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The Things They Say: 3902784

11th October 2013

"I've known him a long time and we were friendly and he said, 'We should play some board games' and then I went over to his house and we played board games. We still play...

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The Things They Say 25470

14th June 2012

"I was doing summer stock (theatre) in Woodstock, New York, and unbeknownst to me, we shouldn't have been drinking the well water. It's in a barn, I'm wearing a tuxedo and in incredible gastronomic pain....

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Sharon Stone Pays Sum To Man Injured On Property

14th July 2011

Sharon Stone has been ordered to pay $232,000 to a man who was injured on her property.Peter Krause  - who had been seeking up to $1.5 million for the claim - said he injured his...

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Graham Dating Tv Brother Krause

9th September 2010

PARENTHOOD actress LAUREN GRAHAM is keeping it in the family - she's confirmed rumours she's dating her TV brother PETER KRAUSE.Graham and Krause have been friends for 15 years and star together in the hit...

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Dating Peter Krause 'So Easy' Says Lauren Graham

9th September 2010

Dating PETER KRAUSE is 'so easy' says LAUREN GRAHAM, during an interview with Redbook Magazine. The pair (who play brother and sister in 'Parenthood') have now confirmed that they're in a relationship, after months of...

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Krause To Celebrate Birthday All Month

19th August 2005

Former SIX FEET UNDER star PETER KRAUSE plans to celebrate turning 40 for the entire month - because he only acknowledges his birthdays every 10 years. The actor, whose character NATE FISHER died in...

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Lead Six Feet Under Character Dies

2nd August 2005

Fans of hit show SIX FEET UNDER are in shock, after watching PETER KRAUSE's character, NATE FISHER, die in an episode which aired in the US on Sunday (31JUL05). Reluctant mortuary owner Nate passed...

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Babe Star Upset With Mad Character On Six Feet Under

10th June 2005

BABE star JAMES CROMWELL has lashed out at the writers of his hit show SIX FEET UNDER for not warning him that his character would be descending into madness when he signed up for the...

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Six Feet Under Is Going Under

8th November 2004

American TV series SIX FEET UNDER will end after the upcoming fifth season, the show's creator ALAN BALL has confirmed. Ball, who is also executive producer on the black comedy, has told American cable...

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Gugino Amused By Naked Shocks

6th September 2004

SPY KIDS star CARLA GUGINO is fascinated by theatregoers' reactions when she bares all on the New York stage. The 33-year-old actress was initially terrified to remove her clothes in her Broadway debut in...

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Watts Fakes Flatulence Problem

12th August 2004

21 GRAMS beauty NAOMI WATTS left actor PETER KRAUSE horrified as they filmed a love scene - by pretending to have a terrible flatulence problem. Watts appears alongside SIX FEET UNDER star Krause in...

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Six Feet Under To Tread The Boards

12th March 2004

SIX FEET UNDER star PETER KRAUSE is poised to step out of the show's funeral parlour and test his acting talents on the Broadway, New York, stage. Krause - who plays NATE FISHER on...

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Peter Krause Awed By Son

4th August 2003

SIX FEET UNDER star PETER KRAUSE praises his young son for being a calming influence on his otherwise hectic life. Krause plays undertaker NATE FISHER in the popular American TV show, but in reality...

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