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Hayek And Cruz's Fun-filled Filming

21st December 2004

Latina beauties PENELOPE CRUZ and SALMA HAYEK found filming new movie BANDIDAS easy, because both stars' first language is Spanish. Spaniard Cruz and long-time pal Hayek were delighted when they were both cast by...

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Theron Sick Of Kissing Girls

19th December 2004

CHARLIZE THERON is sick of having to kiss women on screen - she is desperate to do more romantic dramas opposite men. The OSCAR-winning beauty, who smooched with CHRISTINA RICCI in MONSTER and...

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Plane Problem For Cruz + Hayek

10th December 2004

Best pals PENELOPE CRUZ and SALMA HAYEK faced a terrifying plane trip on their way to the set of new movie BANDIDAS, when the craft dropped from the sky. The sexy Latinas were onboard...

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Cruz Unconcerned By Public Image

26th November 2004

PENELOPE CRUZ refuses to devote time to creating a good public persona, because she only cares about how her family and friends perceive her. The 30-year-old Spanish beauty admits she'd be devastated if the...

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Cruz Is A Self-conscious Stripper

25th November 2004

Hollywood beauty PENELOPE CRUZ is so self-conscious when undressing on movie sets, she asks film-makers to look elsewhere. The VANILLA SKY star may be one of the most lusted after women in showbusiness, but...

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Cruz Overcomes Loneliness With Hayek's Help

24th November 2004

PENELOPE CRUZ was able to overcome her loneliness when she first arrived in Los Angeles with the help of close friend SALMA HAYEK. The Spanish beauty, 30, initially felt isolated when she first moved...

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Cruz Proud Of Achievements In Hollywood

24th November 2004

PENELOPE CRUZ is proud she's become the first Spanish actress to conquer Hollywood. The VANILLA SKY beauty, 30, is delighted to be winning roles which normally evade Latina stars - particularly because she's landed...

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Cruz Hates Hollywood Parties

24th November 2004

Spanish beauty PENELOPE CRUZ never goes to Hollywood bashes because she's paid to act, not party. The VANILLA SKY star detests the endless celebrity events which come with fame, and prefers to focus on...

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Hayek Apologises To Hometown

22nd November 2004

Hollywood beauty SALMA HAYEK has apologised to the inhabitants of her hometown for missing the opening of a new theatre. The FRIDA actress blamed filming delays for missing the inauguration ceremony of the 17,000-seat...

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Calcutta Mission Trip Humbled Cruz

15th November 2004

Spanish movie star PENELOPE CRUZ is urging her spoiled peers to find somewhere that's full of real hardships so they'll understand what true suffering is. The actress has no time for whining stars and...

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Sarandon + Cruz Star In Disposable Film

13th November 2004

SUSAN SARANDON and PENELOPE CRUZ's new Christmas film NOEL is making movie history in America - because fans who order the DVD online will have only two days to view it before the film is...

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Almodovar + Amenabar Lead European Film Awards Nominations

12th November 2004

PEDRO ALMODOVAR's BAD EDUCATION, ALEJANDRO AMENABAR's THE SEA INSIDE and FAITH AKIN's HEAD ON are the films leading the way for the upcoming EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS with five nominations apiece. The trio are up...

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Cruz Confesses Mcconaughey Romance

12th November 2004

PENELOPE CRUZ has finally confessed she is dating actor MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY, insisting she has "nothing to hide". The pair have been linked since Cruz split from TOM CRUISE earlier this year (04) - but...

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Penelope Cruz's Jealous Past

11th November 2004

PENELOPE CRUZ was a self-declared nightmare for her boyfriends when she was a teenager, because she was intensely jealous. The Spanish actress, ex-girlfriend of TOM CRUISE, admits her raging jealously was so bad, she...

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Cruz Eyes Adoption

11th November 2004

Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ is considering adopting a child, if she has no man in her life when she's ready for motherhood. The VANILLA SKY beauty, who's currently romantically linked to actor MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY,...

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Mcconaughey Buys House Next Door To His Own

8th November 2004

Hollywood actor MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY has given himself an expensive birthday treat - he's purchased a $1.3 million (GBP722,000) house next door to his home. McConaughey, who turned 35 on Thursday (04NOV04), picked up the...

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Cruz: 'It's Important To Train For Movies'

5th November 2004

Hollywood beauty PENELOPE CRUZ is a perfectionist who likes to make sure she's fully prepared when shooting begins. The 30-year-old took training for her forthcoming movie HEAD IN THE CLOUDS particularly seriously, because her...

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Cruz: I Want To Look Like My Grandmother

22nd September 2004

Spanish siren PENELOPE CRUZ has no plans to follow the rest of Hollywood in the search for eternal youth - she is looking forward to growing old. The VANILLA SKY actress, who has enchanted...

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Cruise Opens New Scientology Church

20th September 2004

Hollywood hunk TOM CRUISE opened a new Spanish headquarters for the Church of Scientology in Madrid on Saturday (18SEP04). The JERRY MAGUIRE star managed a few words of the local dialect during the ceremony...

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Mcconaughey Makes The Most Of His Hotel Room On Wheels

19th September 2004

Movie star MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY is saving the producers of his new film TWO FOR THE MONEY a small fortune by insisting on living in his own state-of-the-art trailer on the set. The simple life-loving...

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Cruise Wants To Father His Own Children

15th September 2004

Movie superstar TOM CRUISE has two adopted children but is determined to father his own tots one day. The MINORITY REPORT star has ISABELLA, 12, and CONOR, nine, with ex-wife NICOLE KIDMAN, but insists...

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Theron Eager To Get Back To Work

14th September 2004

OSCAR-winning actress CHARLIZE THERON is finding her recovery time at home highly frustrating, because she's desperate to get back to making her movie. Last month (AUG04), the MONSTER star had an accident on the...

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The English Patient Stars Reunite

9th September 2004

THE ENGLISH PATIENT stars RALPH FIENNES and KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS are to team up again in a new film Fiennes' sister MARTHA has written. The two Brits will join Spanish beauty PENELOPE CRUZ in...

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Cruise And Cruz Reunite

1st September 2004

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE had an expected thrill when visiting Madrid for the Spanish premiere of his latest film COLLATERAL - a night dining with ex-girlfriend PENELOPE CRUZ. Although Spanish Cruz now...

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Cruz Stays Away From Surgery

6th August 2004

Spanish movie siren PENELOPE CRUZ has refused to undergo cosmetic surgery and insists she will grow old gracefully. The CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN beauty, who is currently dating her SAHARA co-star MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY, wants to...

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Cruise's Lonely Hearts Ad

3rd August 2004

Hollywood hunk TOM CRUISE is looking for wife number three and has a list of personality traits he hopes to find in a future spouse. The MINORITY REPORT star has been single since January...

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Cruz Turns Flamenco Dancer

2nd August 2004

Spanish movie siren PENELOPE CRUZ has been teaching Moroccan children her country's native dance, the Flamenco. The VANILLA SKY actress took time out of filming SAHARA opposite new boyfriend MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY in the north...

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Cruz Gets Smelly

22nd July 2004

Spanish screen siren PENELOPE CRUZ is set to launch her own fragrance. The VANILLA SKY beauty is currently the face of RALPH LAUREN's perfume GLAMOROUS and starred in the advertisements for Lauren's POLO clothing...

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Pretty Horses Almost Ended Matt's Film Career

13th July 2004

MATT DAMON credits his role in movie flop ALL THE PRETTY HORSES as his greatest - even though the film almost cost him his career. Damon was upset with the finished version of the...

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Mcconaughy And Cruz Tour Texas Together

9th July 2004

Reports of a steamy romance between PENELOPE CRUZ and MATTHEW McCONAUGHY are hotting up - they've been touring Texas together. The couple - who met on the set of upcoming adventure SAHARA - continue...

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