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Dolly Parton's Glastonbury Dog & 5 Other Celebrity Acts Of Kindness

By Elinor Cosgrave | 9th July 2014

Dolly Parton has offered to take the dog found at the Glastonbury Festival home with her. Dolly the Dog, named after Parton who was headlining at the festival, was discovered abandoned during the clean-up operation.Dolly...

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Pamela Anderson Files For Divorce From Ricky Salomon (Again)

By Elinor Cosgrave | 9th July 2014

Pamela Anderson is divorcing her fourth husband Ricky Salomon after six months of marriage.Pamela Anderson and Ricky Salomon in Cannes in May.Read More: Pamela Anderson and Paul McCartney Win Elephant Campaign.The couple married on January...

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Pamela Anderson Separates From Rick Salomon Six Months After Remarrying

By Nick Hill | 8th July 2014

Pamela Anderson just can't seem to find the right man.The former 'Baywatch' star has filed for divorce against husband Rick Salomon after only being married for six months.The pair tied the knot on January 9th,...

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John Cleese To Star As Villain In Baywatch-but-not-baywatch Spin-off. What?

By Jack de Aguilar | 8th July 2014

We’ll admit to being a tad confused with this one. A new Baywatch spin-off movie has been announced; with Monty Python star John Cleese fulfilling the role of antagonist. David Hasselhoff chanells the spirit of...

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Morrissey Teams Up With Pamela Anderson For 'Earth Is The Loneliest Planet'

By Michael West | 2nd June 2014

Morrissey has enlisted the help of Pamela Anderson for a spoken word video for new single Earth is the Loneliest Planet. The famous animal rights activists stand atop the Capitol Tower in Los Angeles, looking...

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Pamela Anderson: "My Affinity With Animals Saved Me" After Years Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

By Elinor Cosgrave | 20th May 2014

Pamela Anderson apologised for “overexposing again” herself whilst at a charity event at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday (16th May). However, this was an entirely different kind of exposure as the 46-year-old actress, model...

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Pamela Anderson Reveals Horrific Childhood Sexual Abuse Past: "I Wanted 0ff This Earth"

By Nick Hill | 18th May 2014

Pamela Anderson shocked guests at one of many Cannes Film Festival's fund raising events on Friday (May 16th).The 46 year-old actress/model recalled her horrific past experiences of being sexually abused from a young age, which...

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Pamela Anderson Reveals Childhood Trauma At Foundation Launch

By Victoria Pavlova | 18th May 2014

Pamela Anderson might have gotten her time in the spotlight, but she’s had to overcome a lot to get there. The actress revealed her traumatic past during the launch of her Pamela Anderson Foundation, dedicated...

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Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton...Screech? 'Leaked' Celebrity Sex Tapes

By Sophie Miskiw | 3rd April 2014

If one of us regular folk filmed ourselves doing the nasty and then the tape was leaked, life as we know it would be over. Most of us can’t think of anything more mortifying than...

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Pamela Anderson Marries Rick Salomon Once Again

By Joe Wilde | 13th January 2014

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have not only decided to get back together since the 2008 annulment of their first marriage, but the two have taken the plunge and married for a second time. The...

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Pamela Anderson Marries Ex-husband Rick Salomon…Once Again

By Nick Hill | 12th January 2014

Former Playboy model Pamela Anderson has remarried her third husband, Rick Salomon.The 'Baywatch' star confirmed the news at Sean Penn's Help Haiti Gala at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills this past Saturday (Jan 11th).Anderson...

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Porn Executive Offers Tori Spelling A "Substantial" Sum For Her Sex Tape

By Elinor Cosgrave | 1st November 2013

Tori Spelling has been offered a large sum in exchange for the sex tape she made with her husband Dean McDermott.Tori Spelling could make a substantial amount if the video really exists.Spelling revealed she had...

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Today's Matt Lauer Dons Pamela Anderson Baywatch Swimsuit For Halloween

By Lauren James | 31st October 2013

The latest hilarious celebrity Halloween costume to emerge as viral is that of Today's Matt Lauer who decided he'd bare more flesh than most women this holiday by dressing in Pamela Anderson's famous Baywatch red...

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Raunchy Pamela Anderson Ad Banned By Asa

By Contributor | 5th June 2013

In bad news for fans of Pamela Anderson looking smoking hot, but probably good news for fans of people who don’t really think that women should be seen as objects, an advert starring the former...

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Tish And Miley Cyrus Rally Over Twitter To Save The Horses

By Victoria Pavlova | 22nd March 2013

There’s never a shortage of causes for celebs to rally behind and Miley Cyrus’s latest pet project probably won’t come as a surprise.Yesterday, after a flurry of tweets in her horse onesie, the Can’t Be...

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Pamela Anderson To Go Back Into Therapy? Her Words, Not Ours!

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th January 2013

It's been a tough few years for Pamela Anderson, what with a whopping tax bill and her embarrassing elimination from Dancing On Ice. Never one to shy away, though, she's admitted that another stint in...

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What A Boob! Pamela Anderson The First To Be Eliminated From 'Dancing On Ice'

By Contributor | 7th January 2013

Those looking forward to getting to see former Playboy model and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson pull some flexible shapes on the ice this winter will have been left disappointed after the first weekend of the...

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Pamela Anderson Says No To Baywatch Movie, Prepares For Dancing On Ice

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th January 2013

Everyone's favourite Baywatcher, Pamela Anderson, has disappointed fans of the cult sun-bleached drama by turning down the chance to be in Baywatch: The Movie. She said, via Entertainmentwise, "they've asked me, but I kind of...

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Former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts Puts Music Career On Ice To Become Dancing On Ice Judge

By Joe Wilde | 29th December 2012

Fresh from her runner-up success in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Ashley Roberts has decided that she is to put her solo career on ice (sorry) whilst she concentrates on her next...

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Phillip Schofield Picks Kate Middleton As Hypothetical Dancing On Ice Partner

By Jack de Aguilar | 28th December 2012

Given Kate Middleton's current situation - growing another human being in her womb - we doubt she'll be donning the sparkly leotards, pulling on the skates and pulling shapes on the ice. In fact, we...

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Pamela Anderson's Debt Estimated At Over $1.3 Million

By Staff Writer | 10th December 2012

Pamela Anderson’s financial debt is catching up with her. The 42-year-old actress is estimated to owe about $1.1 million for various services. Most notably, the renovations of her home in Malibu have put her in...

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Dancing With The Stars: Sneak Peak At Week 6

By Joe Wilde | 29th October 2012

For Halloween week Dancing With The Stars has the chance to go full on OTT and get away with it, however the actual result isn't as scary as you may have imagined, with the remaining...

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Kelly Brook Signs On For Risque Crazy Horse Cabaret Show

By Michael West | 17th October 2012

Kelly Brook has had a bizarre career. Nobody really knows whether she belongs on the pages of Nuts magazine, the stages of the West End or the silver screen. We suspect she doesn't really know...

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Kelly Brook Stripping In Paris As She Will Perform With Le Crazy Horse Cabaret Company.

By Jack de Aguilar | 16th October 2012

Over recent years, two things have captured our heart and soul. Firstly, cabaret; making its way into the main stream, most notably in the 2001 film 'Moulin Rouge' as its strident vehicle, cabaret has become...

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Dancing With The Stars: Pamela Anderson Is Gone And Bieber Wows

By Jack de Aguilar | 26th September 2012

Dancing With The Stars didn't fail to entertain on Monday (24th September) but it was an early farewell for Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, and an intense performance from Justin Bieber. Reports E! Online."Tony, I know...

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