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Marvel And Sony In Talks For Avengers And Spider-man Crossover

9th October 2014

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are in talks to create an Avengers and Spider-Man crossover film.The two companies are said to be in early talks to develop a film together which could see Peter Parker...

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Emma Stone: Gwen Stacy Is Spider-man's Equal

6th May 2014

Emma Stone insists Gwen Stacy is Spider-Man's ''equal''.The 25-year-old star plays Peter Parker's love interest in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' and believes her alter-ego is a ''modern day'' woman who can take control of her...

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Marc Webb 'Curious' About Spider-man And X-men Crossover

1st May 2014

Marc Webb is curious about a Spider-Man and X-Men crossover. The 39-year-old director - who recently helmed 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' - addressed the idea of the web-slinging hero meeting the mutants after 'X-Men' producer...

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Emma Stone Suffered Bruising On Spider-man Set

1st May 2014

Emma Stone suffered a ''lot of bruising'' while filming 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'.The 25-year-old actress plays Peter Parker's love interest Gwen Stacy in the superhero adventure and admits the safety equipment she had to wear...

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Emma Stone Inspired By Andrew Garfield Chemistry

30th April 2014

Emma Stone is inspired by Andrew Garfield.The 25-year-old actress, who has been dating her 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' co-star since 2011, insists their chemistry on set has inspired her as an actress.She told the New...

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Andrew Garfield Wants Black-hispanicspiderman

29th April 2014

Andrew Garfield wants to replace Peter Parker with Miles Morales.The 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' actor says it would be an ''important move'' for the web-yielding superhero to ''pass on the torch'' to his Black-Hispanic counterpart, who...

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Andrew Garfield Wants Gay Spider-man

11th July 2013

Andrew Garfield wants his 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' alter-ego to be gay. The 29-year-old actor - who is dating co-star Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy in the film - would prefer it if Spider-Man/Peter Parker...

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Sam Raimi Got Close To James Franco With Oz The Great And Powerful

1st March 2013

Sam Raimi got closer than ''ever before'' to James Franco on the set of 'Oz the Great and Powerful'.The successful filmmaker previously worked with the 34-year-old heartthrob when he directed James in his 'Spider-Man' trilogy...

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Chris Cooper Joins The Amazing Spider-man 2

28th February 2013

Chris Cooper has joined the cast of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'.The 'American Beauty' actor is set to star alongside Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone - who will reprise their roles as Peter Parker/Spider Man and...

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Charlie Sheen's Spider-man Dreams

31st August 2012

Charlie Sheen always wanted to play 'Spider-Man'.The 'Anger Management' star revealed he once tried to buy the rights to the comic book and star in a big screen adaptation featuring the superhero and his alter-ego...

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Emma Stone Surprised By Andrew's English Accent

5th July 2012

Emma Stone didn't hear Andrew Garfield's British accent until they finished making 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.The actress stars opposite the Anglo-American actor in the film - and has since become his real-life girlfriend - but was...

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Rhys Ifans: Lizard And Spider-man Have Similiarities

4th July 2012

'The Amazing Spider-Man' star Rhys Ifans thinks Peter Parker and Dr. Curt Connors are like brothers. The Welsh actor plays the scientist - whose research on recreating reptilian limb regeneration after he loses his arm...

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Andrew Garfield Inspired By Bruce Lee

3rd July 2012

Andrew Garfield's body inspiration for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' was Bruce Lee.The actor delighted producers with his transformation from a ''nerdy, skinny young kid'' into a muscle-bound action star for his role as the titular character...

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Movie Reviews (1) The Amazing Spider-man

2nd July 2012

Since Spider-Man is opening in a handful of locations tonight (Monday) some U.S. critics are getting a head start by releasing reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man a day earlier than the film's national release. Most...

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Andrew Garfield Designed Spider-man's Skateboard

30th June 2012

Andrew Garfield designed his character's skateboard in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.The actor revealed that the movie's director quickly took on his idea to include the item as a mode of transport for Peter Parker. He told...

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Andrew Garfield: Spider-man's Like Any Job

26th June 2012

Andrew Garfield thinks landing the role of Spider-Man is like ''any other acting job''.The star who shot to fame in 'The Social Network' revealed that 'The Amazing Spider-Man' wasn't his dream job after all.He told...

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Andrew Garfield Almost Suffocated In Spider-man Mask

25th June 2012

Andrew Garfield almost suffocated in his Spider-Man mask.'The Amazing Spider Man' star was filming a scene in a sewer when he managed to get water on his spandex face cover, which prevented him from breathing.He...

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Andrew Garfield's Youthful Looks Are A 'Blessing And A Curse'

25th June 2012

Andrew Garfield thinks his youthful looks are a ''blessing and a curse'' when he is trying out for film roles.The 28-year-old actor's latest movie sees him portray the titular superhero and his alter-ego Peter Parker...

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Emma Stone's 'Morbid Curiosity' About Stacy

22nd June 2012

Emma Stone had a ''morbid curiosity'' about her character in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.The actress was thrilled to land the role of the superhero's first love Gwen Stacy in the new movie because she is fascinated...

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Andrew Garfield Found Love Tough On Spider-man Set

19th June 2012

Andrew Garfield found it ''hard'' to film romantic scenes with Emma Stone in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'. The 28-year-old actor - who plays the webslinger and his alter-ego Peter Parker in the movie - began dating...

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Andrew Garfield Wants New Costume For Spider-man 2

13th June 2012

Andrew Garfield wants some costume adjustments when he makes the sequel to 'The Amazing Spider-Man'. The 28-year-old actor - who plays Peter Parker and his superhero alter-ego in the movie reboot - admitted he had...

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Andrew Garfield Attracted To Emma At Screen Test

12th June 2012

Andrew Garfield was attracted to Emma Stone from the very first screen test they did together. The actors met auditioning for the male and female lead roles in 'The Amazing Spider Man' - which they...

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Amazing Spider-man Sequel Confirmed

25th April 2012

A sequel to 'The Amazing Spider-Man' is being written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Despite the film - starring British actor Andrew Garfield as the web-slinging hero and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy -...

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Emma Stone Moves In With Andrew Garfield

4th April 2012

Emma Stone has moved in with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield.The 23-year-old actress started dating the 28-year-old actor after meeting him on the set of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' last autumn and the pair have now set...

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Ashley Greene Is Dating Spider-man

6th October 2011

Ashley Greene is reportedly dating 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' star Reeve Carney.The 'Twilight' actress and Reeve were spotted on New York's subway together earlier this week and insiders revealed Reeve - who recently split from with...

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Emma Stone Would Be A 'Great' Director

10th August 2011

Emma Stone could become a "great" director if she wants to step behind the camera.Chris Columbus, the producer of Emma's new movie 'The Help', was very impressed with the 22-year-old actress on the set of...

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Spider-man Sequel Commissioned

8th August 2011

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' will be released in May, 2014. Although 'The Amazing Spider-Man' starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and his superhero alter-ego and Emma Stone as his first love Gwen Stacy won't hit...

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Peter Parker Makes Way For Mixed-race Spider-man

3rd August 2011

Peter Parker, the teenage high-school student fighting crime as 'Spider-Man' since the early 1960's, has been replaced in Marvel Comics new 'Ultimate' series. Parker's death to the hands of the Green Goblin makes way for...

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Emma Stone Didn't Know About Spider-man

1st August 2011

Emma Stone didn't know about 'Spider-Man' before signing up to star in it.The 22-year-old actress plays love interest Gwen Stacy in the forthcoming 'The Amazing Spider-Man' prequel - starring Andrew Garfield as the web-slinging hero...

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Rhys Ifans Reinvents Villain Role In The Amazing Spider-man

21st July 2011

Rhys Ifans is a "new" type of villain in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.The Welsh actor takes on the role of Dr. Curt Connors and his evil alter-ego The Lizard in the film and director Marc Webb...

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