Charlie Brown actor Peter Robbins, 56, was handed a 12-month jail term with five years' probation for stalking and making death threats to a former girlfriend and her plastic surgeon. The former voice actor was first arrested in January for stalking his former partner after allegedly calling her 37 times in 24 hours and telling him he would kill her and her son, reports the UK's Daily Mail. 

Before passing down the sentencing, the judge told Robbins, "If I can borrow a line from 'Peanuts,' sir, I'm going to grant probation. If you adhere to those terms, you won't go to prison. So, don't be a blockhead." Robbins was arrested on the Mexican border in January and was accused of threatening and stalking Shawna Kern following their breakup. 

During his trial, prosecutors said Robbins threatened plastic surgeon Lori Saltz after she performed a breast enhancement on Ms Kern, paid for by the actor. He demanded a refund and called the clinic so many times that the surgeon had to move to a hotel temporarily out of fear for her life. 

Before his arrest, Robbins had spoken out against the planned Peanuts movie, calling it pointless and a "horrible idea." Speaking in October, he said, "'What's the point? If it's to reintroduce the character of Charlie Brown to a new generation, it's been passed on successfully for 46 years. That's the beauty of it." It's a decent point, given the comic strip ran from 1950 to 2000 and was seen by 355 million people in 75 countries. 

Following his sentencing yesterday, Robbins read a statement to the court where he said he had no "ill will" towards the victims. "I've taken responsibility for my actions and will openly seek treatment for my alcoholism and prescription medication addictions," he said, "I realize this is just the first step toward becoming the fun-loving, respectful person I was and hope to become again."