The AC DC star was arrested on Saturday (18Jul15) and subsequently appeared at Tauranga District Court to face allegations he breached a home detention order by consuming alcohol.

Rudd, who was sentenced to eight months home detention following his conviction on charges of possessing drugs and making a threat to kill, was released on bail and returned to his house on North Island where he was confronted by a videographer.

After being asked a series of questions by the cameraman for New Zealand's 3 News, Rudd appears to run at him, saying, "Get out of my f**king way... get off my property."

He then begins attempting to enter a code to unlock the front gate to his house, and orders a man who appears to be his bodyguard to remove the photographer, saying, "Remove him from my property now or I'll f**king do it myself."

Rudd then begins violently kicking at the metal gate in front of his home before appearing to launch himself at the snapper. He is wrestled away by his employee and then launches a furious, expletive-ridden tirade at the bodyguard, apparently yelling, "Don't f**king tell me what to do!" as he faces off with him.

He then drives off in his sports car and returns once he is able to open the gate. Later footage shows Rudd yelling insults at the cameraman from the balcony of his home.