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8th September 2014

Goodfellas stars Ray Liotta and Paul Sorvino enjoyed a surprise reunion last week (ends05Sep14) when they both attended a New York premiere afterparty for Liotta's new film The Identical. The old pals were spotted catching...

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Henry Hill Dies Aged 69: Did Scorcese Connection Save Him?

14th June 2012

Henry Hill, the mobster portrayed in the classic Goodfellas movie, has died. This time around, life fell short of imitating art, as Hill managed to escape the gruesome end that he apparently feared his entire...

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Officials Chase Paul Sorvino For Movie Cash

7th February 2012

Pennsylvania officials are asking Goodfellas star Paul Sorvino to account for tax payers' cash he was given to fund a movie six years ago.The actor was given $500,000 (£312,500) to make The Trouble with Cali,...

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Paul Sorvino To Sing Opera At The Saban

9th November 2011

Movie star Paul Sorvino is set to show off his opera skills during a special one-off performance in Beverly Hills.The classically-trained Goodfellas star will hit the stage at the Saban Theater on Friday (11Nov11) after...

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Paul Sorvino Hit By A Car In New York

8th October 2011

Actor Paul Sorvino is nursing nasty bruises after he was hit by a car in New York on Friday (07Oct11).The Goodfellas star was hailing a taxi when another vehicle drove into him, according to his...

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Sorvino's Dog Shot At Los Angeles Home

20th January 2011

Actor PAUL SORVINO is nursing his family dog back to health after the pooch was brutally shot on the grounds of his Los Angeles home during the holiday season.The Goodfellas star's daughter, Amanda, the sister...

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Sorvino Helps Diabetic Dad

26th November 2010

Actor PAUL SORVINO has his Oscar-winning daughter MIRA to thank for keeping his diabetes under control - she helps to cook his meals.The Goodfellas star was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2006, and he...

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Jamie Foxx's Mafia Show

26th October 2010

Jamie Foxx is developing a new television drama series for NBC. The mafia drama 'Tommy's Little Girl' tells the story of an attorney turned assassin who avenges her family's death many years after they were...

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Sorvino Launching Range Of Pasta Sauce

11th January 2010

GOODFELLAS star PAUL SORVINO is cooking up a treat for food fans - the actor is launching his own line of pasta sauces using an old family recipe.The 70 year old came up with the...

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Sorvino Denies Squandering Movie Investors' Money

18th February 2008

Veteran actor PAUL SORVINO is fighting to reassure investors of his upcoming directorial debut THE TROUBLE WITH CALI that he hasn't squandered their money. The Goodfellas star raised $500,000 (GBP250,000) of his independent film's budget...

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Sorvino Impressed With Dad As A Director

29th October 2007

MIRA SORVINO is desperate to work with her dad PAUL SORVINO after performing a cameo in his latest film THE TROUBLE WITH CALI. The Oscar winner's sister, Amanda, wrote the screenplay for the film, which...

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Sorvino Pulls Gun On Daughter's Ex Boyfriend

17th January 2007

GOODFELLAS star PAUL SORVINO pulled a gun on his daughter's ex-boyfriend after he made threats on her life. The heavyweight actor's daughter AMANDA - sister of actress MIRA - was granted a protection-from-abuse order against...

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Fascinating Fact 2603

14th December 2006

Tough-guy actor PAUL SORVINO put his sculpting skills to the test recently when he created a statue for a hospital's new cardiac facility in Boca Raton, Florida....

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Sorvino Sworn In As A Cop

30th December 2005

Oscar winner MIRA SORVINO has an arresting new job as an honorary deputy sheriff in Pennsylvania. The MIGHTY APHRODITE star was sworn in by Lackawanna County Sheriff JOHN SZYMANSKI on Tuesday (27DEC05). The...

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Goodfellas Cast Reunites

18th August 2004

Cast and filmmakers of GOODFELLAS have reunited for an Italian meal 15 years after they shot MARTIN SCORSESE's classic gangster movie. WARNER HOME VIDEO arranged Monday's (16AUG04) dinner party at Matteo's restaurant, Los Angeles,...

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Sorvino Strikes Back

6th May 2003

GOODFELLAS star PAUL SORVINO is making sure he has the last word in his daughter AMANDA's noise nuisance battle - by blasting her neighbours on his website. The actor threatened to file a harassment...

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