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Jackson Plans Stoker Play

9th February 2007

Singer/songwriter JOE JACKSON is set to bring DRACULA creator BRAM STOKER back to life in a new theatre production. The STEPPIN' OUT singer has teamed up with writer RAYMOND HARDIE to pen a new play...

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Biel Takes On Lohan's Woman Of No Importance

7th February 2007

JESSICA BIEL has stepped into troubled LINDSAY LOHAN's shoes on the set of period movie A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE after the 20 year-old quit the production citing her need to take a break. Lohan...

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Pacino Accepts Irish Honour

23rd November 2006

Hollywood star AL PACINO picked up an honorary patronage of Ireland's prestigious Trinity College in Dublin yesterday (22NOV06). The DOG DAY AFTERNOON actor accepted the honour during his current stint in Ireland, to research playwright/novelist...

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Fascinating Fact 2406

8th November 2006

A previously unseen adage penned by OSCAR WILDE is up for sale for GBP6,000 ($11,452) in London. "One can exist without art, but one cannot live without it" was apparently written in an autograph hunter's...

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Everett To Chronicle Wilde's Later Life

11th October 2006

British actor RUPERT EVERETT is working on a movie project which will bring author OSCAR WILDE's later life to the big screen for the first time. The MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING star is keen to...

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Pacino Brings Salome To Big Screen

19th April 2006

AL PACINO will combine his love of theatre and film once again with SOLOMAYBE?, a feature film in the same vein as his 1996 documentary LOOKING FOR RICHARD. The movie will interweave behind-the-scenes footage from...

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Pacino To Star As Herod On La Stage

21st March 2006

Hollywood legend AL PACINO has signed up to star as KING HEROD in a Los Angeles theatre production of OSCAR WILDE's play SALOME. The GODFATHER icon will star as the Jewish king in a one-month...

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Foo Fighters Drummer Strikes Out

7th January 2006

FOO FIGHTERS drummer TAYLOR HAWKINS is following in DAVE GROHL's footsteps by hitting the road with his own band. Grohl, formerly the drummer for NIRVANA, made waves in the music industry when he struck...

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Spacey 'Outed'

5th January 2006

Hollywood superstar KEVIN SPACEY has been named on a list of famous gays and lesbians being used to educate students in British schools. The actor, who has never discussed his sexuality despite rumours he...

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Law Is Fry's Best Kiss

5th October 2005

Comic actor and director STEPHEN FRY has returned a compliment by British hunk JUDE LAW, declaring the actor to be his best screen kiss. Fry co-starred alongside the ALFIE heart-throb in 1997 movie WILDE,...

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Herzigova Has The Hots For Ritchie

11th September 2005

Supermodel EVA HERZIGOVA has fallen for MADONNA's film producer husband GUY RITCHIE, who she describes as "the perfect man". Herzigova, is set to appear in a new movie version of OSCAR WILDE's novel DORIAN...

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Faithfull Quits Movie After Heart Attack

11th July 2005

British rocker MARIANNE FAITHFULL is devastated doctors ordered her to pull out of new movie THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY - after she suffered a recent heart attack. The 58-year-old singer was thrilled she'd...

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Wilde Collection Up For Auction

29th October 2004

A collection of legendary author OSCAR WILDE's books, letters and photographs are up for auction today (29OCT04) at SOTHEBY'S in London to mark the 150th anniversary of his birth. The whole collection is expected...

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Fry Mimics Wilde

1st June 2004

British comedian STEPHEN FRY entertained airport staff during a recent trip aboard, by paying homage to his hero Irish poet OSCAR WILDE. When Fry - who played the poet in 1997 biopic WILDE -...

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Johansson Ruins Dad's Hair For Role

10th May 2004

Teen star SCARLETT JOHANSSON was so desperate to have her hair colour match her father KARSTEN's she asked him to cut off some locks to bring to the hairdressers. The LOST IN TRANSLATION actress,...

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Jim Morrison Wanted Out Of Cemetery

6th May 2004

Bosses of the French cemetery housing JIM MORRISON's tomb want to kick him out - 33 years after his death. CHRISTIAN CHARLET, the manager of Paris' PERE LACHAISE CEMETERY, complains that flocks of mourners...

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Cusack And Bergin For West End Wilde

5th January 2004

Hollywood stars JOHN CUSACK and PATRICK BERGIN are set for London's West End, in a new play about the trial of gay playwright OSCAR WILDE. The production of Irish writer ULICK O'CONNOR's acclaimed A...

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Absinthe Inspired Manson's Album

28th October 2003

Shock rocker MARILYN MANSON created his latest album THE GOLDEN YEARS OF GROTESQUE while smashed on superstrong absinthe. The goth star became an absinthe expert after trying a little of the once-banned alcohol in...

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Marie Trintignant's Lover Charged With Her Murder

10th August 2003

LATEST: Rocker BERTRAND CANTAT has been charged with the murder of his French actress lover MARIE TRINTIGNANT. Cantat has been held by Lithuanian police since 27 July (03), when the JANIS ET JOHN star...

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Marie Trintignant Buried After Star-studded Tribute

6th August 2003

An array of French stars turned out to pay tribute to French actress MARIE TRINTIGNANT at her funeral today (06AUG03). Trintignant - who died last week (ends01AUG03) aged 41, after sustaining severe head injuries...

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Witherspoon: New Period Drama Is Sexy

9th June 2003

REESE WITHERSPOON has promised her new film VANITY FAIR will surprise those expecting a sedate period drama - because they've made it a "sensual avant garde" movie. Despite the fact Witherspoon was heavily pregnant...

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Basinger Eyes Wilde Role

16th May 2003

LA CONFIDENTIAL actress KIM BASINGER is set to star in an adaptation of OSCAR WILDE's play LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN. The blonde OSCAR-winner will play the lead character in BEST LAID PLANS director MIKE BARKER's...

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Everett V's Firth: Battle Of The Brits

7th May 2003

British actors RUPERT EVERETT and COLIN FIRTH have fallen out again - just a year after filming THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST. The suave stars have endured a long-running feud, but after working on...

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