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Ozzy Osbourne Directed By Son

10th August 2010

Ozzy Osbourne's next video is being directed by his son Jack. The former Black Sabbath rocker - who is to release new single 'Life Won't Wait' in September - is enlisting the help of Jack...

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Ozzy Osbourne Can't Retire

9th July 2010

Ozzy Osbourne found retirement "boring".The heavy metal legend - who is currently on his 'Ozzfest' world tour - doesn't think he will stop rocking until the day he dies.Speaking to Germany's FHM magazine, Ozzy, 61,...

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Ozzy Osbourne Fears Illness

7th July 2010

Ozzy Osbourne is a "hypochondriac".The 61-year-od rocker is always paranoid he is going to get ill and tries to stop himself from getting sick by exercising regularly. He said: "I'm a hypochondriac. I love exercise...

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Vince Neil Arrested

28th June 2010

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).The 49-year-old rocker was taken into custody in the early hours of Monday morning (28.06.10) in Las Vegas and at...

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Ozzy Osbourne Grateful For Success

22nd June 2010

Ozzy Osbourne admits he's "done a lot of stupid" things.The former Black Sabbath rocker - who infamously bit the head off a bat on stage and has battled alcoholism and drug abuse - is astonished...

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Ozzy Osbourne's Graveyard Bouquet

9th October 2009

Ozzy Osbourne stole flowers from a cemetery.The Black Sabbath rocker left wife Sharon furious when he presented her with the bouquet - only for her to notice there was a card attached reading "In loving...

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Denver Ozzfest Turns Into Missile War

1st August 2007

The Denver, Colorado leg of rock festival OZZFEST turned nasty on Saturday (28Jul07) when music fans threw missiles including plastic bottles at each other. During Static-X's performance, numerous items were thrown between audience members in...

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Porn Star Joins Ozzfest

25th July 2007

Adult film star TERA WRAY is giving OZZY OSBOURNE's OZZFEST tour a sexy new attraction after signing up to follow the rockers onboard the Hustler Lingerie tour bus. The self-proclaimed 'band-aid with benefits' joined the...

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Lordi Join Ozzfest

21st March 2007

Last year's (06) Eurovision Song Contest winners LORDI have been invited to perform on the main stage at this summer's (07) OZZFEST with headliner OZZY OSBOURNE. Rockers HATEBREED have also been confirmed for the touring...

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Osbourne Slams Pearl Jam For Becoming Soft

7th July 2006

SHARON OSBOURNE insists the OZZFEST music festival remains true to its heavy metal history, while other bands such as PEARL JAM, have become too mainstream. The feisty wife of rocker OZZY OSBOURNE, believes that...

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Ozzy On The Hunt For Miss Ozzfest

23rd May 2006

OZZY OSBOURNE is calling on his tattooed and pierced fans to take part in a quirky beauty pageant on every date of his summer (06) OZZFEST tour. Female devotees have been asked to send photos...

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Jada Calls Rough Ozzfest Debut A Complete Success

25th November 2005

Actress JADA PINKETT SMITH claims her heavy metal group WICKED WISDOM's stint on the OZZFEST tour this summer (05) was a big success - even though they were booed by fans during their first...

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Slipknot Drummer Escaped Death During Ozzfest

24th October 2005

SLIPKNOT drummer SHAWN 'CLOWN' CRAHAN almost killed himself during an OZZFEST tour in 1999 after plunging headfirst into a water container. The rocker pushed himself to the limit during the hedonistic tour and counts...

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Sharon Confesses She Cut Iron Maiden's Sound

26th August 2005

LATEST: SHARON OSBOURNE has confessed she was partly responsible for the near-riot that ruined IRON MAIDEN's final show of the OZZFEST tour on Sunday (21AUG05) - by cutting off the group's sound. The British...

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Ozzy Quits Ozzfest Due To Throat Problems

15th August 2005

Legendary heavy rocker OZZY OSBOURNE will retire from his annual OZZFEST extravaganza after struggling with recurrent throat problems during this summer's (05) tour. The former BLACK SABBATH singer has headlined the travelling festival for...

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Ozzy Defends Wicked Wisdom

8th June 2005

Rock veteran OZZY OSBOURNE has defended his decision to give JADA PINKETT-SMITH's band WICKED WISDOM a place on the OZZFEST tour - insisting he was "blown away" by the group. The BLACK SABBATH star...

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Osbourne Demands Expensive Drinks

8th June 2005

British rocker OZZY OSBOURNE's tastes have proved to be pricey for bosses of his OZZFEST 2005 tour - because he guzzles close to $2,000 (GBP1,110) worth of fizzy drinks alone on the road. As...

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Smiths Plan An Ozzfest Takeover

27th May 2005

LATEST: JADA PINKETT SMITH is set to infuriate heavy rockers even more as she considers including hip-hop husband WILL SMITH in her OZZFEST tour plans. OZZFEST headliner OZZY OSBOURNE caused controversy earlier this month...

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Ozzy Upsets Metal Fans By Inviting Jada On Tour

18th May 2005

OZZY OSBOURNE has upset fans of heavy rock by adding JADA PINKETT SMITH's pop metal group WICKED WISDOM to his 2005 OZZFEST line-up. The group, said to be a favourite of OZZY OSBOURNE's manager/wife...

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Kelly: 'Coachella Is Better Than Ozzfest'

14th April 2005

KELLY OSBOURNE has upset her parents by insisting their OZZFEST touring festival is the second best rock show in America. The reality star-turned-pop singer insists California's COACHELLA FESTIVAL is the best show in the...

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Black Sabbath To Play First Non-ozzfest Show

27th January 2005

Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE will join his BLACK SABBATH bandmates to headline this year's (05) ROSKILDE FESTIVAL - the group's first gig since last year's (04) annual OZZFEST tour. The heavy metal pioneers will join...

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Ozzy Bins Buckethead

6th January 2005

OZZY OSBOURNE has ditched plans to link up with former GUNS N' ROSES star BUCKETHEAD - because the guitarist refused to lose his famous look. The guitarist was called in as Ozzy's possible latest...

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Ozzy Wants Eminem And Ashlee On Ozzfest

21st October 2004

Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE has a secret wishlist of acts for next year's (05) OZZFEST tour, including EMINEM and ASHLEE SIMPSON. The heavy metal icon fears both acts would be savaged by his fans but...

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Ozzy Returns To Reality Tv

7th October 2004

British rocker OZZY OSBOURNE is returning to reality TV - this time to give a band the opportunity to perform at the 10th anniversary tour of OZZFEST. The former BLACK SABBATH frontman, who along...

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Osbourne Was Oblivious To Fame

5th October 2004

Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE was oblivious to how famous he really was when he sang in the band BLACK SABBATH. The PARANOID star's then-manager wanted to make him work harder and keep him hungry for...

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American Promoters Slash Concert Ticket Prices

29th July 2004

Fans of groups including THE CURE, KORN and OZZY OSBOURNE are cashing in on a lacklustre summer (04) for touring acts in America following plans to slash ticket prices to as little as $10 (GBP5.50)....

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Black Sabbath Remove Bush Image From War Pigs Video

23rd July 2004

LATEST: BLACK SABBATH have axed footage of PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and ADOLF HITLER from an OZZFEST video montage after upset band drummer BILL WARD expressed his dislike of the skit. The metal group...

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Ozzy Launching Band Search Show

27th June 2004

OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE are currently developing plans to launch another reality TV show - this time to find a new band. The rock couple, who rose to popularity with the debut of their...

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Korn's Davis Sued Over Planned Los Angeles Crime Museum

24th June 2004

KORN singer JONATHAN DAVIS has been sued by a former business associate for breach of contract after announcing plans for a museum of American serial killers. ARTHUR ROSENBLATT, a collector of criminal artifacts, sued...

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Halford On The Hunt For Nudist Priest

23rd June 2004

JUDAS PRIEST rocker ROB HALFORD is desperate to catch tribute band NUDIST PRIEST when he tours with rocker OZZY OSBOURNE and BLACK SABBATH on the OZZFEST tour this summer (04) - because they play naked....

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