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Rod Stewart Moving Back To The UK

19th July 2014

Rod Stewart is moving back to the UK after almost 40 years. The London born singer relocated to the US in 1975 to avoid tax - which at the time stood at 83 per cent...

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'Voracious' Rod Stewart

12th January 2014

Rod Stewart is still ''voracious'' in bed. The 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy' rocker may be 68, but he's still got the right moves in bed to please his wife, Penny Lancaster, 42. Penny reportedly...

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Rod Stewart Mocks French For 'Wine Snobbery'

8th November 2013

Rod Stewart finds the wine ''snobbery'' of the French ''unbearable''.The 68-year-old singer enjoys sending back bottles of wine when he goes for meals in the European country - which is renowned for its fine wine...

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Rod Stewart's Children Are A 'Fountain Of Youth'

16th September 2013

Rod Stewart's children are his ''fountain of youth.''The 'Maggie May' rocker has eight children with his youngest kids being Alastair, seven, and two-year-old Aiden, with his third wife Penny Lancaster.Rod, 68, insists his two young...

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Rod Stewart's Wife Fine With His 'Pretty' Manhood

9th July 2013

Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster describes his manhood as ''pretty, but not large.''The 68-year-old singer - who recently revealed his penis shrunk when he was addicted to steroids in the late 1980s - admits the...

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Rod Stewart's Wife Plays Down Secret Split Reports

30th June 2013

Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster has played down reports suggesting they secretly separated during a difficult period in their marriage, insisting the break-up was 13 years ago during their first month of dating.The Maggie May...

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Rod Stewart's Advice To Daughters

19th May 2013

Rod Stewart advises his daughters to have their own room while travelling with rockstars.The 68-year-old musician is an ''easy-going dad'' when it comes to his girls - Sarah, 40, Kimberley, 33, Ruby, 25, and Renee,...

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Harry Styles Spent Night With Rod Stewart's Daughter

17th May 2013

Harry Styles spent the night with Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly. The One Direction heartthrob was rumoured to have shared a romantic tryst with the 33-year-old blonde after he joined Kimberly, her singer father and his...

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Rod Stewart Was 'Set Up' With A Guy

15th May 2013

Rod Stewart once took a stunning blonde back to his hotel room - and discovered she was a man.The 68-year-old rocker claims he was set up by his Faces bandmates when they visited a bar...

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Rod Stewart Split From Penny For Two Weeks

9th May 2013

Rod Stewart secretly split from his wife Penny Lancaster for two weeks. The 42-year-old model walked out on the 68-year-old singer after a blazing row and Rod was devastated, and spent his time pining...

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Rod Stewart And Penny Lancaster Had Secret Split

9th May 2013

Singer Rod Stewart has recorded a song about his secret split from wife Penny Lancaster.The Maggie May hitmaker reveals he was left heartbroken after his third wife walked out on him during a difficult period...

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Rod Stewart Buys English Stately Home With A Croquet Lawn

7th May 2013

Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster have reportedly spent more than $7 million (£4.4 million) on a Grade Ii listed stately home just outside London.Insiders claim the Stewarts are the new lord and lady...

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Harry Styles Has 'Heart-to-heart' With Rod Stewart

1st May 2013

Harry Styles had a ''heart-to-heart'' with Rod Stewart about his love life.The One Direction star joined the 'Hot Legs' singer, his wife Penny and his daughter Kimberley for dinner in Los Angeles last week and...

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Rod Stewart: Penny Is 'Everything' To Me

26th April 2013

Rod Stewart says Penny Lancaster is ''everything'' to him.The three-times wed rocker - who has eight children with five women, including Alastair, seven, and Aiden, two, with his current spouse - insists he will stay...

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Rod Stewart 'Ashamed' Of Relationship Past

14th April 2013

Rod Stewart is ''ashamed'' of running away from past relationships.The music icon has been married three times - to Alana Hamilton, Rachel Hunter and currently Penny Lancaster - and has opened up about his womanizing...

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Rod Stewart Thrilled By Daughter Reconciliation

21st March 2013

Rod Stewart is overjoyed his oldest child has begun calling him 'Dad'.The 68-year-old rocker - who has eight children with five women - was just 18 when his former girlfriend Sue Boffey fell pregnant so...

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Rod Stewart To Release First Original Material In 20 Years

20th March 2013

Rod Stewart has announced his first album of original material in 20 years. The record, 'Time', will be released in May and features 12 songs, 11 of which were written and produced by the 'Stay...

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Rod Stewart's Wife Not Interested In Real Housewives Tv Offer

8th March 2013

Rod Stewart's model wife Penny Lancaster has rejected an offer to join the cast of U.S. reality show The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.The Scottish rocker has confirmed rumours the leggy blonde had been approached...

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Ronnie Wood Plans Summer Wedding Party

3rd January 2013

Ronnie Wood and Sally Humphreys plan to celebrate their marriage with a huge party later this summer.The Rolling Stones rocker wed theatre producer Sally in a small ceremony last month, but they are planning to...

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Rod Stewart Is 'Easy To Please' At Christmas

17th December 2012

Rod Stewart is ''easy to please'' at Christmas.The 67-year-old singer will be spending the festive season at his home in Essex, South East England, with his wife Penny Lancaster, 41, and their two sons Alastair,...

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Downton Abbey Fan Rod Stewart

10th December 2012

Rod Stewart is obsessed with 'Downton Abbey'.The 67-year-old rocker is watching the popular period drama for the second time after introducing it to wife Penny Lancaster and the pair love its ''intelligent storytelling''.Rod said: ''I've...

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Rod Stewart Announces Live The Life Tour

12th November 2012

Rod Stewart is to tour the UK next year.The 67-year-old singer - who is married to model-and-photographer Penny Lancaster - has announced five 'Live The Life' arena shows which will take place in June 2013.Rod...

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Rod Stewart Plays With Train Set Every Day

24th October 2012

Rod Stewart plays with his model railway every day. The 67-year-old rocker still enjoys the same hobbies he did as a youngster, but sometimes his love of train sets irritates his wife, model Penny Lancaster,...

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Rod Stewart Won't Spoil Kids

22nd October 2012

Rod Stewart refuses to spoil his children.The 'Maggie May' rocker has eight kids from five different relationships and despite being very rich, he won't let them have everything they want because he wants them...

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Rod Stewart Had Counselling For Marriage Split

5th October 2012

Rod Stewart had to have counselling when Rachel Hunter left him.The 'Maggie May' singer was devastated when the New Zealand-born model left him in 1999 after nine years' of marriage and admits he had to...

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Peter Andre's Romantic Holiday

14th August 2012

Peter Andre loved having a little private time with his new girlfriend on holiday in Cyprus. The reality TV star took a sunshine break with medical student Emily MacDonagh, 23, last week and enjoyed visiting...

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Rod Stewart Overcomes Camera Shyness By Ogling Wife's Legs

2nd July 2012

Rod Stewart was delighted to pose for his photographer wife Penny Lancaster because she repeatedly flashed her legs at him during the shoot.The veteran singer admits he is camera shy, so Lancaster came up with...

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Flirty Photographer Penny Lancaster

2nd July 2012

Rod Stewart's wife wore a short dress to keep him interested when she had to photograph him for his autobiography. Photographer-and-model Penny Lancaster shot the cover image for his new book and she decided to...

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Rod Stewart Says Son Shares Cheeky Humour

2nd May 2012

Rod Stewart's son has his ''cheeky'' sense of humour.The 'Maggie May' hitmaker became a father for the eighth time last February when wife Penny Lancaster gave birth to their son Aiden and the model -...

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Penny Lancaster Proud Of Figure

22nd January 2012

Penny Lancaster is "proud" of her post-pregnancy body.The 40-year-old model has slimmed down from a size 16 to a 10 since having second son Aiden 10 months ago and is delighted with her current figure.Penny...

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