Pamela Love bought an Oscar De La Renta dress because she loved how ''romantic'' it looks.

The jewellery designer couldn't contain her excitement when she met the iconic fashion designer during a photo shoot for WWD and admitted fell so deeply in love with one of his bridal gowns on website Net-a-porter, she just had to have it - despite already being happily married with no plans for another ceremony.

She gushed: ''I have to tell you, I just bought an Oscar de la Renta wedding dress. And I'm already married. I couldn't control myself. It's organic cotton and it's like lace with floral appliqué on it and the flowers are much more heavy on the bottom and then there's less and less flowers at the top.

''What's amazing about this particular dress is it's white, but it doesn't have to be a wedding dress. It's effortless and it's lace and it just looks so perfectly romantic. So I was like, 'I'll just wear it for something else.' ''

Renta, grateful for the endearing comments made by the brunette craftswoman, joked: ''These are the kind of girls I like.''

The fashion legend will be awarded with the Founders accolade at the 2013 CFDA Awards later this year and receive a contribution from jewel company Swarovski, in addition to being offered the chance to work with their sparkling resources.