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Millennium Falcon Photos From 'Star Wars 7' Set Leak: Could It Be?

By Lauren James | 3rd June 2014

We have been given our first look at the brand new Millennium Falcon that is being built for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, thanks to an alleged photo leak TMZ has published. The new...

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Jj Abrams To 'Star Wars: Episode Vi' Cast & Crew: "Let's Give 'Em Something Great"

By Elinor Cosgrave | 21st May 2014

J.J. Abrams has written to the cast and crew of Star Wars: Episode VII, encouraging them in the production began shooting last Friday (16th May) in London.J.J. Abrams is directly Star Wars Episode VII.Abrams sent...

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'Star Wars Episode 7' Titled "The Ancient Fear", First Images Of Chewbacca

By Michael West | 6th May 2014

Harry Knowles, the reliable and respected movie man at Ain't It Cool News, is quoting a source as saying JJ Abrams' new Star Wars movie is titled The Ancient Fear. Harry says his insider told...

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With The "Episode Vii" Cast, Jj Abrams Is Banking On Emerging Young Talent As Well As Franchise Veterans

By Victoria Pavlova | 30th April 2014

Star Wars nerds, this is your time – the full cast of J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII has been announced and, while some suspicions were confirmed, there are a few new faces to look forward to....

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Guess Who? 'Star Wars 7' Cast Revealed In Team Photo

By Lauren James | 29th April 2014

The cast of the new Star Wars movie has been revealed in a new teaser photo posted on the Star Wars website. The team shot shows includes John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac,...

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Original Star Wars Cast Leave Breadcrumb Trail In London As Ep Vii Prepares To Shoot

By Lauren James | 28th April 2014

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are all currently in London, prompting speculation over whether the original Star Wars trio will be reuniting to film JJ Abrams' upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. Abrams' new...

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Why Chewbacca Has To Return For 'Star Wars Episode Vii'

By Sophie Miskiw | 18th April 2014

The best Star Wars Episode VII news we’ve heard so far is that Peter Mayhew will (supposedly) be getting his Wookiee on once more to reprise his role as Chewbacca. It seems only fitting that...

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Peter Mayhew Heads To Pinewood To Play Chewbacca In Star Wars Episode 7

By Michael West | 9th April 2014

Peter Mayhew is to reprise his role as Chewbacca in Disney and Lucasfilm's upcoming movie Star Wars Episode VII and could even have begun shooting his scenes at London's Pinewood studios. Mayhew played the Wookiee...

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Star Wars Episode Vii To Feature Original Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew

By Jack de Aguilar | 8th April 2014

Intent on following one of the most ill-conceived and disassembled filming structures known to Hollywood, Star Wars Episode VII has started shooting while the full extent of the cast is yet to be finalised. But...

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Peter Mayhew Will Reprise 'Chewbacca' Role In 'Star Wars: Episode Vii'

By Nick Hill | 8th April 2014

British actor Peter Mayhew rose to fame after playing one of the most recognisable characters in cinematic history, 'Chewbacca.'The now 69 year-old portrayed the Wookiee in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, opposite Harrison Ford as...

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Wanted: One Chewbacca - Has Jj Abrams' Gone Wookiee Hunting For 'Star Wars Vii'?

By Lauren James | 24th September 2013

JJ Abrams' new Star Wars movie, Episode VII, may include a wookiee if the rumours currently circulating the internet are true. The news that Abrams might be on the hunt for a new Chewbacca was...

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Peter Mayhew's Tsa Debacle: Light Sabers Don't Work Off-screen

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th June 2013

In what is probably the first time a light saber has caused real-life trouble, Peter Mayhew got his cane, modeled on the fictional weapon, confiscated by TSA agents in Denver. The 7ft 2in actor, who...

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