Mark Lester - Paris Jackson is 'doing OK'

Paris Jackon's godfather Mark Lester has revealed she's ''doing OK''.

The British actor claims he has spoken to a member of the Jackson family and they've assured him the 15 year old - the daughter of the late Michael Jackson - is on the road to recovery following her attempted suicide earlier this month.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Lorraine', Mark said: ''I had some phone contact last week with a close member of the family ... I understand that things, although are not great with Paris, they're not too bad and she's being looked after ... she's doing OK, she'll be alright, she'll be fine.''

The 54-year-old former child star believes the troubled teen - who overdosed on over-the-counter pills and slit her wrists - didn't intend to kill herself and the whole incident was just a cry for help.

He explained: ''It's a serious incident obviously, but I hope it's not something that she really did mean to do, and from my understanding it wasn't a serious, serious attempt, but obviously it was a cry for help, and then we must respect that and try and do the best we can.''

Mark - who claims he could be Paris and her elder brother Prince's biological father, as he donated sperm to the late 'Thriller' star - insists he's having trouble getting in touch with the youngster because every source of contact has been cut off, but is certain things will be back on track within the next few months.

He explained: ''In light of what's happened with Paris it's going to be even more difficult, because social media's closed down and phone lines have been closed ... yeah OK, they're looking after her, I'm sure, in the best way they can, but eventually, maybe, in a couple of months time, when things start to get better for her, then lines of communication will open up again.''

Paris also has a younger brother, Blanket, 11, and since Michael's death in June 2009, the three children have been cared for by their grandmother Katherine Jackson, 83, who is their legal guardian.

Today (25.06.13) is the fourth anniversary of the King of Pop's death.


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rosemary moly gomes's picture

rosemary moly gomes

Dog only can bark or bite....keep going with your rubbish u rusk ell.We know how she is doing.U r nothing & we not gonna be eat your dog food.Go to hall with your kids DEVIL.

1 year 1 month ago
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m.j. lover and believer 4 life's picture

m.j. lover and ...

Get a job Mark Lester, You don't know how she's doing I bet she don't even know you, does she? maybe you met her when she was little but she don't know who you are does she? P.S.Prince or Paris looks nothing like your ugly daughter's or son

1 year 1 month ago
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reniatko's picture


fuck off from The Jackson Family loser and pseudo an actor. Nobody wants your help, what a shmack he is. Still lookig for an attentions and some fame. This loser had played only one role in his bloody life and he is calling himself an actor!!!What a fucking joke he is.He is pathetic, cant stand him!!. GET A LIFE AND STOP SHOWING YOUR UGLY FACE.PP ARE SICK OF YOUR STUPID STORIES AND STOP CALLING YOURSELF A FRIEND OF MICHAEL. Michael didn't see this fucker for so many years and stop having contact with him.

1 year 1 month ago
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YANNI54's picture


I hope and pray for Paris everyday, especially when it comes to those people outside her immediate family! The Mark Lester's, Wade Robson's, Dr.'s Klein and Murray, Liberace' ex, and even Debbie Rowe's wants and petty issues has only proven how detrimental their BS has become on MJ's children, etc. This child was OK until she was able to understand the length people would go through, to demean her father and hurt him even in death! All of these "adults"(?) who either want publicity like Liberace's ex or Wade or the ones whom are even after 4 years are still after his money from his Estate! This family has had to endure more dirty tricks than I've ever seen before and Ms. Katherine had to sit in that courtroom and look in the face of that man who administered the fatal blow to HER child and he gets a total of 4 years in jail and will only spend 2 years because of overcrowding?? She didn't get justice from that trial and I don't blame her for seeing who else would have benefited from her sick child's 50 performance's and hold them responsible for "THEIR PART" IN HIS DEATH! Murray did it but never got one red cent and we all know someone was pulling his strings!! MJ's haters can take a long walk off of a short peer as far as I'm concerned, because carrying hate for someone like they do and to the extreme that they do about someone they never knew, says a hell of a lot about who they are and they are SUPER IRRELEVANT!! SO, RIP, MJ. It's been 4 years today that you died and you are still missed and always will be.

1 year 1 month ago
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