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Wyclef Jean's Fugees Plan

30th November 2009

Wyclef Jean wants to reform The Fugees.The rapper, singer and producer is currently working on his solo material and says he hopes that when former bandmates Lauryn Hill and Pras Michel hear his new EP,...

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Price And Bin Laden Top Plane Seat Poll

24th November 2009

British model-turned-reality TV star KATIE PRICE has joined terrorist OSAMA BIN LADEN and COLONEL MUAMMAR EL-GADDAFI among the most unpopular plane seat neighbours.The former topless star was voted the female celebrity people would least like...

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Britney Spears' Presidential Pie Pledge

19th August 2009

If Britney Spears was US President, she would give free pies to everyone.The 'Circus' singer outlined the ways America would benefit from her leadership in a pre-taped segment aired on 'The Late Show with David...

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West Wing Creator To Pen Clooney Court Drama

3rd February 2009

Aaron Sorkin, the creator of The West Wing, is to collaborate with George Clooney on upcoming courtroom drama The Challenge.Variety reports Clooney's production company Smoke House is to develop the film, based on the trial...

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The Things They Say 9422

8th September 2008

"What I did was deeply regrettable. I mean no disrespect to the thousands who lost their lives in that terrible tragedy. It was a very, very stupid thing to have done." MTV Video Music Awards...

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Fascinating Fact 5744

5th August 2008

GEORGE CLOONEY has bought the rights to JONATHAN MAHLER's best-selling book THE CHALLENGE. The actor is set to produce and star in a film adaptation of the tale of OSAMA BIN LADEN's captured driver....

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Critics Go Postal Over Boll Film

23rd May 2008

The only film producer challenging Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with a new release this weekend is the critically despised German director Uwe Boll, who has managed to find 17 theaters...

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Spurlock: `We Didn't Find Osama Bin Laden'

18th April 2008

SUPER SIZE ME filmmaker and star MORGAN SPURLOCK has come clean about his movie hunt to find OSAMA BIN LADEN - on the day of his latest project WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN...

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Movie Reviews: Stop-loss

28th March 2008

Critics are suggesting that Stop-Loss, from Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce, is unlike any antiwar film ever produced, certainly unlike any about the Iraq or Afghan wars. A.O. Scott in the New York Times...

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Has Spurlock Found Bin Laden?

6th December 2007

SUPER SIZE ME documentary maker MORGAN SPURLOCK has reportedly done what thousands of U.S. troops have been unable to do - find terrorist leader OSAMA BIN LADEN. According to American news network MSNBC, Spurlock showed...

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Boll Upset About German Radio Censorship

5th December 2007

Provocative radio ads for UWE BOLL's new horror film POSTAL have been banned by stations in his native Germany - because he jokes profits from the movie will help to fund OSAMA BIN LADEN's terrorism...

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Al-qaeda Followers Condemn Al-jazeera

26th October 2007

The Arab news channel Al-Jazeera, often accused by U.S. officials of being a mouthpiece for Al-Qaeda extremists, is now being accused of acting as a "collaborator with the Crusaders" by Arab militants. As reported by...

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Liberal Filmmaker Oliver Stone Supports Conservative Filmmaker

5th September 2007

Liberal filmmaker Oliver Stone has expressed anger over the decision by ABC not to release on DVD a controversial miniseries, The Path to 9/11, which was condemned by fellow liberals as right-wing propaganda directed at...

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Osama Bin Laden Musical Premieres

6th August 2007

A musical featuring OSAMA BIN LADEN has premiered at a Scottish comedy festival. Jihad: The Musical has amused audiences at this month's (Aug07) Edinburgh Fringe Festival with its comedic portrayal of the Al Qaeda terrorist....

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Al Jazeera Not Pro Al Quaeda Says Broadcaster's Military Spokesman

2nd August 2007

Josh Rushing, the former U.S. Marine captain who served as a military spokesman in Iraq and is now a military analyst for Al Jazeera International, maintains that President Bush has falsely depicted the Arab news...

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Bobby Brown Believes He Is Still A Target For Bin Laden

2nd August 2007

LATEST: R+B star BOBBY BROWN is still convinced OSAMA BIN LADEN wants him dead so he can marry WHITNEY HOUSTON - 11 months after the singers officially separated. Brown's 14-year marriage to Houston came to...

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Rushdie's Knighthood Provokes Terrorist Threat

11th July 2007

Novelist SALMAN RUSHDIE's knighthood has sparked a terror scare in Britain after OSAMA BIN LADEN's deputy threatened retaliation for the Islam 'insult'. The writer was included in British monarch Queen Elizabeth II's Honours List last...

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Bobby Brown Still Fears Bin Laden Will Kill Him

12th June 2007

BOBBY BROWN still fears for his life, after discovering OSAMA BIN LADEN wanted him dead so he could marry WHITNEY HOUSTON. Although he and Houston are no longer together - the singer is convinced he...

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Dicaprio To Star In Al Qaeda Story

9th April 2007

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is set to track an Al Qaeda leader in a hardhitting new RIDLEY SCOTT drama. The actor will play a journalist-turned-CIA agent who is given the task of locating a terrorist in Jordan,...

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Atkinson To Send Up Bin Laden

17th March 2007

British funnyman ROWAN ATKINSON is planning to star in a comedy sketch about the world's most-wanted man, OSAMA BIN LADEN. The MR. BEAN star finds the idea of the highly educated terrorist living in caves...

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Estevez To Play Cia Mastermind In Stone's Post-9/11 Movie

6th February 2007

EMILIO ESTEVEZ has signed on to star in director OLIVER STONE's follow-up to 9/11 drama WORLD TRADE CENTER, according to Internet reports. claims the actor/director has become the first name attached to JAWBREAKER. The...

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Stone Confirms He's Planning Film About Afghanistan War

14th December 2006

Oliver Stone, often criticized for bringing liberal conspiracy theories to the screen, has confirmed that he is considering a film about the war in Afghanistan and the hunt for Osama bin Laden.'s Roger Friedman,...

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Streisand Blasts Republicans For Tv Ad Fear Tactics

25th October 2006

BARBRA STREISAND has taken time out of her sold-out North American tour to urge fans to swarm voting venues next month (NOV06) and let the country's Republicans know their time in office is numbered...

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Stone Hires Conservative To Write Script About Afghan Conflict

17th October 2006

Director Oliver Stone, an outspoken Hollywood liberal who has condemned the war in Iraq, has raised eyebrows by his choice of Cyrus Nowresteh, a political conservative who wrote the controversial ABC miniseries The Path to...

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Stone To Re-visit 9/11 Tragedy

16th October 2006

OLIVER STONE is set to direct another movie based on the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America following his recent film WORLD TRADE CENTER. The director's next film, JAWBREAKER, will focus on America's response to the...

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Murdoch Open About Exerting Political Influence, Says Ex-fcc Chief

11th October 2006

Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt says that unlike most media owners who insist that they don't control the editorial content of their television companies, Rupert Murdoch unabashedly boasts of his political influence. In an interview...

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Clinton Goes Fox Hunting

25th September 2006

Former President Bill Clinton lashed out at Fox News Channel, its reporter Chris Wallace, and the miniseries The Path to 9/11 Sunday. Asked by Wallace, "Do you think you did enough, sir [to respond to...

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Frightened Fonda Blasts Bush Over American Security

18th September 2006

Movie star and activist JANE FONDA has blasted PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH on national TV in America because his international politics make her worry for the safety of her grandchildren. Speaking on advertising mogul DONNIE...

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Uproar Over Abc's 9/11 Miniseries

7th September 2006

ABC's upcoming miniseries The Path to 9/11 was being denounced as an unabashed political polemic by liberals and supporters of former President Bill Clinton Wednesday even as conservatives were hailing it as "pro-American" In a...

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Abc's 9/11 Miniseries Comes Under Fire

6th September 2006

ABC's upcoming miniseries The Path to 9/11, which airs next Sunday and Monday nights, is being criticized as biased and inaccurate from all sides, the New York Times reported today (Wednesday). Among the critics, the...

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