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Fascinating Fact: 3391156

27th November 2012

The plane which featured in the 1985 Oscar-winning movie Out Of Africa is expected to fetch as much as $192,000 (£120,000) when it goes under the hammer. The 1929 De Havilland Dh 60GMW Gipsy Moth...

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Downton Abbey Star Wore Meryl Streep's Trousers

7th February 2012

Actress Laura Carmichael can boast that she has been in Meryl Streep's pants - she wore the movie superstar's trousers from Out Of Africa in a Downton Abbey farm scene.The British star, who plays Lady...

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Streep Blasts Pollack For Unleashing Lion In Out Of Africa

29th July 2009

MERYL STREEP has blasted late director SYDNEY POLLACK for unleashing a lion on her while shooting Oscar-winning film OUT OF AFRICA - following years of denials from the filmmaker.Streep was assured the beast would be...

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Streep Stuffed Bra To Land Out Of Africa Role

28th July 2009

MERYL STREEP had to prove she was sexy to director SYDNEY POLLACK before she landed a role in Oscar-winning film OUT OF AFRICA - so she stuffed her bra.The award-winning actress was in her mid-30's...

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Streep Ashamed Of Out Of Africa Audition

10th August 2008

MERYL STREEP will always be ashamed of the lengths she went too to land the lead role in hit film OUT OF AFRICA - after director SYDNEY POLLACK revealed he didn't think she was sexy...

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Streep Forced To Get Sexy For Out Of Africa

12th November 2007

Hollywood actress MERYL STREEP did not think she was sexy enough for her role in OUT OF AFRICA - so displayed her cleavage in an attempt to win over director SYDNEY POLLACK. Streep feared her...

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Streep Upset About Missing Costumes

6th June 2006

MERYL STREEP regrets not hoarding all the costumes she has worn in movies after realising her daughter has taken all her favourite gowns. The actress never realised that she could have had it written in...

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Rings Music Triumphs

25th August 2003

The epic LORD OF THE RINGS movies have been hailed as sporting the best film soundtracks of all time. OSCAR-winning Canadian HOWARD SHORE's classical composition for the two films topped a poll of 44,000...

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Connery Tops Worst Accent Poll

30th June 2003

Former JAMES BOND legend SIR SEAN CONNERY is responsible for the "worst movie accent of all time" - according to film magazine EMPIRE. The Scottish-born movie veteran's attempt at an Irish lilt in gangster...

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Prince William's Secret Love Pact

15th June 2003

Hunky PRINCE WILLIAM made a teenage 'engagement' pact while holidaying on an African safari. WILLS, 20, fell for pretty JESSICA CRAIG - known as JECCA - during a year he took off before university,...

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Queen Gets Into Fancy Dress

26th May 2003

British monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II is set to ditch royal protocol, in order to comply with grandson PRINCE WILLIAM's party instructions. The 77-year old royal has agreed to don an African fancy dress costume...

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Oscars Ratings Notably Low

24th March 2003

Last night's (23MAR03) ACADEMY AWARDS have fallen victim to the American-led war with Iraq - the ceremony's TV ratings were possibly the worst ever. The OSCARS drew 15 per cent less viewers than last...

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