2015 marks of the anniversary of Charles Schulz’s comic strip ‘Peanuts’. A goofy, hilarious read back then, the characters of Charlie and Brown and Snoopy would be known the world over; the iconic pair and their motley crew traversing mediums, from comic strip to silver screen.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown in PeanutsSnoopy and Charlie Brown go in for a big hug in Peanuts

The last time Charlie and Snoop found themselves on the big stage was in 1980, in ‘Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (And Don’t Come Back!)’ which was followed three years later by a 1983 television special, ‘What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?’ in which the gang sees memorials and places related to World Wars I and II.

Check out the teaser trailer for 'Peanuts'

But this is the first time we’ll see the guys in 3D, and by the looks of the trailer, modern technology hasn’t ruined the nostalgic look of the popular pair. As far as plot goes, though, we’re not  being given much to go on. Craig Schulz – son of creator Charles - says “it’s about a round-headed kid and his dog, and that’s about as far as I’m willing to go.” Thanks, Craig. 

But for Schultz, who is working alongside Bryan Schultz (grandson of Charles), maintaining the lore of the original; staying true to his farther’s vision is paramount. “We handle it very respectfully. We knew we wanted this movie to be bigger than any kind of TV special. To do that, we had to kind of go to the boundaries of where I would ever let anyone go in the Peanuts world,” he explained. 

Charlie Brown Peanuts MovieWe're not 100% sure what's happened here

So what do we actually know about the movie, other than the fact it’ll focus on a round-headed kid and his dog? (Thanks again for that, Craig). Well, Snoop won’t talk – he’ll communicate entirely through mime, and Steve Martino, who worked on ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ and ‘Horton Hears a Who!’ will direct. 

Finally, we also know that we’ll be seeing Snoopy’s WWI biplane dreams. Director Martino says according to USA Today: “We’re going to fly with Snoopy in his fantasy world. We have a bigger canvas. Bill Melendez got Snoopy off the ground in the TV specials. We’re going to take it a step further.”

The film will be released in 2015 and also marks the 50th anniversary of TV special 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'.

Snoopy and Charlie BrownSnoop missed his mark with this one...