Paris Jackson's Suicide Attempt Stems Back To When Her Grandmother 'Went Missing'

In the fallout of Paris Jackson's attempted suicide, it has been revealed that the daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe has been contemplating taking her life on-and-off for some time now, and has been spiralling into depression for about a year now. The 15-year-old has apparently been exhibiting signs of being in 'meltdown' at school and at home, caused largely to the trauma of her father's passing.

According to a report from TMZ, Paris has been stuck in the worst of ruts for some time, with the website gaining statements from those who know her from Buckley School, the provate academy in the San Fernando Valley that Paris attends. It seems the stresses relate back to the time her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, mysteriously 'disappeared' in July last year, only to show up at a spa resort with other members of the Jackson family, resulting in a custody battle between Michael's three children that landed them in the joint care of Katherine and Michael's nephew T.J. Jackson.

Those speaking with TMZ revealed that when Paris returned to school in September following the traumatic event, which prompted the teenager to comment on her Twitter asking anyone for help in finding her grandparent, she had seemingly "stopped caring" and her grades began to drop considerably. Another report from the school states that Paris, a budding actress, was offered a role in a movie but her advances were blocked by a determined effort from the Jackson family; something that would also have a major affect on her behaviour.

There have also been reports that Paris was bullied at school, however these have been adamantly turned down by the school, who claim Paris was only making the claims for attention. Either way it comes close to determining why Paris would attempt to take her life in the first place, having potentially lost two major family figures in such a short period of time.

Paris was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital earlier this week from the family home Calabasas after reportedly cutting her wrists and downing some pills following a call to a suicide hotline. The operator for the hotline made the call to emergency services in fear that she may follow through with her threats, which she did.

Paris Jackson Instagram2
Paris has had a traumatic few years

Paris, Prince, Blankey
Paris, Prince and Blanket all had sheltered upbringings


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Stupid brat looking for more attentions. This girl is a trouble and will be in the future to The Jackson Family, Someone should her kick her butt, I believe Joe Jackson would be good to cared for these kids. They don't have any discipline in the household.She should concentrate more on her school instead twitting stupid things and making video how to put make up on. Who cares. I have seen her video and she is weird.

1 year 3 months ago
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This is why Michael kept his kids away from his family....because they don't need to be wrapped up in their drama. That was the dumbest stunt to date! Please get these kids into therapy so they can work through their grief!

1 year 3 months ago
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rockin robin's picture

rockin robin

I hope that Paris can find her way through this hard time in her life. I'm sure losing her dad like she did and all the crap that they still write about him is heartbreaking for her. Being 15 is hard enough, but adding on everything else makes it that much harder. Take care Paris, so many MJ fans, like me, wish you all the best!!

1 year 3 months ago
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