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Stars Unite To Celebrate 60th Anniversary Of The Mousetrap

16th November 2012

Sir Patrick Stewart, Hugh Bonneville and Julie Walters are taking part in a star-studded gala performance to mark the 60th anniversary of Agatha Christie's celebrated play The Mousetrap.The actors will take to the stage for...

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Christopher Reeves' Superman Is The Greatest Sci-fi Star

By Joe Wilde | 9th November 2012

A recent poll put together to celebrate the release of the board game Stratego Sci-Fi has found that the late Christopher Reeves as the Man of Steel is the public's favourite sci-fi star to grace...

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Kenneth Branagh? That's Sir Kenneth Branagh To You!

By Michael West | 9th November 2012

Kenneth Branagh has received his knighthood from the Queen at Buckingham Palace for services to drama and the community of Northern Ireland. The Oscar-nominated actor, director and screenwriter, is best known for his Shakespearean works...

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William Shatner Joins Star Trek Reunion In London

30th October 2012

William Shatner thrilled fans at the Destination London Star Trek Convention on Friday (19.10.12).The iconic 'Star Trek' actor - who played Captain James T. Kirk in the original television series from 1966 - reunited with...

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Patrick Stewart To Reprise Professor X Role

27th September 2012

Sir Patrick Stewart is to reprise his role as Professor X in the 'X-Men' film franchise. The 72-year-old actor - who has portrayed the character in five 'X-Men' movies - revealed he will be playing...

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Patrick Stewart To Reprise Professor X Role

27th September 2012

Sir Patrick Stewart is to reprise his role as Professor X in the 'X-Men' film franchise. The 72-year-old actor - who has portrayed the character in five 'X-Men' movies - revealed he will be playing...

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Ryan Lochte Makes 'Funny Or Die' Debut

10th August 2012

Team US Gold medallist Ryan Lochte has proved that he is a big fan of toilet humor in his debut sketch for 'Funny or Die', during which he reveals he can only urinate whilst he...

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Sex And The City's Cynthia Nixon Marries In New York City

28th May 2012

Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon, 46, has married her girlfriend Christine Marinoni, 45, in New York, People magazine revealed today (May 28, 2012). The couple got engaged three years ago, at a rally...

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Patrick Stewart Says He's Living In A 'War Zone'

13th April 2012

Sir Patrick Stewart says living in the English countryside is like being in a ''war zone''.The 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' actor resides in a £2.2 million mansion in the Cotswolds area of Oxfordshire with...

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Jim Sturgess Set For Maleficent

28th March 2012

Jim Sturgess wants to appear in 'Maleficent'.The 'One Day' actor is reportedly keen to take on the role of Diaval - a love interest for the titular villainous fairy, who will be played by Angelina...

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Fascinating Fact 13100

21st March 2012

Actor Patrick Stewart has been announced as the host of the 2012 Peabody Awards, which recognise advances in digital media. The prizegiving will take place on 21 May (12) at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New...

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Glee Romance Watch: Lea Michele Dating Cory Monteith?

22nd February 2012

Glee stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were pictured together on Valentine's Day, sparking rumors that they are a couple. Lea and Corey play the on-screen couple Rachel and Finn on the show and now...

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Hugh Jackman To Guest Host Wwe Raw

6th September 2011

Hugh Jackman is to host WWE's Raw SuperShow on September 19th in Cleveland, Ohio.The X-Men actor will be hosting the event and said "In two weeks, I'll be climbing into the ring on Raw to...

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Patrick Stewart Treated To Birthday Sing-a-long At Comic-con Debut

24th July 2011

Star Trek legend Patrick Stewart was given a Comic-Con welcome to remember on Saturday (23Jul11) as thousands of fans joined in a special sing-a-long to wish him a belated Happy Birthday.The veteran British actor made...

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Petition Calls For Overturning Iranian Director's Sentence

9th June 2011

Amnesty International on Wednesday headed a delegation to the Iran Mission to the United Nations that delivered a petition signed by more than 20,000 people calling for the reversal of the sentence meted out to...

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Professor X Is A 'Sex Pest' In First Class Says Mcavoy

3rd June 2011

PROFESSOR X, the classic comic book character, is a "sex pest" in 'X-Men: First Class', according to the actor who plays him, James Mcavoy. PROFESSOR X, known as the leader and founder of the 'X-Men',...

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James Mcavoy's Long-standing X-men Love

31st May 2011

James McAvoy was "really aware" of 'X-Men' as a child.The Scottish actor - who appears in the prequel of the movie franchise 'X-Men: First Class' alongside Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Holt - used...

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Patrick Stewart Wants Right To Die

18th April 2011

Sir Patrick Stewart believes people should be allowed the right to end their own lives.The 'Star Trek' star has spoke out about his support of euthanasia -the practice of ending a life to relieve pain...

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James Mcavoy Driven Mad By X-men

3rd April 2011

James McAvoy thought he was going "mad" on the set of 'X-Men: First Class'. The Scottish actor portrays a younger version of Sir Patrick Stewart in the forthcoming prequel, but confesses he had to remind...

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James Mcavoy Pushing Professor X

1st April 2011

James McAvoy wants to "push" the character of Professor X in 'X-Men: First Class'.The Scottish actor portrays the younger version of the role made famous by Sir Patrick Stewart in the previous 'X-Men' movies in...

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James Mcavoy's Different Take On Professor X

11th February 2011

James McAvoy tried to play Professor X as differently as possible from Patrick Stewart's portrayal in the original three movies. The 31-year-old actor - who is playing a younger version of the 'X Men' character...

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Neve Campbell Files For Divorce From Husband John Light

1st December 2010

NEVE CAMPBELL, the 37-year-old Canadian actress most famous for her role in the horror movie 'Scream 4', has filed for divorce from her husband JOHN LIGHT just five years after the couple were married, reports...

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Patrick Stewart: Fifth Star Trek Movie Planned

13th October 2010

Sir Patrick Stewart has revealed a fifth 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' movie was planned. The British star - who appeared as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in seven television series and four movies of the franchise...

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James Mcavoy Talks Professor X

22nd September 2010

James McAvoy plans to "bury" Sir Patrick Stewart's performance of Professor X.The Scottish actor - who will portray a younger version of the bald-headed professor in the upcoming movie 'X-Men: First Class' - jokes he...

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Kevin Bacon Set To Sizzle In X-men

12th July 2010

Kevin Bacon is being lined-up for a role in 'X-Men: First Class'. The 'Footloose' star is reportedly in negotiations with studio Twentieth Century Fox to play the chief villain in the forthcoming prequel, though no...

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Michael Caine: 'Batman 3 Films In April'

9th July 2010

Sir Michael Caine has confirmed 'Batman 3' will begin filming in 2011. The British actor - who has played butler Alfred in the last two Batman instalments of the superhero franchise - revealed plans for...

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Patrick Stewart's X-men Worry

22nd June 2010

Sir Patrick Stewart resisted playing Professor X in the 'X-Men' movie series. The 69-year-old actor admits playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' TV series and four feature films left him feeling...

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Mcavoy Joins The X-men

28th May 2010

JAMES MCAVOY has joined the X-MEN - he will step into PATRICK STEWART's role of CHARLES XAVIER in the upcoming prequel.The Scottish actor will play a younger version of Stewart's character, also known as Professor...

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James Mcavoy Lands X-men Role

28th May 2010

James McAvoy has landed a role in 'X-Men: First Class'.The 'Atonement' actor will reportedly play Professor Charles Xavier - who was portrayed in 'X-Men: The Last Stand' by veteran star Patrick Stewart - in the...

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