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Celebrities' Parents Give Fitness Tips

11th October 2005

The parents of QUENTIN TARANTINO, AL PACINO and CINDY CRAWFORD are among a host of individuals who have teamed up to give fitness tips on a new series of videos. Led by former HART...

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The Things They Say 150

5th September 2005

"There are times you're hot and times you're not and times you're hot again." PATRICK SWAYZE on the highs and lows in his career....

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Swayze Plans Endangered Species Reality Tv Series

29th August 2005

DIRTY DANCING star PATRICK SWAYZE is planning a new conservation reality TV series that tracks the globe's endangered animals. The actor, who has turned his New Mexico ranch into a nature preserve and timber...

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Dillon Happy His Fame Not On Cruise Level

26th August 2005

MATT DILLON is relieved his fame never reached the superstardom levels of his THE OUTSIDERS co-star TOM CRUISE. The brooding actor, 41, was more famous than Cruise when they were both cast in the...

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Swayze Offers O'hurley Dance Lessons For Tv Showdown

26th August 2005

DIRTY DANCING star PATRICK SWAYZE is hoping to give JOHN O'HURLEY an unfair advantage as the SEINFELD star prepares for a DANCING WITH THE STARS ballroom rematch next month (SEP05) - by training him....

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Schaech Slated To Land Roadhouse Revisit

14th July 2005

THAT THING YOU DO star JONATHAN SCHAECH is in negotiations to star in a long-awaited sequel to PATRICK SWAYZE's cult movie ROADHOUSE. The actor, who is married to CHRISTINA APPLEGATE, is slated to play...

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Swayze Hates His Knees

26th June 2005

GHOST star PATRICK SWAYZE is so ashamed of his knees, he has hired a body double for his new film. The 52-year-old Hollywood actor, who smashed his legs in a horse-riding accident eight years...

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Coppola To Release Extended Cut Of The Outsiders

15th June 2005

Acclaimed film-maker FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA is set to re-release his movie THE OUTSIDERS - 22 years after its debut. The director has recut the 1983 film, adding 22 minutes in an effort to be...

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Swayze Tried To Save Farley

27th May 2005

DIRTY DANCING star PATRICK SWAYZE desperately tried to save tragic funnyman CHRIS FARLEY's life the night before the heavyweight star accidentally overdosed. Swayze and Farley became unlikely friends when they teamed up for a...

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Diaz And Swayze Honour Photographers

16th March 2005

CAMERON DIAZ and PATRICK SWAYZE will take part in a special tribute to photographers MARIO TESTINO and the late HERB RITTS on Saturday (19MAR05). The two will be honoured at Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive...

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Kutcher Recreates Dirty Dancing Moment On Tv

15th March 2005

Hollywood actor ASHTON KUTCHER got the chance to live out his dream this morning (15MAR05), when he performed a dance move from PATRICK SWAYZE's classic movie DIRTY DANCING on TV. Kutcher, who admits the...

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Dicaprio's Titanic Line Wins Cringe-making Title

6th December 2004

Actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's legendary "I'm the king of the world" yell in TITANIC has acquired the unfortunate title of the most cringe-making line in movie history. With arms outstretched on the prow of the...

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George And The Dragon Movie In Money Trouble

5th July 2004

The long-awaited GEORGE AND THE DRAGON movie starring PATRICK SWAYZE is still awaiting distribution - two years after being completed. TOM REEVE's medieval tale of the legendary British knight SIR GEORGE, who fights a...

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Swayze's Elephant Love

15th June 2004

Hollywood actor PATRICK SWAYZE has fallen in love - with an elephant. The DIRTY DANCING star was shooting new TV movie KING SOLOMON'S MINES in South Africa when he fell for his elephant co-star...

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Swayze's No Fan Of Cool Dillon

15th June 2004

MATT DILLON failed to impress his co-star PATRICK SWAYZE on the set of THE OUTSIDERS - because he was "too cool". Swayze lived with Dillon and co-stars TOM CRUISE, ROB LOWE and EMILIO ESTEVEZ...

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Swayze's Dirty Dancing Come-back

8th June 2004

Veteran actor PATRICK SWAYZE begged his wife to write the script for a new DIRTY DANCING film a decade after he rejected more than $6 million (GBP3.3 million) to make a sequel of the hit...

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Swayze's Career Ended By Alcohol Addiction

8th June 2004

Hollywood legend PATRICK SWAYZE fiercely avoided blockbuster movies after his fame and fortune led to a traumatic alcohol addiction. The POINT BREAK star was driven to drink after the devastating effects of his father...

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Murray Gets Jacksonville Festival Award

17th May 2004

LOST IN TRANSLATION star BILL MURRAY has received a lifetime achievement award at Florida's JACKSONVILLE FILM FESTIVAL. Murray, 53, picked up his award on Saturday night (15MAY04), and immediately kissed his statuette - a...

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Diego Luna Slams Hollywood For Casting Debacle

9th April 2004

DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS star DIEGO LUNA is amazed he and ROMOLA GARAI were cast as the movie's leads - because Mexicans and the English make terrible dancers. The pair take to the floor...

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Swayze And Goldberg Reunite

1st March 2004

PATRICK SWAYZE was elated to appear on WHOOPI GOLDBERG's sitcom last night (24FEB04) - because it gave him a chance to be onscreen with the comedienne for the first time in 14 years. The...

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Breakfast At Tiffany's Voted Best Kiss

11th February 2004

AUDREY HEPBURN's passionate smooch with GEORGE PEPPARD in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S has been voted the best screen kiss ever. The 1961 classic beat out competition from kisses in more recent movies including SPIDER-MAN and...

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Swayze's Dirty Biking Sex

21st January 2004

DIRTY DANCING daredevil PATRICK SWAYZE has found a new way of spicing up his sex life - dirty biking! The movie star and his dancer wife of 18 years, LISA NIEMI, often make love...

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Swayze Takes Charge Of New Musicals

5th January 2004

PATRICK SWAYZE offered to appear in the new DIRTY DANCING sequel for free, if movie studios MIRAMAX let him make a series of new musical movies for them. The movie-makers behind smash hit CHICAGO...

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Swayze Blows Chicago Secret

12th December 2003

DIRTY DANCING hunk PATRICK SWAYZE has miserably failed to keep his upcoming run in the stage version of CHICAGO a secret. The 51-year-old star has secured the part of BILLY FLYNN, made famous by...

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Swayze Set For Chicago

21st November 2003

DIRTY DANCING star PATRICK SWAYZE is set to strut his stuff in CHICAGO when the touring stage musical hits California. The actor will play BILLY FLYNN, the role immortalised by RICHARD GERE in the...

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Steamy Stone Lands Sexy List Top Spot

19th November 2003

The scene in which SHARON STONE opens her legs to reveal she isn't wearing underwear in erotic thriller BASIC INSTINCT has been crowned the sexiest screen moment ever. The infamous episode in the 1992...

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Out Of Sight Couple Top Poll

5th October 2003

Latina beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ and rugged OUT OF SIGHT co-star GEORGE CLOONEY have been voted the hottest Hollywood on-screen couple by movie fans. The poll by TV channel E! saw J.Lo and George...

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Swayze Takes On Quatermain

15th July 2003

DIRTY DANCING star PATRICK SWAYZE is to take on SEAN CONNERY's latest movie character in a remake of classic adventure story KING SOLOMON'S MINES. Swayze will follow Connery, STEWART GRANGER, RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN and CEDRIC...

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Microsoft Inc Clear Out Murder Inc

3rd April 2003

Workers at rap label MURDER INC were ousted from their New York offices - following complaints from MICROSOFT INC employees. Last week (ends28MAR03), label boss IRV GOTTI and his employees packed up and moved...

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