You’ve done it, OITNB fans! You’ve waited, made gifs and fan art, theorized about season 2 and it’s finally here. Last night, the second season of the Orange became available online, on Netflix and we hope you managed to resist the urge to binge watch and got some sleep. We’ll return the urge to binge-recap and just go over the first episode this time.

Taylor Shilling, Laura Prepon
If this is a sign of what's to come, we can count on a rather depressing season ahead.

So the beginning of episode 1 begs the question… where is everyone? Not that we don’t like Piper, but the best bit about Orange is that it told the stories of all these amazing women – not just the blonde white girl. And then in the opening scene we see Piper going increasingly insane in solitary – so insane that she paints the walls with her old food. It goes on like that for a while, with the scene shifting from Litchfield to Piper’s journey to an unknown location. This has the potential to be exciting, but instead it’s just vaguely depressing, as Piper moves through her journey. In a stark contrast from last season, this time it’s a man’s world out there, as Piper is harassed by her guards and even by male prisoners once her transport plane goes coed. And thus she finds herself at Chicago's Metropolitan Detention Center – abused, slightly nuts and lacking one pair of underwear (we won’t spoil everything for you).

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How are you liking season 2 so far?

After some brilliantly acted emotional turmoil (look at that, Piper Chapman does have human feelings after all) our protagonist finds that her transfer isn’t actually related to the Pennsatucky incident. Tiffany is very much alive and Piper isn’t being called on murder charges. Instead, she is to take the witness stand in the trial of Alex's old boss, a drug trafficker named Kubra.

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Alex is also on hand to testify and soon enough, Piper gets pulled back in by her ex. In a new place, with women even more threatening than the lovely ladies at Litchfield, this episode echoes the OItNB pilot, except this season, things are even scarier.

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Still
Never thought we'd say this, but does anyone else miss Litchfield?