Hi-de-Hi! actor Paul Shane, who played a key role during the perceived "golden age" of British television, has died at a hospice in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, aged 72. David Webb, who played identical twin Stanley Mathews in the 1980s sitcom filmed in Essex, said Shane was "totally professional and fun," adding, "Paul was a very talented man and we had lots of laughs."

Paul Shane Showing Off His Singing Talents

Shane, who died after a short illness, made his name playing entertainer Ted Bovis in Hi-de-Hi!, the long running TV series set in a holiday camp. David Webb, who now works as an independent filmmaker, said his co-star and friend was "great fun" to work with, adding, "He was a coal miner but had an accident when he was 25, which meant he couldn't go down the pits any more.He became a comedian and then got a part on Coronation Street, where he was spotted by Jimmy [Perry]."

Hi-de-Hi! one of the best-loved British sitcoms, was filmed at a real holiday camp run by Warners in the town of Dovercourt, near Harwich. The cast and crew were famous for staying at the local Cliff Hotel, according to the BBC, and often returned there for reunions and charity functions. The show eventually ended in 1988, after which the holiday camp site was demolished and replaced by a housing estate. 

Paul Shane is survived by his three daughters and six grandchildren.