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Peter Fonda Dismisses T-shirt Suit

4th July 2014

Easy Rider star Peter Fonda has dismissed a lawsuit against fashion company Dolce & Gabbana and retailer Nordstrom over copyright on his image.Fonda filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court a year ago (Jul13), alleging...

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Peter Fonda Wants Electric Easy Rider Road Trip

1st July 2014

Veteran actor Peter Fonda wants to recreate his road trip from classic movie Easy Rider on an electric motorcycle.Harley-Davidson bosses last month (Jun14) unveiled a prototype for their LiveWire chopper, which is powered by an...

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Award Winning Actress, Karen Black, Dies After Losing Cancer Battle Aged 74

By Elinor Cosgrave | 9th August 2013

Karen Black, the actress famous for her roles in films such as Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces and Nashville, died yesterday (Thursday 8th August). Her husband, Stephen Eckelberry, made the announcement on his Facebook page....

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Peter Fonda Sues Dolce & Gabbana

23rd July 2013

Hollywood veteran Peter Fonda has taken legal action against Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana over a T-shirt featuring his character from Easy Rider.The 73-year-old movie icon claims designers for the brand used an image...

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Peter Fonda Keen To Return To Broadway

26th June 2013

Movie veteran Peter Fonda is eager to bring his career full circle and return to Broadway, more than 50 years after making his acting debut on the New York stage.The Easy Rider star launched his...

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The Things They Say: 3630319

26th April 2013

"I did a lot of her second series as I had a hip replacement and I had to practice balancing." Peter Fonda checked out his sister Jane's work-out videos as he recovered from surgery.

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Fascinating Fact: 3348096

29th October 2012

Veteran actor Peter Fonda has been unveiled as the head of the jury at next month's (Nov12) Stockholm Film Festival in Sweden. The Easy Rider star will oversee a five-member panel that will pick the...

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Stars Praying For Teenage Activist Shot In Pakistan

12th October 2012

Peter Fonda, Michelle Rodriguez and Madonna are among the stars who have paid tribute to a teenage activist who was gunned down by the Taliban in Pakistan on Tuesday (09Oct12).Malala Yousufzai is fighting for her...

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Queen Latifah Lands House Of Bodies

22nd March 2012

Queen Latifah will play a telephone operator in 'House of Bodies'. The 'Chicago' actress will star in and executively produce the indie thriller - about a group of people who are brought together following a...

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Fonda Gave Brooke Shields Her First Horse

18th November 2011

Brooke Shields has magical memories of her 1979 movie Wanda Nevada because her director and co-star Peter Fonda gave her the horse she fell for on the set as a wrap gift.The actress, who played...

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Fascinating Fact 12175

4th October 2011

Easy Rider star Peter Fonda and Terminator 2 villain Robert Patrick are to hit the open road for the 28th annual Love Ride on 23 October (11). The stars will lead the bike event from...

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Peter Fonda Weds Again

20th June 2011

Easy Rider star Peter Fonda has wed for the third time.The movie star exchanged vows with Margaret Devogelaere in Hawaii on Sunday (19Jun11). Fonda, 71, divorced his second wife, Portia Crockett, earlier this year (11)....

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Matt Damon Thanks Doctors Who Treated Father's Cancer

2nd June 2011

Matt Damon flew to Boston last night (01.06.11) to personally thank the doctors treating his cancer stricken father. Kent Damon has been diagnosed with the rare blood disease multiple myeloma and although he is currently...

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Peter Fonda To Marry For Third Time

27th May 2011

Acting veteran Peter Fonda is preparing to wed for a third time - as soon as his divorce from his second wife is finalised.The Easy Rider star, 72, wants to exchange vows with girlfriend Margaret...

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Peter Fonda Launches Expletive Barack Obama Tirade

20th May 2011

Peter Fonda, the American actor and star of the classic 1969 road movie 'Easy Rider', has launched an expletive attack on the US President Barack Obama over his handling of the Gulf oil spill. Peter...

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Fascinating Fact 10912

16th February 2011

EASY RIDER star PETER FONDA is to play TV cop GARY SINISE's former partner in upcoming episodes of hot drama CSI: NY.

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Fonda Finds Dead Body By The Side Of The Road

13th January 2011

EASY RIDER star PETER FONDA had a nasty shock on his way home on Wednesday (12Jan11) when he discovered the body of an alleged suicide victim.The actor was driving through Pacific Palisades, California when he...

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Fonda Wants To Say Farewell To Hopper

23rd February 2010

PETER FONDA is desperate to say farewell to his dying EASY RIDER co-star DENNIS HOPPER - but the cancer-stricken actor is too tired to speak.Hopper is suffering from terminal prostate cancer and reportedly has just...

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Fonda: 'We Smoked Real Pot On Easy Rider'

31st October 2009

JACK NICHOLSON, PETER FONDA and DENNIS HOPPER smoked real cannabis during a scene for movie classic EASY RIDER.Fonda has confessed the trio used "real pot" to capture the moment Nicholson's character tries the drug for...

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Fonda Died Three Times After Gun Accident

30th September 2009

Movie star PETER FONDA narrowly avoided death when he was 11 after he accidentally shot himself in the chest.The Easy Rider star revealed all about his near-fatal episode during a storytelling session on the set...

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Easy Rider Sequel Revs Up

12th September 2009

A secret sequel to cult biker film EASY RIDER is set to hit cinemas next month (Oct09), 40 years after PETER FONDA, DENNIS HOPPER and JACK NICHOLSON hit the road to make movie magic.Easy Rider:...

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Hopper Explodes Easy Rider Myths

15th March 2008

DENNIS HOPPER is tired of others taking credit for his EASY RIDER movie - because he and co-star PETER FONDA are the only people who made the cult 1969 film. The veteran movie star wants...

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Fascinating Fact 4885

21st February 2008

EASY RIDER star PETER FONDA will be honoured with the 2008 King Vidor Career Achievement Award at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival in California next month (Mar08).

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Fonda To Auction Off Easy Rider Items

17th September 2007

PETER FONDA is set to thrill fans of his landmark EASY RIDER movie - by selling off memorabilia he kept from the 1969 classic. Fonda, who produced, co-wrote and starred as Captain America in the...

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Fonda Insisted On Waterboy

4th September 2007

Movie veteran PETER FONDA insisted on having a water runner on the set of new western 3:10 TO YUMA in a bid to make sure he and his castmates were properly hydrated. The Easy Rider...

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Fonda Finds Contract Loophole And Hits The Open Road

17th February 2007

PETER FONDA used a loophole in his GHOST RIDER contract to speed off across Australia on the fastest motorbike he could find. While co-star NICOLAS CAGE was forbidden to fuel his passion for biking away...

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Mendes Treated To Easy Rider Experience

13th February 2007

Sexy Latina EVA MENDES was in for a real treat on the set of her new movie GHOST RIDER when co-star PETER FONDA insisted on talking her through his cult classic EASY RIDER. Rather than...

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Cage Wanted Waits For Ghost Rider, Got Fonda

12th February 2007

NICOLAS CAGE's first choice to play evil MEPHISTOPHELES in new comic book movie adaptation GHOST RIDER was gravel-voiced crooner TOM WAITS. The movie star had his heart set on the DOWNTOWN TRAIN singer joining him...

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Corman Took Lsd To Research Nicholson's The Trip

18th April 2005

Cult movie director ROGER CORMAN took hallucinogenic drug LSD for the first time in a bid to understand JACK NICHOLSON's storyline in THE TRIP. The movie star wrote the 1967 counterculture B-movie about a...

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Peter Fonda Slaps Clothing Company With Lawsuit

16th November 2004

EASY RIDER star PETER FONDA has sued a clothing company for more than $123,000 (GBP68,300), in a battle over a licensing agreement on apparel bearing his image. California-based DRAGONFLY CLOTHING INC was due to...

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