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Penny Marshall To Direct Film About Baseball Hall Of Fame's First Female

12th December 2014

Filmmaker/actress Penny Marshall is heading back into the world of sports to direct a movie about the first woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.The A League of Their Own director will helm an...

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Billy Crystal Breaks Down At Robin Williams' Memorial

28th September 2014

Billy Crystal broke down at Robin Williams' memorial service.The 66-year-old actor - who previously paid tribute to the star at this year's Emmy Awards in Los Angeles - hosted the touching ceremony at the Curran...

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Penny Marshall Appeals To School Chief To Halt Cruel Dog Experiments

26th August 2014

Veteran actress/director Penny Marshall is publicly appealing to the president of a Detroit, Michigan school to halt cruel heart experiments on dogs after learning a pooch named in honour of her character on Tv sitcom...

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Fascinating Fact: 3735957

26th June 2013

Laverne & Shirley stars Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams are reuniting on U.S. Tv to make a guest appearance on new Nickelodeon sitcom Sam & Cat. The veteran actresses will portray characters involved in a...

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The Things They Say: 3303938

28th September 2012

"I snorted it once. I'm allergic to opiates (and) it made me car sick... They said it's an acquired taste and it's not something I needed to acquire." Filmmaker Penny Marshall insists she only tried...

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Penny Marshall Brought Madonna & Rosie Together As Best Pals

28th September 2012

Director Penny Marshall teamed Madonna and Rosie O'donnell up on the set of baseball movie A League Of Their Own because she thought the pop star could help keep the actress trim and in shape.Madonna...

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The Things They Say: 3303600

28th September 2012

"I went to kosher camp and I'm not Jewish... My mother said they had better food, which I think they did." Actress/filmmaker Penny Marshall recalls one childhood memory she writes about in her memoirs My...

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The Things They Say: 3297727

23rd September 2012

"He turned it down, Kevin Costner, Randy Quaid - those were the hotties at the time - and everybody else turned it down... I thought, 'What about Bobby D?' - I knew Bobby D, and...

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Penny Marshall Opens Up About Abortion

19th September 2012

Moviemaker Penny Marshall has opened up about her decision to terminate a pregnancy.The A League of Their Own director recently revealed the information while promoting her new memoirs My Mother is Nuts, and now she...

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Penny Marshall: 'Stop Writing About My Imminent Death'

18th September 2012

Actress/moviemaker Penny Marshall has criticised the U.S. tabloid media for running so many articles about her failing health.The A League of Their Own director is sick of reading stories about her multiple cancer battles and...

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Penny Marshall Conned Out Of $5,000 By Phoney Lamar Odom Assistant

6th June 2012

Director Penny Marshall has been scammed out of several thousands of dollars by a man claiming to be Lamar Odom's assistant. Perhaps Marshall was clouded by her dedication to Odom's team the Lakers, but when...

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Penny Marshall Duped By Lamar Odom Impostor

5th June 2012

Actress/director Penny Marshall has allegedly been scammed out of more than $5,000 (£3,125) by a man posing as an assistant to former Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom.The Laverne and Shirley veteran, a big fan...

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Mark Wahlberg Nearly Lost Role

17th March 2012

Mark Wahlberg almost lost a movie role because of a fight with Madonna's friend.The 'Contraband' actor - who is known for his wild past, including a prison term for assault - claims he was accused...

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The Things They Say 24353

14th February 2012

"She was funny. She was fun to be around. She was great." Director Penny Marshall pays tribute to her The Preacher's Wife star Whitney Houston, who died on Saturday (11Feb12).

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Movie Reviews New Years Eve

9th December 2011

New Year's Eve boasts a skillful comedy director, Garry Marshal, and an imposing cluster of stars, including Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cary Elwes, James Belushi, Penny Marshall, Matthew BroderickBon Jovi,...

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Penny Marshall Pens Memoir

11th October 2011

Director/actress Penny Marshall is set to share all about her long cancer battle in a new memoir.The Laverne & Shirley star also plans to open up about her former marriage to When Harry Met Sally...

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Wahlberg Grateful For Marshall's Guidance

23rd November 2010

MARK WAHLBERG has credited director PENNY MARSHALL with changing his life by convincing him to pursue acting.The Departed star spent time in prison for assault as a teen but he was determined to turn his...

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Marshall: 'Don't Believe All You Read About My Health'

17th November 2009

Actress/director PENNY MARSHALL is laughing off reports she's battling cancer, insisting the media gets things "cockeyed" at times.The beloved Hollywood icon reportedly underwent surgery to treat a brain tumour, according to a U.S. tabloid report,...

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Marshall Diagnosed With Brain Tumour

4th November 2009

Veteran actress PENNY MARSHALL is recovering after undergoing surgery to treat a brain tumour, according to a U.S. tabloid report.The Golden Globe-nominated Laverne and Shirley star was taken to a hospital last month (Oct09) after...

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Fascinating Fact 2445

15th November 2006

Moviemaker PENNY MARSHALL is developing a biopic about former heavyweight boxing champion JOE FRAZIER.

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Felicity Fan Of Dove Campaign

2nd March 2006

Oscar-nominee FELICITY HUFFMAN is such a fan of Dove's 'real women' advertising campaign, she wrote them a letter praising them for their work and landed an advertising contract. The body product company's campaign features real...

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Fascinating Fact 1079

25th February 2006

Oscar nominee FELICITY HUFFMAN will star in a series of Dove soap episodes that will be directed by former LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY star PENNY MARSHALL....

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Penny Marshall Awaits Granddaughter's Arrival

28th April 2005

Former LAVERNE + SHIRLEY star PENNY MARSHALL is nervously sitting by her phone, because her daughter is imminently due to give birth. The JUMPIN' JACK FLASH director's offspring TRACY REINER is heavily pregnant with...

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Former Laverne And Shirley Actresses Get Stars

13th August 2004

Former LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY stars PENNY MARSHALL and CINDY WILLIAMS were awarded stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday (12AUG04). Marshall, 61, and 56-year-old Williams rose to huge popularity in the 1970s, playing...

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