Paris and Nicky Hilton have adopted a cat from Art Basel in Miami.

The feline was originally taken in by Demi Moore after it appeared at the city's Soho Beach House. The actress took a shine to the cat stray and took it to the exclusive Chanel dinner last Wednesday (05.12.12), where it was fed expensive food while seated on Demi's lap.

The pussy stuck around at the Soho Beach House for the Diane Von Furstenberg event, where its apparent cuteness caught the eye of the Hilton sisters, who decided they wanted to take it on. The pampered cat - which has been named Soho by the sisters - got to stay at their suite at the upmarket Fontainebleau Hotel and was then flown back to New York on Sunday on the Jordache private jet with Nicky, 29, and rapper Kanye West.

Animal lover Paris, 31, went back to Los Angeles, where she was pleased to be back with her other pets, which in 2010 reportedly included 20 rescued rabbits, 17 dogs, two cats, three ferrets, two monkeys, a baby possum, a goat and a micro pig.

She tweeted: ''Back in La La Land. So excited to get home to all my pets. Missed my. babies so much! (sic).''