swilling soccer hooligan. Blanchett starred as the titular journalist who's in the midst of tense investigations of Dublin, Ireland's underground...

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Colin Farrell Confesses To Drugs And Drink Depression

30th September 2003

Hollywood wildman COLIN FARRELL has confessed to taking a regular cocktail of drink and drugs that spiralled him into depression before he achieved fame. The PHONE BOOTH hunk, renowned for his hard partying lifestyle,...

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Oliver Stone: Why I Cast Colin Farrell

29th September 2003

Director OLIVER STONE is delighted he managed to recruit COLIN FARRELL for the lead role of ALEXANDER THE GREAT in his new movie - even though he has the wrong colour hair. The OSCAR-winner...

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Insurance Sees Winona Also Leaving Allen

9th September 2003

Movie beauty WINONA RYDER has been forced to pull out of WOODY ALLEN's new flick - because the cost of insuring her is too high following her conviction for shoplifting earlier this year (03)....

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Colin Farrell: I'll Go Out With Anyone

4th August 2003

Irish hunk COLIN FARRELL refuses to limit his dating opportunities to just glamorous celebrities - and insists he'd romance a "pipe cleaner" if she was right for him. The womanising PHONE BOOTH actor, whose...

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Sean Penn Vs Colin Farrell

30th July 2003

COLIN FARRELL has made an enemy for himself in the movie capital - SEAN PENN is furious the Hollywood newcomer is landing all the good roles at the moment. Penn, 43 next month (14AUG03),...

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Colin Farrell Looking For A Bigger Part?

29th July 2003

Irish hellraiser COLIN FARRELL has been spotted outside a Beverly Hills, California clinic, which specialises in penis enlargements. The womanising PHONE BOOTH hunk was photographed having a cigarette outside the LA PEER SURGERY CENTER,...

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