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Cruz And Mcconaughey Back In Love?

12th September 2006

Former lovers PENELOPE CRUZ and MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY have been photographed together in California, fuelling speculation they have rekindled their relationship. The stars were seen walking out of the Madeo Italian restaurant in the exclusive Los...

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Indian Royalty Slam Cruz Film

11th September 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ's latest movie has come under fire from the descendants of a former Indian Maharaja who claim the biopic has been sensationalised. Cruz snapped up rights to the story after reading PASSION INDIA -...

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Volver Wins At San Sebastian

4th September 2006

PEDRO ALMODOVAR's film VOLVER will receive the Fipresci Grand Prix for Best Film of the Year at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain. This will be Almodovar's second Best Film of the Year...

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Almodovar's Film Farts

31st August 2006

PEDRO ALMODOVAR insisted on featuring flatulence in new movie VOLVER - because he finds farting deeply meaningful. The Spanish director values the earthy side of life, and believes the fragrance of a fart can be...

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Cruz: 'I Am Not A Prisoner Of Fame'

30th August 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ refuses to avoid romancing another actor just to avoid media scrutiny of her private life, insisting stars should ignore the press and see whoever they choose. The VOLVER star, who has previously dated...

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Cruz Defends Cruise

29th August 2006

Movie star PENELOPE CRUZ has defended her former love TOM CRUISE from the media backlash against his devotion to Scientology. The Spanish actress adores Cruise as a pal, and can't understand why people refuse to...

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Cruz Is Karaoke Queen

24th August 2006

Hollywood beauty PENELOPE CRUZ is such a fan of karaoke, she bullies her friends into performing with her whenever they drop by. The VANILLA SKY actress loves to indulge her singing passion, but admits it's...

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Cruz Brings Hope To Unknown Scriptwriter

23rd August 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ is to star in a film written by an unknown English primary school teacher. A script written in 1994 by primary head teacher JOHN BRENNAN has been snatched up by Hollywood after they...

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Cruz Not Ready For Marriage

21st August 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ has hit back at rumours she longs to settle down and start a family, claiming she is not sure she even believes in marriage. The actress has enjoyed longterm relationships with TOM CRUISE...

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Cruz Wants Teen Mags Shut Down

21st August 2006

Hollywood PENELOPE CRUZ has attacked teenage magazines for promoting unhealthy role models for young girls. The actress describes the influence such publications have on children as "horrific" and would close them all down if she...

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Cruz Learns To Stay Young

17th August 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ claims she has found the secret to eternal youth - education. The 32-year-old actress is passionate about reading and learning and has mastered a number of languages, including her native Spanish, English, French...

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Cruz Wants Kids

17th August 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ has a strong maternal instinct and wants to have children when she finds the right man. The Spanish actress is newly single after ending her two-year relationship with MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, but she insists...

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Loren Tops Most Beautiful Poll

13th August 2006

SOPHIA LOREN has been hailed the world's most naturally beautiful person by an online poll, despite being 71 years old. The Italian star, who has spoken out about resisting the pressure to undergo cosmetic surgery,...

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Cruz Banned From Starring In Musician Brother's Videos

11th August 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ has been banned from starring in her musician brother's rock videos, because he doesn't want her help. Talented singer EDUARDO CRUZ has secured a lucrative record label and recently released his first album,...

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Mcconaughey Finds Love After Cruz?

8th August 2006

Hollywood heart-throb MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY has fuelled speculation he's moved on from former flame PENELOPE CRUZ by frolicking with a mystery brunette at his beach house. The SAHARA stars only split in June (06), after dating...

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Cruz Blasts Iraq War

7th August 2006

Spanish film siren PENELOPE CRUZ has blasted US President GEORGE W BUSH for his invasion of Iraq. The VANILLA SKY beauty, 32, admits her political views slant towards the left and she has no time...

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Cruz To Move To London

5th August 2006

Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ will begin househunting in London next year (07) after falling in love with the British capital. Speaking after the UK premiere of her new movie VOLVER this week (ends4AUG06), the Spanish...

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Cruz: 'I Look Like A Wild Monkey'

5th August 2006

Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ hates woman who complain about being attractive, claiming she looks like a "wild monkey" when she is out of her make-up. The 32-year-old is happy to embrace her unattractive side when...

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Cruz On Cruise's Kid

4th August 2006

Spanish star PENELOPE CRUZ has met her ex-lover TOM CRUISE's baby SURI - and she couldn't be happier for him. Cruz, 32, is still on good terms with her VANILLA SKY co-star, and has only...

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Cruz's Passion To Produce

23rd July 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ loves the work of Spanish author JAVIER MORO so much, she has bought the movie rights to his novel INDIAN PASSION and is planning to make it into a film. The VANILLA SKY...

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Loren Refuses To Go Nude

17th July 2006

LATEST: Silver screen icon SOPHIA LOREN will be sexy, but not naked, in next year's (07) Pirelli calendar. The 71-year-old actress will appear alongside PENELOPE CRUZ and NAOMI WATTS in the legendary publication, amid rumours...

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Mcconaughey: 'I Still Love Cruz'

14th July 2006

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY is proud of his break-up from Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ because they have become firm friends. The stars fell for each other while they were shooting action adventure SAHARA in 2003, but the...

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Cruz Hates La Dinners

12th July 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ wants to teach the people of Los Angeles to take a more European attitude to meal times, because she is sick of rushing down her dinner in 20 minutes. The Spanish actress is...

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Loren's Raunchy Pirelli Pose

6th July 2006

Italian screen veteran SOPHIA LOREN has sparked speculation she has posed naked for next year's (07) edition of the legendary Pirelli Calendar - at the impressive age of 71. The Oscar-winning beauty, famed for her...

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Idol Winner Tops Bachelors List

15th June 2006

AMERICAN IDOL winner TAYLOR HICKS has topped a new list of eligible celebrity bachelors in the US. The grey-haired soul man beat out JAMIE FOXX, Idol host RYAN SEACREST, actor WENTWORTH MILLER, JAKE GYLLENHAAL and...

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Cruz And Mcconaughey Split

2nd June 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ and MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY have split up after dating from over a year. The sexy couple fell for each other while co-starring in the action adventure movie SAHARA in 2005, but the pressures...

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Loach And Cruz Win At Cannes

28th May 2006

British director KEN LOACH and Spanish star PENELOPE CRUZ were among the big winners at the climax of the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera earlier today (28MAY06). The film-maker's drama THE WIND THAT...

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Cruz's Big Bottom

26th May 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ had to put on three kilograms (6.6 pounds) in weight so her bottom was big enough to play a young mother in new movie VOLVER. Director PEDRO ALMODOVAR insisted the actress fully become...

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Cruz Turns Almodovar Straight

25th May 2006

PENELOPE CRUZ is so sexy she has turned gay director PEDRO ALMODOVAR straight. The 56-year-old film-maker confesses he hasn't always preferred men and directing the actress - a fellow Spaniard - in his new movie...

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Cruz Adores Almodovar

23rd May 2006

Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ will always turn down Hollywood roles in favour of working with her compatriot PEDRO ALMODOVAR, because he is her favourite director. The VANILLA SKY beauty, who has also appeared in BLOW...

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