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Celebrity Big Brother Contestants Triumph In UK Singles Chart

5th February 2006

Despite losing out to an unknown in recent UK reality show CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, DEAD OR ALIVE star PETE BURNS and ORDINARY BOYS frontman PRESTON have both found chart success in the wake of their...

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Burns Will Not Face Charges Over Monkey Coat

2nd February 2006

LATEST: Eighties pop star PETE BURNS will not be prosecuted over his monkey fur coat, because there is no evidence he smuggled it into England illegally. The DEAD OR ALIVE singer, 46, boasted the...

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Burns Horrified By Re-release

30th January 2006

British eighties singer PETE BURNS is horrified his former record company has re-released his hit YOU SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A RECORD). After years of obscurity, the cross-dressing star has returned to the limelight...

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Rodman Voted Out Of Reality Show

26th January 2006

Former basketball star DENNIS RODMAN was shocked as he was voted off British reality TV show CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER last night (25JAN06). The flamboyant star, 44, has spent the past three weeks sharing a...

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Scissor Sisters Get Burned

21st January 2006

Gay icons SCISSOR SISTERS are planning to record a song with former DEAD OR ALIVE frontman PETE BURNS. Singer JAKE SHEARS is good friends with YOU SPIN ME ROUND star Burns, and the hitmakers...

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Burns Coat 'Is Not Gorilla'

20th January 2006

LATEST: The coat worn by eighties pop star PETE BURNS on a British reality TV show is not made from the fur of endangered gorillas, but a native African monkey. The DEAD OR ALIVE...

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Burns' Gorilla Coat Seized By Cops

19th January 2006

LATEST: Eighties pop star PETE BURNS is reeling after British police confiscated his alleged gorilla fur coat. The DEAD OR ALIVE singer, 46, is a contestant on Channel 4 reality TV show CELEBRITY BIG...

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Burns 'Could Face Jail' Over Gorilla Skin Claims

10th January 2006

Eighties pop singer PETE BURNS has been slammed by animal rights campaigners and faces possible imprisonment for wearing a "gorilla skin" coat on UK reality TV show CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER. The former DEAD OR...

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Fascinating Fact 772

6th January 2006

Former BAYWATCH beauty TRACI BINGHAM entered the UK's CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER house last night (05JAN06). She is joined on the reality TV show by ex-basketball ace DENNIS RODMAN, DEAD OR ALIVE singer PETE BURNS and...

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Dead Or Alive Star Hails Posh

16th April 2003

Transvestite DEAD OR ALIVE frontman PETE BURNS has lashed out at former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM's detractors - hailing her critically-panned album as one of his favourites. The YOU SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A...

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