Paris Jackson wanted to rebel against grandma's strict rules? - Comments and Message Board

who fucking care if she was under some stress stupid spoilt brat!. She lives with Katherine so she should obey her and follow her rules, if she doesn't want she can always move out and start supporting herself. I am so sick of her and her imaginary problems. Michael gave them too much freedom, they need some discipline .

Posted 1 year 10 months ago by reniatko

reniatko's picture list they said the name of one this garbage throw to us.Well if it was grand maa's problem than court willingly gave her guardianship again.We know & learn from MJ also talk to ONE O ONE.Than we know what actually Tito's daughter Tanay said.Before that U SUN cook another dog food for slap Again by us.

Posted 1 year 11 months ago by rosemary moly gomes

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Here we go again with the ONE Jackson that the otherJackson doesn't like or respect yet she is the one who is talking to the trashy junk newspaper "The Sun" about the family's business or at least her version of it. This girl wanted so badly to be a part of that family and the only one that accepted her was Tito. Mark Lester is on a one man rampage of supplying the other trashy magazine "The Mirror" with his version of what Paris wants(and he says him of course) and is all about! I guess Fox News isn't available. Isn't it amazing how only trashy magazines have a B-line to the hospital room where Paris is and can tell us all what Paris wants and needs. Maybe we should ask Tanay when was the last time she (if ever) talked to Paris or even Grandma Katherine! This wannabe a famous Jackson member is cruising for a bruising!!

Posted 1 year 11 months ago by YANNI54

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