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Real Life Pirates Of The Caribbean In Tom Hanks Starring 'Captain Phillips' [Trailer]

By Contributor | 13th May 2013

He was held hostage by Somali pirates four years, in what was one of the most highest profile incidents of piracy in centuries, so it's natural that of course Hollywood have gone and made a...

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Ang Lee To Direct Angelina Jolie In Cleopatra?

10th January 2013

Ang Lee wants to direct Angelina Jolie in 'Cleopatra'.The 'Life of Pi' director has revealed he could be signing on to helm the biopic starring the Hollywood A-lister, as it ''feels right'' and is different...

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Matt Damon: 'Door Is Still Open For More Bourne'

16th December 2012

Matt Damon has given fans of the Bourne films hope he will return to the franchise after revealing he plans to sit down with director pal Paul Greengrass and plot his most famous character's future.The...

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Matt Damon Wants To Reprise Bourne Role

11th December 2012

Matt Damon wants to reboot the 'Bourne' franchise.The 'Promised Land' actor admits he has approached screenwriter Jonah Nolan to brainstorm ideas for a new storyline helmed by original director Paul Greengrass which would enable his...

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George Clooney To Star In Paul Greengrass' New Thriller

29th November 2012

Paul Greengrass will direct George Clooney in a new crime thriller.The 'Bourne Ultimatum' director has signed up to helm and produce a currently untitled film by screenwriter Chris Terrio and George, with help from fellow...

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Matt Damon Won't Reprise Bourne Role

11th October 2012

Matt Damon has ruled himself out of playing Jason Bourne again.The 'Bourne Ultimatum' actor starred as the secret agent for three chapters of the blockbuster franchise, but claims he doesn't want to reprise his role...

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Ang Lee To Replace Fincher As Cleopatra Director?

24th August 2012

Ang Lee is favourite to replace David Fincher as director of 'Cleopatra'. Sony are hoping to attract the 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' helmer to direct the movie - which will see Angelina Jolie play the...

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Jeremy Renner: I Didn't Want To Replace Matt Damon In 'Legacy'

10th August 2012

Jeremy Renner has revealed that he would have instantly turned down the lead role in 'The Bourne Legacy' had the part been Matt Damon's Jason Bourne. Renner plays new secret agent Aaron Cross in the...

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The Bourne Legacy Missing One Key Ingredient: Matt Damon

9th August 2012

The Bourne Legacy - the latest movie in the spy-thriller franchise - has received a lukewarm reaction from critics ahead of its release on Friday (August 10, 2012). Though the Oscar nominated actor Jeremy Renner...

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Can Jeremy Renner Better Matt Damon In 'The Bourne Legacy'

7th August 2012

Eyebrows were raised when Universal Pictures announced it would be continuing the 'Bourne' franchise without its lead star Matt Damon. However, director Tony Gilroy is hoping to prove the doubters wrong with Hollywood star Jeremy...

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Jeremy Renner Got 'Bourne' Script From Mysterious Midnight Caller

6th August 2012

Jeremy Renner has been speaking about the secretive spy-like manner in which he received his script for The Bourne Legacy. The multi Oscar-nominated 41-year-old - who also starred in The Avengers - plays secret agent...

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Jimi Hendrix Movie In Doubt After Estate Refuses Use Of Songs

11th May 2012

The planned Jimi Hendrix biopic, starring Andre 3000 as the legendary guitarist, has hit an obstacle in the form of the musician's estate. Experience Hendrix Llc says it will not grant 'All Is By My...

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Jeremy Renner Wants Bourne Film With Matt Damon

10th December 2011

Jeremy Renner wants to do a Bourne film starring both him and Matt Damon. The actor-and-musician has replaced Matt as the hero in the fourth instalment of the spy thriller franchise - although he is...

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Jeremy Renner Reveals Bourne Details

22nd November 2011

Jeremy Renner has promised the new 'Bourne' film will be "vastly" different to others in the franchise.The actor has taken on the lead role in 'The Bourne Legacy' following the departure of Matt Damon from...

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Matt Damon To Direct First Film

20th October 2011

Matt Damon is to make his directorial movie debut.The actor has teamed up with John Krasinski to write the script for the as-yet-untitled drama, which they will both also star in.The movie tells the story...

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Matt Damon Wants More Bourne

17th October 2011

Matt Damon wants to make another Bourne movie.The actor turned down the chance to star as Jason Bourne in a fourth movie when director Paul Greengrass left the franchise, and despite the series being rebooted...

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Scott Glenn Signs Up For Bourne Legacy

12th August 2011

Scott Glenn has signed on for 'The Bourne Legacy'.The 'Sucker Punch' actor has agreed to reprise his role as CIA director Ezra Kramer in the forthcoming spin-off of the action franchise, which will star Jeremy...

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Ed Norton For Bourne Legacy Bad Guy Role?

13th July 2011

Ed Norton is being lined up to play the villain in 'The Bourne Legacy'. The 'Incredible Hulk' actor has entered negotiations for a role in the spinoff - which will follow on from the first...

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Ron Howard To Direct Formula 1 Movie 'Rush'

22nd June 2011

Ron Howard, the acclaimed American filmmaker, is reportedly set to direct the Formula 1 movie 'Rush'. Ron Howard will get behind the camera for the project which tells of the 1970's rivalry between the late...

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Paul Greengrass To Join A Captain's Duty?

3rd June 2011

Paul Greengrass is in talks to direct pirate movie 'A Captain's Duty'. The 'Green Zone' filmmaker would work with Tom Hanks on the real-life project about merchant-vessel sailor Richard Phillips, who was taken hostage by...

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Jeremy Renner Offered 'The Bourne Legacy' Role

26th April 2011

Jeremy Renner has reportedly been offered the main role in 'The Bourne Legacy'.Many actors including Dominic Cooper and Shia LaBeouf have been linked to the film but now the 'Hurt Locker' star has formally been...

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Greengrass Searching For New Investor For King Biopic

4th April 2011

Director Paul Greengrass has been dealt a blow as he battles to bring his Martin Luther King, JR. biopic to the big screen after Universal studio bosses pulled out of the project.The Bourne Supremacy filmmaker...

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Dominic Cooper For The Bourne Legacy?

26th March 2011

Dominic Cooper is being considered for 'The Bourne Legacy'.The 'Mamma Mia' actor is being lined up by director Tony Gilroy alongside a host of other high-profile stars to screen test for the film, which will...

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Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In The Bourne Legacy?

25th February 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal is being considered for the 'The Bourne Legacy'.The 'Love & Other Drugs' actor is being lined-up by director Tony Gilroy alongside a host of other high-profile stars for the film, which will see...

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Martin Luther King Day Gets Underway With Tribute From Obama

17th January 2011

MARTIN LUTHER KING, the American clergyman, activist and leader of the African American civil rights movement who was assassinated in 1968, is being remembered across the United States today (17th January 2011) as the nation...

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Martin Luther King Movie To Be Directed By Paul Greengrass?

13th January 2011

Martin Luther King is to be the subject of a new movie by Paul Greengrass. The 'Green Zone' director - who was recently rumoured to be hot a possibility for the head role in the...

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Matt Damon Didn't Know About Bourne 4

7th January 2011

Matt Damon has threatened to make his own 'Bourne' movie.The 40-year-old actor - who has played action hero Jason Bourne in the first three films in the franchise - was incensed not to be told...

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Paul Greengrass To Direct Angelina Jolie In Cleopatra?

5th January 2011

Paul Greengrass is in line to direct Angelina Jolie in 'Cleopatra'. The 'Green Zone' filmmaker is reported to be "pretty close" to signing a deal with Sony Pictures 3D, producer Scott Rudin has told

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Matt Damon's Standing Naps

12th June 2010

Matt Damon can sleep standing up.The 'Invictus' actor - who raises three children with wife Luciana Bozan Barraso - was reportedly seen enjoying a quick nap on his feet backstage at a recent Save the...

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'Bourne 4' To Be A Sequel?

11th June 2010

The next 'Bourne' movie will be a sequel. The action movie series - which starred Matt Damon as troubled character Jason Bourne - will be returning with a fourth movie, and new reports claim it...

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