Ozzy To Return To Bat Bite Site

OZZY OSBOURNE is set to return to the venue where he infamously bit the head off a bat - for the first time in 25 years. The rocker chewed the dead mammal's head off during a show at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa in 1982, and he'll return to the site of the infamous incident as part of his upcoming U.S. tour with Rob Zombie. The pair will hit the VMA on 2 November (07). And Iowa rocker Corey Taylor, of shock metal act Slipknot, can't wait for Ozzy's return to the state capital. He tells local newspaper the Des Moines Register's website, "Ozzy biting the head off a bat in Des Moines is pretty much a badge of honour."


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David Brooks

I can give you an exact account of that infamous day in Des Moines, Iowa when Ozzy supposedly bit the head off the bat. I was there. In fact, I was the one Ozzy threw the bat at. I did not notice how Ozzy got the bat to begin with. Whether it was thrown up on stage as Ozzy claims it was, or if it was a prop he brought along, I cannot say. In a recent interview, Ozzy claims the bat was thrown up on stage and was in fact rubber. But I really doubt Ozzy can even remember what he put in his mouth last week, let alone 25 years ago. The bat was quite real, and its head remained intact. I was standing in the second row while Ozzy was prancing from one side of the stage to the other, clapping his hands above his head to the beat of the music, trying to get the audience to join in and do the same, while the bat was hanging out of his mouth. Ozzy passed in front of me and noticed that I was the only one NOT complying to his request to clap with my hands above my head. He stopped in front of me, removed the bat from his mouth, pointed directly at me and said, “Clap your f***ing hands or I will curse you!” I smiled, Ozzy threw the bat at me. The bat hit me square in the chest, though at that particular moment, I did not know that it was a bat. I caught it off my chest, it was slimy and the ribs of the wings jabbed at my fingers. I dropped the sticky, spiny thing into my coat pocket and enjoyed the rest of the show. After the show, out in the parking lot, my friends and I took the object out of my pocket and spread it out on the hood of the car using the tips of a couple of pencils. I didn’t want to touch it again after feeling how slimy it felt when I had caught it. It was only then that we realized it was a small, dead bat, and it wasn’t until later we heard that he had supposedly bit the head off of it. The next day on the radio, a Des Moines rock station I always listened to was playing spots announcing that Ozzy was to have rabies shots and whoever had the bat should turn it in to the authorities so that tests could be done to see if Ozzy needed to have the shots or not. Being the rock ‘n’ roll faithful that I was, I called the radio station to ask where I should take the bat. They informed me that the spot was a paid ‘advertisement’ and that I could do whatever I wanted with the bat. Ozzy never had the rabies shots. He never bit the head off the bat. Someone shouted fire and Ozzy saw an opportunity for publicity. Apparently it worked because 25 years later, people are still talking about it.
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