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Muse's Mercury Conspiracy Theory

6th September 2006

MUSE frontman and self-confessed conspiracy theorist MATT BELLAMY claims dark forces are behind his band's defeat to the ARCTIC MONKEYS at the Mercury Prize last night (05SEP06). The PLUG IN BABY rocker admits he always...

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Stone Wants Bin Laden Dead

3rd September 2006

Oscar-winning US film-maker OLIVER STONE has issued a chilling threat to kill terror chief OSAMA BIN LADEN "with my own hands". The WORLD TRADE CENTER director, whose film is based on Bin Laden's 9/11 attacks,...

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Youtube Pulls Office "Training Film"

29th August 2006

YouTube on Monday said that it had yanked a funny training video for Microsoft produced by and starring Ricky Gervais, the star of the British version of The Office. Playing his role of David Brent,...

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Bellamy Muses Over Conspiracy Theories

28th August 2006

MUSE frontman and self-confessed conspiracy theorist MATT BELLAMY refuses to believe OSAMA BIN LADEN masterminded the 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks in America. The PLUG IN BABY rocker admits he always questions the official versions...

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Gervais Training Video Removed From Internet

24th August 2006

RICKY GERVAIS is battling hit internet site YouTube after two supposedly private training videos for Microsoft were leaked onto it last month (JUL06). The clips see THE OFFICE star in his cult DAVID BRENT role...

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Bin Laden's Sex Slave Reveals Whitney Obsession

22nd August 2006

OSAMA BIN LADEN once had the hots for WHITNEY HOUSTON, according to one of the Al Qaeda leader's former sex slaves. Sudanese writer KOLA BOOF, 37, claims she was intimate with Bin Laden years before...

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Robbins Slams Bush 'Lies'

3rd May 2006

Oscar-winner TIM ROBBINS blasted US President GEORGE W BUSH's invasion of Iraq yesterday (02MAY06), and challenged the American media to stand up and criticise their leader. The 47-year-old made his outspoken comments at a press...

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Bin Laden Reality Show Causes 9/11 Fury

19th March 2006

A forthcoming reality TV show starring OSAMA BIN LADEN's niece has been widely condemned by 9/11 support groups WAFAH DUFOUR, the daughter of terrorist bin Laden's half-brother YESLAM BIN LADIN, has signed a lucrative deal...

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Bin Laden's Niece Set For Reality Stardom

11th March 2006

OSAMA BIN LADEN's singing niece has been offered her own reality TV show on her battle to become a pop star. WAFAH DUFOUR, the daughter of terrorist bin Laden's half-brother YESLAM BIN LADIN, has signed...

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Moore Defends New Bond Craig

24th February 2006

Former 007 SIR ROGER MOORE has leaped to the defence of new JAMES BOND star DANIEL CRAIG, insisting no one can criticise the blond actor until they see him in action. Moore is convinced...

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Laurie's 'Bin Laden' Audition

23rd February 2006

HOUSE actor HUGH LAURIE was amazed to be cast as sexy medic DR GREGORY HOUSE in the TV series, because he resembled terrorist OSAMA BIN LADEN in his audition. The English star had finished...

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Batman To Track Down Bin Laden

14th February 2006

Superhero BATMAN will turn his attention to real-life bad guy OSAMA BIN LADEN in an upcoming comic book. The Caped Crusader will take on the might of the al-Qaeda terrorist network in new graphic...

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The Things They Say 1115

24th January 2006

"There's a new OSAMA BIN LADEN tape. We haven't heard from him in about a year. Experts say it's current because in the tape he references the HILARY SWANK divorce." Talk show host DAVID LETTERMAN...

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Cruise Voted Most Annoying

6th January 2006

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE has been voted the most annoying person of 2005, only a week after he was named most irritating in a British magazine poll. Website compiles an annual chart from...

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Bin Laden's Niece Poses For Gq

23rd December 2005

The magazine which last month (NOV05) boasted topless images of JENNIFER ANISTON has pulled off another coup by featuring terrorist OSAMA BIN LADEN's niece posing seductively in lingerie. Sexy brunette WAFAH DUFOUR - who...

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The Things They Say 828

10th December 2005

"I had this horrible beard and I looked like hell. It was my OSAMA BIN LADEN moment, where I looked like I just crawled out of my cave." Actor HUGH LAURIE looked his worst when...

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Willis Offers $1 Million To Fight Terrorism

13th November 2005

Actor BRUCE WILLIS has offered $1 million (GBP555,555) to anyone who turns in al-Qaeda terror leaders. The patriotic DIE HARD star will pay out for information on the whereabouts of OSAMA BIN LADEN, AYMEN...

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The Things They Say 451

22nd October 2005

"I got two hunting buddies (and it would) take us about 24 hours, we'd have that boy poked and stuffed." Hunting fan TED NUGENT feels PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH should give him $1 million (GBP555,500)...

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Rivers Praises UK Officials For Capturing Terror Suspects

13th September 2005

JOAN RIVERS has slammed officials in her native America for taking so many years to find OSAMA BIN LADEN, while their British counterparts have been able to nab terrorists within days. Bin Laden has been...

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Morgan: 'Bush Is The Same As Bin Laden'

29th August 2005

FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS frontman HUEY MORGAN has slammed US President GEORGE W BUSH for being no better than terrorist leader OSAMA BIN LADEN. The New Yorker, 36, is upset that Bush represents America to...

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Reggaeton Star Bimbo Gets Tough On Fuel Prices

26th August 2005

Latino hip-hop star BIMBO is stirring up controversy in America by taking to the streets to protest sky-rocketing gasoline prices in his native Puerto Rico. The superstar leader of new musical genre reggaeton, who...

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Family Fears For The Safety Of Bin Laden's Pop Star Niece

15th July 2005

Terrorist OSAMA BIN LADEN's family fear his pop star niece could become a target for Muslim fundamentalists, after changing her name and discrediting her uncle. WAFAR DUFOUR, who was born in America, has distanced...

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Bin Laden's Pop Star Niece Changes Her Name

13th July 2005

OSAMA BIN LADEN's pop star niece has been forced to change her name because she's constantly taunted about her family connection to the terrorist responsible for the 9/11 atrocities. WAFAR DUFOUR's estranged father is...

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Osbourne Blasts America's Involvement In Iraq

3rd April 2005

Reality TV star OZZY OSBOURNE has blasted the American and British governments for their continued involvement in Iraq. The former BLACK SABBATH frontman is appalled by the number of military men who have lost...

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'Chris Martin Should Play Blair' - Everett

30th September 2004

COLDPLAY singer CHRIS MARTIN has been tipped to play British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR in a film based on his life - by Hollywood star RUPERT EVERETT The SHREK 2 actor sees a striking...

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Manson Wants To Be Boogeyman

24th September 2004

American rocker MARILYN MANSON loves being seen as the "boogeyman" - and evens compares his career longevity to "pancreatic cancer". THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE singer, 35, revels in his bad guy image, and...

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Saudi Royal Family Attacks Fahrenheit 9/11

2nd August 2004

MICHAEL MOORE has been accused of getting the facts wrong in his controversial movie FAHRENHEIT 9/11 - by the Saudi royal family. PRINCE TURKI AL-FAISAL, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Britain, dubs the documentary, which...

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Bin Laden Brother Disputes Moore Film Claims

29th July 2004

A half-brother of OSAMA BIN LADEN has declared he has found a few "inaccuracies" in director MICHAEL MOORE's controversial documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11. Geneva, Switzerland-based tycoon YESLAM BINLADIN, one of the AL-QAEDA leader's 54 siblings,...

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Clinton Blasts Bush On Iraq

21st June 2004

Former US President BILL CLINTON has hit out at his successor GEORGE W BUSH, accusing him of over-exaggerating the threat of SADDAM HUSSEIN. During a handover meeting in 2000, after Bush's election success over...

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Hunter Slams Clinton

8th June 2004

Aging rocker ROD STEWART's ex-wife RACHEL HUNTER has controversially slammed former American PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON and praised PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH. The New Zealander model - based in Los Angeles - is not eligible...

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