Not only did Phil Ramone work with some of music’s greats, he influenced them too. Since his death on Saturday, March 30th, following hospitalization to treat an aortic aneurysm, tributes for the late producer have flown in.

Many expressed their feelings on Ramone’s death via Twitter. "Phil Ramone, a giant in the recording world; kind beyond words. Goodbye...” wrote Bette Midler, while Josh Groban posted: "I'm filled with sadness at the news of Phil Ramone's passing. He was a great friend and made music the right way." Moby called Ramone "one of my favorite people on the planet, unbelievably talented and unbelievably kind and decent," while John Legend tweeted, "I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with him." Songwriter Diane Warren said: "One of the GREATS. Please send your prayers his way." Social media was the catalyst for many tributes. Tony Bennett posted on his Facebook page, noting that Ramone "had a wonderful sense of humor and a deep love of music. Phil had the admiration and respect from everyone in the entertainment industry and his passing is a great loss."

Phil RamonePhil Ramone 1934 - 2013

Many stars simply issued statements to honour their friend and colleague, who, by all accounts, was a huge presence amongst everyone he worked with. "Phil had impeccable musical taste, great ears and the most gentle way with of bringing out the best in all the artists he worked with," said Barbra Streisand. "The monumental recordings he produced will endure for all time."