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Jackson Won't Direct The Hobbit

31st May 2010

PETER JACKSON has no plans to replace GUILLERMO DEL TORO as director of THE HOBBIT - the moviemaker's packed schedule would make it "impossible" for him to take charge, according to his manager.The Hellboy auteur...

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Ian Mckellen Annoyed By Potter Confusion

25th May 2010

Sir Ian McKellen gets frustrated when people think he is Dumbledore from 'Harry Potter'. The 71-year-old actor confesses he is a fan of his character in 'Lord of the Rings', white bearded Gandalf, but he...

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Jackson Knighted In New Zealand

28th April 2010

LORD OF THE RINGS director PETER JACKSON has been knighted in his native New Zealand.The moviemaker received the honour at a ceremony in his home town of Wellington on Wednesday (28Apr10), after the knighthood was...

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Ian Mckellen Gives Hobbit Details

18th March 2010

Sir Ian McKellen has confirmed 'The Hobbit' will start filming in July.The veteran actor - who will reprise his role as Gandalf in the 'Lord of the Rings' prequel, which is being split into two...

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Saoirse Ronan's La Refusal

17th February 2010

Saoirse Ronan would never move to Los Angeles. The 15-year-old 'Lovely Bones' star claims she would never move to Hollywood as it has a bad effect on young people. She said: "I would never want...

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Lovely Bones Marked New Start For Jackson

16th February 2010

PETER JACKSON was thrilled to direct emotional drama THE LOVELY BONES - because it was such a contrast to his LORD OF THE RINGS franchise.The moviemaker headed up the fantasy trilogy, which raked in more...

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New Book May Prove An Embarrassment To Spielberg

8th February 2010

An English translation of a 1996 biography of Hergé, the creator of the Tintin graphic novels, may prove to be an embarrassment to Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, who are making a two-part movie based...

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King Kong Ship To Be Sunk

8th February 2010

A rusting ship featured in PETER JACKSON's KING KONG movie is set to be sunk off the coast of New Zealand - after the company which owned the vessel went into liquidation.The director used the...

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Bloom Wants Hobbit Role

26th January 2010

ORLANDO BLOOM is desperate to reprise his role as an elf-prince in upcoming LORD OF THE RINGS prequel THE HOBBIT - he's already asked PETER JACKSON for a part in the new movie.The British actor...

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Jackson's Ghostly Encounter

24th January 2010

Director PETER JACKSON has first-hand experience of the supernatural - he's convinced his home in New Zealand is haunted.The Oscar-winner suffered a spooky encounter while he was back in his native country filming the Lord...

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Avatar Zooms Past Star Wars To Win Fifth Week

18th January 2010

Avatar may have been knocked off the top position at the box office by The Book of Eli momentarily on Friday, but it roared back on Saturday and Sunday, winding up with an estimated $41.3...

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Fox Throws The Book At Avatar

15th January 2010

Despite complaints from some liberal groups and individuals that the Avatar plot runs counter to Martin Luther King's dream of racial equality, the national holiday honoring the civil rights leader is expected to see the...

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Ronan Defends Jackson's Decision To Censor The Lovely Bones

8th January 2010

Irish actress SAOIRSE RONAN has praised moviemaker PETER JACKSON for his decision not to show the rape and murder of her character in his adaptation of ALICE SEBOLD's bestseller THE LOVELY BONES.Jackson and his co-producer...

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Jackson To Be Knighted

30th December 2009

Filmmaker PETER JACKSON has been knighted in his native New Zealand's New Year's Honours list.The Lord of the Rings director will become Sir Peter Jackson in 2010 after his latest honour was sanctioned by Britain's...

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Paramount Delays Roll Out Of The Lovely Bones

24th December 2009

Saddled by generally poor reviews and equally poor word of mouth among adults who have seen it, Paramount has canceled plans to expand Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones on Friday and will instead do so...

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Movie Reviews The Lovely Bones

14th December 2009

Once long ago, cinema and literary pundits blithely maintained that Tolkien's massive The Lord of the Rings could never be transformed into a movie. And then Peter Jackson came along and did it. Now he's...

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Jackson Couldn't Shoot The Lovely Bones' Rape And Murder

10th December 2009

Moviemaker PETER JACKSON has defended his decision not to show the rape and murder of a teenage girl in his adaptation of ALICE SEBOLD's bestseller THE LOVELY BONES, revealing he felt "morally conflicted about the...

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Jackson Planning Dragon Tv Series?

9th December 2009

Director PETER JACKSON is rethinking plans to turn dragon adventure books Temeraire into a money-spinning movie franchise, because he's convinced the stories would be better told as a TV series.The King Kong filmmaker purchased the...

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Fascinating Fact 8469

7th December 2009

Moviemaker PETER JACKSON has named the Oscars he won for his LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy Gary, Trevor, Muzza, Neville, Brent and Lysander.

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The Hobbit -- Delayed Again?

1st December 2009

The release of Peter Jackson's two-part production of The Hobbit has been delayed a full year, Sharon Waxman reported on Monday, citing executives close to the project. Waxman said that Warner Bros. now plans...

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Spielberg Completes Tintin Filming

25th November 2009

The actual filming of Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn has been completed, and it now goes to motion-capture technicians and artists who will spend the next two years finishing...

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Elijah Wood Obsessed With Nine

12th September 2009

Elijah Wood is obsessed with the number nine.The 28-year-old actor, who lends his voice to a character in new animated sci-fi movie '9', believes his lucky number is responsible for all the success he has...

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How Marketing Can Make Or Break A Movie

17th August 2009

Sony's marketing department was receiving kudos today (Monday) for its promotional campaign for District 9 , a relatively low-budget sci-fi flick that uses minimal special effects, is set in South Africa, and stars relatively unknown...

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District 9 Tops U.s. Box Office

17th August 2009

PETER JACKSON's alien adventure DISTRICT 9 has beamed to the top of the U.S. box office, taking $37 million (£24.6 million) in its first weekend on release.The sci-fi movie, produced by the Lord of the...

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Jackson To Take Dam Busters 3d

31st July 2009

Director PETER JACKSON is hoping to give his upcoming DAM BUSTERS remake a more "realistic" feel by making the movie in 3D.The Lord of the Rings moviemaker is working on a new version of the...

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Jackson: 'The Hobbit Prequels Are Not A Done Deal'

29th July 2009

Filmmaker PETER JACKSON has warned LORD OF THE RINGS fans not to get too excited about THE HOBBIT prequels - because they have yet to receive the go-ahead from movie studio executives.Jackson has signed on...

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Jackson It's Not Easy Being A Hobbit

24th July 2009

The grim reality of creating fantasy was driven home by director Peter Jackson during a news conference at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego Thursday. Jackson, the Lord of the Rings director who is now...

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Michael Jackson's Son Set For Stardom

7th July 2009

Michael Jackson's youngest son could be as big a star as his father, it has been claimed.Family friend Mark Lester - godparent to all three of the late singer's children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11...

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Spielberg Casts His Tintin

27th January 2009

Jamie Bell has been cast as Tintin in Steven Spielberg's big-screen adaptation of the long-running comic book series, with Daniel Craig starring alongside him as the film's principal villain.Craig, best known for his portrayal of...

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Winslet's Deli Delight

25th November 2008

KATE WINSLET was so stunned when she landed her big break in PETER JACKSON's HEAVENLY CREATURES, she had to be escorted from the delicatessen she was working in - in hysterics. The actress admits she...

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