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$2 Billion -- The Magic Number For L.a. Dodgers

28th March 2012

In 1957, in an effort to entice Walter O'Malley, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to move his team to Los Angeles, the city and county of Los Angeles offered to give him 300 acres...

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Burton Forced To Go Horseriding With Joker Jack

6th March 2006

Quirky movie-maker TIM BURTON had to take a crash course in horseriding to secure JACK NICHOLSON as THE JOKER in BATMAN after the actor suggested he take a canter with him. Burton had never ridden...

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The Birds Flying Back To The Big Screen

26th April 2005

ALFRED HITCHCOCK's eerie THE BIRDS is the latest classic heading for a remake. PEARL HARBOR director MICHAEL BAY and Hollywood heavyweight PETER GUBER are working on the revamped version of the 1963...

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Gibson Criticised On Tv Show

8th March 2004

Jewish movie producer-turned-TV presenter PETER GUBER has blasted THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST as being "anti-Semitic" - to director MEL GIBSON's face. Gibson was left speechless on American movie talk show SUNDAY MORNING SHOOTOUT...

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Connery Goes To Court Over Non-film

24th April 2003

SIR SEAN CONNERY is suing MANDALAY PICTURES and founder PETER GUBER after claiming he was duped into signing up for a movie that was never going to be made. The former JAMES BOND star...

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Farrell And Wahlberg For New Soderbergh.clooney Collaboration

11th April 2003

Rising star COLIN FARRELL will star alongside MARK WAHLBERG in STEVEN SODERBERGH and GEORGE CLOONEY's new project, THE JACKET. Joined by PETER GUBER, producers Clooney and Soderbergh will oversee director JOHN MAYBURY's tale of...

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