Parov Stelar is ''honoured'' to have been allowed to rework Marvin Gay's 'Got To Give It Up'.

The Austrian DJ has recreated the 1977 soul-disco classic as 'Keep On Dancing' - retaining Marvin's original vocals - and says he's glad he managed to persuade the late star's estate to let him lose on it.

He said: ''It was a long discussion but they got it, they understood it, and eventually they thought it was great. That was such an honour - Motown's history is holy work and Marvin Gaye is a God.

''There are so many rubbish electro-swing tracks out there which just take an old song and add a basic four-to-the-floor beat.

''I hope the quality will increase - electro-swing always stays a little bit underground which I hope can protect such a young genre.''

Parov - real name Marcus Füreder - is releasing his latest album, 'The Art of Sampling', this autumn, and says he's constantly trying to move forward and reinvent himself with each release.

He added: ''I try not to live in the past. I will always love the swing thing but celebrating the old days is not my way.

''I came from minimal techno and I love the French Daft Punk style. I want to sample and mix it up - soul, pop, hip hop, even rock, mix everything together, it doesn't matter which time period the sample is at. This is our purpose.''

Parov will be playing a full live show with the Parov Stelar band, fronted by collaborator Cleo Panther, at London's Heaven venue on October 1. Tickets are available from