Paris Jackson's 'teenage angst' - Comments and Message Board

of course she is estrange mother. Michael never wanted the kids to have contact with this "whale person." , what has she done to herself?, she look disguasting .Michael once said she was unstable. and didn't want her around this kids.The comment beloved me is s...o stupid

Posted 2 years 1 month ago by reniatko

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"her estranged mother Debbie Rowe" How mean u all are.She is not estrange mother,u all are nonsense & money hunger people.In all religion, give a special place for MOTHER.& u people all time keep u r finger to her as she give birth to MICHAEL'S CHILDERNS????????????? U DON'T HAVE ANY WRIGHT TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR RELATION BETWEEN MICHAEL & DEBBIE OR BETWEEN PARIS & HER MOTHER. What kind of word this are "Biological mother",estrange mother & so on????????????????Now I have a question for u the name giving persons- How many mother u have just like this kind of pronoun??????????????

Posted 2 years 1 month ago by rosemary moly gomes

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