Peter Stringfellow is to become a father again.

The 72-year-old nightclub mogul - who already has two children in their forties - threw a party at his Angels Nightclub in Central London tonight (07.02.13), where he announced the happy news that his wife Bella,30, is pregnant.

He said: ''I am happy to announce, we just found out today, and I can think of no better place and friends to share it with, but we, and I mean the royal we, are pregnant. its going to be an august baby.

''We're not going to do articles, stories. And I was like 'baby, we're not? But we could get £200 for this story...'''

Bella added: ''I'm on my second trimester now and absolutely thrilled. I really want to find out if its a boy or a girl, I am so completely excited, it's amazing.''

Peter and Bella have been married four years and will celebrate their anniversary on Valentine's Day (14.02.13).

Friends in the audience included Chris Quentin from 'Coronation Street,' Vanessa Feltz, James Whale, Nick Ferrari, Faye Maschler and Rick Sky.

Entertainment was provided by legendary crooner Buddy Greco.

Introducing the singer, Peter said: ''Only the second artist to be on this stage... The other being AC/DC... And that's a true story, that I will tell you another time, its Buddy Greco.''

Buddy played standards including 'Me and Mrs Jones'.