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Hogan Challenges Aussie Tax Officials

7th July 2008

LATEST: Defiant movie star PAUL HOGAN has challenged Australian authorities to track him down in the U.S. after reports in his homeland suggested the CROCODILE DUNDEE actor owes millions in taxes. Hogan claims the Aussie...

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Hogan Probed By Tax Authorities

4th July 2008

CROCODILE DUNDEE star PAUL HOGAN is being investigated by authorities in his native Australia over alleged tax liabilities. The American Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been drafted in to help Aussie officials probe the actor...

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Hogan Embroiled In Tax Evasion Investigation

26th July 2006

CROCODILE DUNDEE actor PAUL HOGAN is being investigated by Australian authorities for possible tax evasion. Hogan, whose film and television appearances were credited with tripling the number of American visitors heading Down Under in the...

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Hogan Questioned Over Tax Avoidance

4th September 2005

Australian actor PAUL HOGAN is being questioned by the Australian Crime Commission over allegations he is involved in a multi-million tax avoidance scheme. The 65-year-old co-wrote and produced CROCODILE DUNDEE and its two sequels...

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Lapaglia Disguised His Australian Accent To Win Roles

29th June 2005

US TV star ANTHONY LaPAGLIA disguised his Australian accent into a Brooklyn, New York tongue because he was fed up with Antipodean stereotypes. When the WITHOUT A TRACE actor first moved to America in...

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Chase Considers Another Vacation - Down Under

28th May 2005

CHEVY CHASE is set to head to Australia to team up with CROCODILE DUNDEE on another NATIONAL LAMPOON vacation. Chase is in negotiations to reprise the role of CLARK GRISWALD one more time in...

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Crocodile Dundee Knife To Be Auctioned

31st March 2005

The knife wielded by PAUL HOGAN in CROCODILE DUNDEE is up for auction at $7,600 (GBP4,000) to $15,200 (GBP8,000) in June (05). The movie memorabilia featured prominently in the smash 1986 movie and is...

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Strikers Halt Hogan's Film

18th July 2003

CROCODILE DUNDEE star PAUL HOGAN's new movie STRANGE BEDFELLOWS has become the latest casualty of the world's actors strikes. After filming of an untitled JACK NICHOLSON movie came to a halt in Paris, France,...

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Hogan Humbles George Harrison

28th May 2003

Late BEATLES star SIR GEORGE HARRISON was a humble man - he was once too nervous to approach CROCODILE DUNDEE star PAUL HOGAN. The MY SWEET LORD star, who owned film production company HANDMADE...

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'Crocodile Dundee' In New Gay Role

14th May 2003

CROCODILE DUNDEE star PAUL HOGAN is to abandon his tough-guy image to play a straight man who pretends to be gay - in new Australian comedy STRANGE BEDFELLOWS. Hogan and fellow Aussie MICHAEL CATON...

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